Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 6 of You ...All at 3 Weeks

Yesterday sweet boy turned 3 weeks....

I thought it would be neat to do a side by side comparison of all 6 kids at 3 weeks of age.

After much searching...(I mean let's face it...I didn't have a digital camera 16 yrs ago) I found my actual photos of the big kids and put the collage together....


I can see some similarities between you all......

Then of course I had to do a recent collage too...


Sweet Cole ....the past 3 weeks have been truly amazing.  I have said from day 1 that you have been a breeze newbie.  (please don't make me eat my words)

The first day home you were a champ...that first night I slept with you on my chest until I couldn't hold you up anymore and then you slept by my side.....same for night 2....

You have been a terrific eater from the very beginning...(also thanks to the fact that I'm still nursing your big brother Reid...mommy has had a really easy go of it too)

You have some good alert times during the day....and only a few nights so far did you stay up after a middle of the night feeding for 2 hrs. 

Lately you have been falling asleep around 9pm and sleeping 2-3 hrs...eating and pooping and back down again for another 2.....up for a feeding and pooping and back down for  2.  So you are getting me up 3 times a night.  I'm looking forward to a 2 a night feeding schedule.  (funny how that would be a dream sleep for me)

You wake around 6:30-7am  and eat and hang out with the big kids and we wave at them as they leave for school....then you fill your belly and out for a hr or so nap....then up and eating light snooze...eating ..light snooze...eating...light snooze....all this goes on until around noon....then you go down for about 3 hrs. 

This has been a great schedule considering the fact that Dude Friend goes down for a nap at 12:30 and mommy is able to rest or grab lunch for herself.

All this eating and light sleep starts again until 6:30pm ....where I begin to fill your belly for the night

Daddy has taken over bath duty of the 2 little ones at 7pm.  I continue to fill your belly.....(if we... don't you cry)

Now this is where it's funny......during the day...anyone can hold you...except for at 7:30....

At 7:30 I head up to put Reid down for bed....No matter who holds you you scream the entire time I'm gone....Sissy and Daddy try every position of holding you and try a want nothing of it...

As soon as I'm back quit crying and off you fill your belly (and diaper) until you pass out between 8:45-9

I love this time....because I crawl into bed myself and I'm asleep the second my head hits the pillow

You love love love your bath......(ok the very very first one you didn't)  I think the warm water must feel so get your bath in the evening with the bigger kids.

You love looking at faces.....and I don't care what ppl started smiling last week and it's not gas....I have had gas  (hello 6 pregnancies) and gas doesn't make me smile...

It's this huge crooked squished up face that I totally adore....(blurry b/c I didn't know you were going to smile......but you get the idea)

IMG_4242's not gas....(a mommy knows) wink

I swear you have coo'd to me a few times....maybe your are just making noises...but it has happened at odd times....when I'm talking to you... you seem to answer.  

You have the sweetest cry's a tiny hoarse cry's the sweetest sound in the world....
When you do get never stay that way for seem to stop and just observe again.

Needless to say you rarely cry and seem content to just be here....thankfully the noise doesn't seem to bother you.....Reid is going through a shrieking  phase and it pierces the brain like it's being pelted with sharp objects.  You nap downstairs with us (in the middle of it all) in the bassinet....and thankfully can sleep through it....

You are still so tiny..wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  Last week at the midwife check up you were still under 9 lbs....I assume after a week you are over that.  

Did mommy mention you are a spit up baby like your other 4 siblings....the only one of you that didn't puke?  Oldest brother Gray!  I'll take you to see Dr Shelton this week  ....she's our wellness Chiropractor.  She smells really good too....I know you'll love her!

I am completely and utterly in love with you.  I look forward to those middle of the night feedings....for you are my last little bundle of joy.  When you nurse at night I rest my finger in your fist....and you hold on tight for dear life....I hope you know that I will always be there to hold on tight to you too when you need it...(and even when you don't)

I'm so lucky to have you!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Diggin & Luvin and Can't Live Without

Baby On the Brain....

Between lack of sleep and kissing Cole's face by the minute....I am all about Baby right now

I mean who wouldn't be with that precious face staring up at you all the time.  


He smells ohhh so good too.  What baby doesn't?  That's why they try to bottle the scent...b/c there isn't anything like it in the world!

Here's a head's up of things I have been using that I can't live without these days!

(back to these....)
1. The Honest Company...(Healing Balm)

I mentioned that I got a few products to try (again I signed up for free stuff and paid shipping)  
Inside were some great samples....I have decided for my first shipment I would like 


*Hand smells amazing
*Hand Sanitizer (I have them from home to car to diaper bag to kids back packs)
*Bubble Bath ....(b/c all little kids love to get lost in bubble)
*Fruit/Veggie wash  
*Healing Balm

Want to talk about the balm for a second
With new baby skin I find most things don't work  No matter how fast I change them....their skin is so soft and new it gets red and irritated.  
With Reid we tried everything....nothing worked and then I guess finally he outgrew it....but I hated to see how red and swollen his bum looked...

Now with Cole....he just started getting the red irritated bum.  I again am trying it all...even wiping with aloe lotion and applying pure aloe gel.....Coconut Oil didn't work either.

The Honest Healing Balm has all natural oils and chemical free.
Scent Free.....I keep it slathered on his bum and I've noticed that when he just has pee pee diapers it's starting to heal.  It's a really thick cream too and it sticks and stays in place...
You can even use on minor cuts & scrapes, dry skin, and razor burns

I sound like a infomercial, but I am really happy with this product....You can try the dipes/wipes and samples of 5 products for $5.95 shipping.

Some of you asked if the shipping was worth it...I thought so b/c I've now found some products I love.  I got 7 dipes and the other samples for the $5.95...I'd do it again.  Since I'm ordering the dipes and products each month I get free shipping!!!

Click the link here to sign up for free stuff......

Let me know what you think...

2.  Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Back in the day with Lily I thought using washable was the way to go....but they didn't hold in leaks and I ended up using like 3 at a time....they also didn't fit right in my nursing tanks or bras and I looked lopsided .....I tried other brands of disposable nursing pads...  These are by far the best around!  I have them in almost every room of the house...(and shhhhh don't tell,  but I store new ones in the couch cushions in case I'm sitting there and need one quick)

3.  Moby Wrap

I'm a sucker for wraps and slings.....When baby is little I love my moby.  Yes a bit weird to put on at first...but then you get the hang of it.  My babies fall asleep instantly.  I'm sure having my heart beat right there under their ear is a plus too....The material is soft and stretchy and I find it very comfortable to wear.  
When my babies get older I love my Dr Sears Balboa Sling...I wear my babies in the side hip position after they can sit up.  I wore Reid like this even when pregnant with Cole.  He loves being worn and made shopping faster if I couldn't find the 'double' shopping buggies at Target or Walmart.  Just put Reid in sling and pushed Lily in cart!

4.   Noise Maker

I am a freak for those things...I have one in every kids room and 2 in mine.  I can NOT sleep w/o a little background noise.  Total quiet bugs me.  I've noticed too that since I have a houseful of ppl who make a considerate amount of noise during the day...the babies sleep better with a bit of background noise during naps.  I have all the machines set to gentle rain.  What is it about rainstorms that are soothing?

During my labor with Cole I had hubs install this app..
the rainstorm sound was playing for hours straight for me.

What's great is even on the free version there are a ton of sounds to choose from...and you can play more than 1 sound at once.  Mix a few rains together.  (smiles)  

 5.  Amazon Mom Prime

I'm all about not leaving the house these days.  I think I mentioned I hate taking a newbie out in the public just yet.  I was at Walmart one time and overheard this mother telling a friend  how she had been called at school b/c her daughter had the tummy bug...and they were running errands now.  The said daughter was with her...I wanted to say "that's we all can share her tummy bug"  ...but I didn't.  I just keep that lady in mind when I think about venturing out with newbie.  

Anywho....SO lately I'm all about internet shopping  ....especially with Prime Free 2 day shipping.  Granted it costs about $79 for a year BUT I have been a member of this for a few years and with all the free shipping it has totally paid for itself.  Hello 2 day shipping!!!!...and for $3.99 I can get next day.  
I have been able to buy sheets, blankets, binky's, and waterproof mattress pad covers for 2 day shipping.
When it came to Christmas gifts...or birthday gifts...or last minute thank you gifts...or heck...just last week I ordered a book that oldest child forgot he needed for first day of school.....I got free shipping...and come to find out it came the next day!  It's been lovely.  
The deals on Amazon are sometimes hard to beat too.  

What are things you love right now?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Things You Re-Learn With Newbies

There are things you forget  until a newbie happens in your house again...

One.     Learning to cook one handed
Two.    Eating while nursing a baby
Three.  How one can survive on little sleep
Four.   Showers CAN take 4 mins or less
Five.   Typing with one hand

*I don't know how many meals (I even baked Oldest Child's bday cake yesterday) you can bake and cook 1 handed.  I have a multitude of slings and wraps...and goes baby and cook away.  Just keep baby away from flames please!

*I've also realized that sometimes you want to eat and newbie has that on his mind too.  So I usually nurse on my left and eat with my right hand.  Thankfully the family is used to seeing this in the evenings.  I will stand at the kitchen island my food up on a canister of Clorox wipes and eat.  The wipes canister is tall enough to bring my food high up so I'm not bending over.  You do whatcha gotta do when you're's that or you don't get a meal.

*I am a 8 hrs a night kind of girl.....IN A ROW THAT IS.
Without sleep I am no good...I need it...considering I am on the go from the moment I wake until my head hits the pillow at night.  I get short tempered ...and after a few days I feel over all crazy  (and if my hubs is reading this....yes yes I know you think I'm already married it)
After a get maybe 4 hrs a night and that's not consecutive morning you might get your 2nd wind...and afternoon hit a lull...only to dream of sleep while still awake.  
By day 4 of feel like you are in an episode of some Zombie Apocalypse show ...and you're the Zombie.  Trust will survive....(might not feel like it, but you will)  I'm on day 20 and look at me...(points to self with dark circles, but a big smile too)

*You must shower.....really.  It makes that lack of sleep feel not so lacky when you are clean.  

I keep my routine of morning showers...feed baby so he has a full belly....throw something on the telly the other small kids actually like...throw a few snacks around house....put full baby in a bouncy chair directly in front of shower....close all doors smaller kids are not allowed in.....jump in shower with a sing songy voice so everyone knows you are losing it.....and shower as fast as you can.  keep in mind you don't need to wash your hair everyday ...pony tails are in right now.  But if it is a hair wash day.....shampoo your hair...while soap in... shave a leg....wash hair....and shave 1 arm pit...condition hair and soap body off while conditioner sits in.....shave other leg ....wash hair....shave other pit....soap body as fast as you can while still singing....
I promise in under 4 mins you can have it all done....and no one noticed you gone

*Typing with one hand is a trick and takes be patient.  this post?  I used 2  until I got to this line.....then Cole had enough and now I'm typing and nursing at same time....
I rock!  (or so I tell myself to make me feel better)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday.....Birthdays to Babies

(just realized my last post was last Monday....I've been crazy busy)

lowercase letters

one.  honestly adorable

some how I stumbled upon the Honest Company....probably from some magazine....I noticed Jessica Alba started this company to create products chemical free....get this and diapers and wipes too.

For just $5.95 shipping I could get diapers/wipes and a baby/home essentials samples to try.
Crazy to say I was waiting each day by the door for my shipment and boom ...Fed Ex knocked and off I flew to open my stuff.

I was sooo excited.  For once you can get diapers in adorable prints....(yes  boys too)'s my stash!


We've been reading so much lately of all the chemicals they put in our baby diapers (really what's in that fluff?) and in their shampoos and lotions I start to freak out...(who me?)

I loved that I could get some samples before making any commitment.

Great thing?  Do nothing and they send you your personalized products each month...or cancel after 7 questions asked....They even send you reminders to cancel....who does that?

click the link below to get your free samples (plus shipping)  and nope ...wasn't compensated in any way for this.....just wanted to share a good thing 

two.  sweet 16


If you are a boy is it still your SWEET 16TH?

Well oldest child turns 16 today.
I can remember his birth like it was yesterday......I gotten into bed for the night.... and boom water broke.  7pm the next day I had a sweet new baby bundle...and that was just the beginning!

He's grown up into an amazing young I'm so proud of

Today marks his 16th birthday and his jr year in high school....Is there anyway I can stop time....I'm not ready for my baby to be in 11th grade.

(he told me he would smile if I took the "sweet 16" off my blog post)  .....naaaaah!


three.  6th grade rocks


Mini Me is officially a middle schooler...(or back in my days...A Jr High girl)

We had her Cub Day to walk her schedule and get lockers last Friday.  We (her) got a bit teary eyed trying out the whole combination thingy...but after 2 tries she had it nailed in the bag and was opening her locker like a champ.  She was (tad) excited to get a top locker too!  woohoo....I know she will do terrific today!

She has been trying on clothes combos for weeks now....modeling for the family.  Of course her brothers don't understand...they just wake up mins before the bus come and go....(boys!!!!)

Saturday we went shoe shopping....(been tough finding the 'right' ones)   The 2 pairs we found I think she is going to live in...she fell in ♥ and wanted to wear them home....awww remember those days?

I can't believe how much time flies!


four.   little bigs boy


We call Reid bigs boy....I assume I don't have to tell you who named him that....(points to Lily)  She would walk around and say "His name is Reid, but we call him Bigs Boy"

So sweet Coley (another name from Lily) has been dubbed ..."Littlest Bigs Boy"

Can you believe he is almost 3 weeks?  I can and can't

He is an exceptional baby....please remind me I said this when about 3-5 weeks he truly wakes up into a baby and has us running wild.

He usually hits the hay between 9 and 10 for a 3 hr stretch...Me?  I wave to the family and slip under the covers for my 3 hr stretch....after that he is anywhere from 1.5-2 hr stretches.  Some nights he goes down really fast....a few nights he's been up for 1-2 hrs just chilling....not crying.....just looking around.

He has the most incredible eyes....I can't wait to find out what color they either stay or change to....right now we are holding at blue....the edges are darker...the center is starting to lighten up.....

Had our midwife 2 week check up last week...he was almost 9 lbs....still smaller compared to his big bro Dude.  It's nice b/c Cole has been able to wear some clothes I had for Reid ...that he never got a chance to wear b/c he came out so big....(score one for me)

He is a fantastic eater....nursing has been really great so far....Granted it's been really easy b/c I am still nursing Reid....

He cries a bit...just in the evenings when I'm putting Reid down...I think he just misses his momma...

Loves bath time...Loves looking around....Loves being held....Loves naps...


I can honestly say tired as I am....He has been a rock star baby!

five.   meals for moms

A few of friends in the neighborhood have brought meals for us.  I don't care how much a new mom says "Ohh that's sweet, but no you don't have to"

DO IT...

It has been amazing for those few nights to NOT even think about cooking....

Wednesday night dinners w/In Laws?  They have brought food each time....awwww
I sort of feel guilty....but honestly I  am usually on my feet prepping and cooking for a few hrs in the morning and pretty much from 4-6 cooking and's been nice to rest.

So thanks to those that brought heart swelled!

six.   pressie

I got a package in the mail for Cole the other day from a long lost friend...I was so surprised to find it was a thirty one bag!  I've had a few friends that work for this company, but haven't had a chance to purchase anything...(hello new baby)

Check out this cutie....and guess what it was filled with?  Diapers!  haha love it!

who doesn't love a baby present in the mail?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday....It Is Monday Right?

lowercase letters

one. is it monday yet?

i'm totally losing what day it is...they all mesh since i'm getting about this much (points to nothing) sleep these days.  i totally forgot how  little sleep a body can survive on.  yesterday i did cry for nothing.  oldest child asked if i was ok....i think he thought i was having a break down.  i guess i sort of was....called a sleep deprived down....
last night cole went to bed at 10:15 (it's usually 11pm) ...i slid between the covers myself and was out like a light...he was then up at 2:15 (woohoo) only to stay up for 2.5 hrs.  reid woke at his usual 6:30.  did i mention i was tired?  cole will stay wide awake from 7pm-11pm eating, pooping, puking, eating pooping, and puking before passing out for the 3 hr stretch.  so when he went down early i thought i was lucky. 

here's me being goofy with sleepy head this morning...and yes i pretty much look like this 24 hrs out of the day.....jealous i know!  (grins)  its pure new mommy look


two.  i had some visitors (ok not me cole)

neely and miss ashley came by for a bit of a visit.  they came bearing gifts for the booties and a necklace for mom (me)  it says "my hands are almost as full as my heart"


sweet ashley even brought big sister kate a necklace of her own...(she's still in heaven btw)  did i mention how much fun it is having a friend who works from an awesome company?  .....the vintage pearl

three.   pure sweetness

yes you will probably be hit with a ton of photos a week of the sweet squishiness of newborn ♥

lily has to hold him daily....reid has to come in 5,000 times a day to kiss cole's sweet head...i think it has permanent wetness on it from all the slobbery kisses


today she asked me

lily: "how long can cole stay with us?"
me:  "forever ....he's ours to keep in our family"
lily:  "good because i never want him to leave"

 (sweetness...i know)

four.  cooking

poor kids....i've been on strike for a's either been fend for yourself...or here's some pizza.  I DID COOK LAST WEEK ONCE...i made the Pioneer Woman's  Chicken Spaghetti and it was a major hit!  it went over so well that i'm making it again this week....

it was super easy cooking other than the spaghetti involved...and the prep was minimal....just chop bell pepper and onion...other than that open up cans of stuff...stir...pour in dish and bake.  viola! 

i stumbled on it on pinterest and then in her first episode back on food network she made it...go now!

five.  school is cool

one week from today school is back in's also oldest child's 16th bday.  i feel like a failure this year b/c i haven't done store shopping for clothes or bday gifts.  i ordered a bunch of stuff last week via internet though for both.  mini me has been having fashion shows daily w/new outfits picking out her first week wardrobe.  (she's starting middle school you know!!!!  big time)

as for school supplies....i have a list ready for hubs to take to the store.  i dread him going b/c he doesn't know what a pain it is shopping for all the different stuff.  i won't tell him until after he returns. 

i just don't venture out of the house with a newborn until close to 3 months.  so i've pretty much made hubs be my personal shopper.....he's getting really good at it too....i'm a germ-a-phobe when it comes to new babies.  i limit visits from ppl and you HAVE to wash your hands.   i just like them to get all the 'booby' milk they can and build up whatever antibodies i can pass to them those first few weeks...does that make me nuts?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Part 2 --- Cole's Birth Story...con't

A few of you have asked about the midwife and why I do natural...

It's from a bad experience the first time at the hospital and drugs....It was horrible...I vowed to NEVER repeat that.   I did my research and I realized it was my baby...and I deserved the best....(to each his own) and so the last 5 babies I have had natural.

I've done 3 hospital births ....2 of those natural....again...vowed I wanted better care....with #3 they wouldn't call the thing I was a 10 and ready to push and the nurse told me no.  Honestly?  Hello I'm pushing...3 pushes later the nurse caught my daughter.  The nurse had never done that before and I think was more afraid to get in trouble than the fact that a little miracle entered the world.  The dr finally arrived and stitched me up and was gone...I still don't remember what she looked like.  And I can't even remember if she introduced herself....

I researched midwives and realized they were what I needed....

My midwives never left my side during any of my labors (what dr can do that?) and are with me 2 hrs after baby too...(how many dr's can you can too?)  I am truly blessed with the ones I have found....

If you would like more info ....Netflix has a great documentary on instant called the Business of Being Born......

Ok on to Cole...

If you missed Part I here it is..."Cole's Birth Part I"

I left you at 3am and still an 8...

By this point I have been standing at the edge of the bed for 7 hrs refusing to back down....I'm hurting something awful and at the point of exhaustion.  My midwives are terrific....They know as long as the baby and myself aren't in distress then I will do anything to stay there.....Cole's heart rate was perfect the entire time...mine too and blood pressure....

About 45 mins later Jean came to me and said....I know you don't want pain med's, but we need to give you some iv fluids and something to help you sleep for a need to rest and maybe this is what you will need to finish...

I remember thinking..."heck no...I'm not gonna sleep and be in pain....who's the one delirious now"

But all I can do is hold my arm out goes the med and it hits me quick....They have me lie on my left side....and start the IV fluids.....I'm sooo tired...I just remember moaning...I'm so tired...I just want to sleep...I'm so tired I just want to sleep. 

Hubs comes to my side of the bed and rubs my back and legs up and's sooo soothing. 
I remember shutting my eyes thinking sweet lids would flutter open and I could see Jean sitting on a stool facing me....she was wearing white and I remember thinking she looked like an angel  (grins) 

Just when I was starting to relax a contraction hit.....I remember thinking "OHHH NOOO" and rubbing my legs back and forth on the bed....gripping the headboard of the bed with my hands....moaning.....

The contraction would end...and off I would slip and relax....and just when I thought I was asleep....all over again...

This went on for about 1 hr...and honestly as bad as the contractions felt was nice to rest in between...and lie body was sore from standing...

Not sure of the time....(but close to pushing I assume)  I was hit by a contraction and nausea...I remember looking at hubs begging for something...The pain was unbearable...not like the other ones....I told him I was gonna be sick and he tells Jean...she starts to get something for that...but I'm screaming at this point..

I thought something was wrong....after 5 natural births I had never felt anything like that...

This is when I freaked hubs out.....

I'm screaming at him that I felt like my insides were being ripped from me....(deep sigh)  And I thought I was dying....I kept saying something wasn't right...

Well the midwives KNEW...hubs didn't...

They rolled me over to check me...and sure enough...

I remember Jean looking into my face with the biggest grin saying "Honey he's's time to push"

Problem is when hubs looked he saw blood and me screaming I'm dying and boom.....He assumed I was....He started pacing and I remember seeing this terror on his face....I'd never seen him look like that....

Sadly I was more concentrating on the midwives .....Jean and Betty got up on the bed and the midwife assistant too...

The pain was horrible...I told them I was too tired and couldn't do it....

They said I could and that's what they were there help me do it....all together....

The pain is still ripping through me...I remember thinking I can't do this....Why does it hurt like's never hurt like this before......

With their help I pushed and pushed....

I was so tired...I just didn't want to anymore....

They kept smiling and cheering and telling me how wonderful I was and I was such a warrior...that yes I could do this....

Sweet boy needed a bit of help and Jean and Betty switched spots...Betty helped on my belly and Jean was in there helping turn sweet see he was Posterior all this time....They knew, but I didn't.....

What does it mean that a baby is in the "posterior position"?

When a baby is head-down but facing your abdomen, she's said to be in the occiput posterior (OP) position – or posterior position, for short. The term refers to the fact that the back of your baby's skull (the occipital bone) is in the back (or posterior) of your pelvis.
You may also hear this position referred to as "face-up" or "sunny-side up."

I have a feeling if I had been in the hospital they wouldn't have tried everything to help my baby come midwives were my heroes!!!

I just kept pushing...(hubs kept pacing)  Next thing I know they are cheering puuuuush here he comes...

I wasn't sure I had it in me....

but Boom..

Out slipped sweet boy!  Time ....4:55 am  on that beautiful Wednesday Morning...

Pure RELIEF hit

I was sooo tired....(I'm laughing at this point...b/c I assume I'm so tired and I can't believe he was actually there)

All I could do was hold my arms on him and close my eyes!  

He came out beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!  His coloring was probably the best of all my babies so far. 

Here he is just 7 hrs old


If it wasn't for my incredible Midwives I don't know what I would have done.  They are truly incredible and love what they do.  They never gave up on me...and no matter how long it was going on they never once wavered!   Their encouragement and love was what I needed

As for hubs?  He's over it now...and told me THIS WAS MY LAST BABY...he couldn't go through that again.  Ha funny since it was my pain...and secret?  I would do it again.....(grins)
But he's the boss....

Holding Cole I KNEW he was no where near as big as Reid...We all assumed I'd have another 10 lb baby....but nope...sweet cole was just over 8 lbs...even smaller than Lily

I wasn't prepared ....I basically only had size 2 diapers on hand and big outfits...Cole was even tiny with the I was ready for the bigg-un

Each day has been amazing.  Cole is a terrific eater and sleeper....He hasn't gotten to the mixed up days and nights yet...He has really long alert times in the day...and I think that's what helps him sleep so great at night.

As for me?  I feel terrific.  

We left the birth center at around home by 7:30am and opened the door to awake kids who had no idea mommy was up all night birthing this sweet bundle...

I really could have fallen asleep for years...but Reid and Lily needed us...

So needless to say I didn't get any sleep that day...and crashed hard at bedtime.  Cole slept on my chest most of the evening...he slept best that way...I was propped up in the corner of the couch by pillows.....

God is good....

I think most women forget our bodies were built for this....this 'birthing' thing and with the right support you can do it....

I'm a ninny when it comes to pain....I stub my toe and I'm dying....but something about birth is incredible....To feel this amazing experience and know you were doing it...and you did do it...

All my experiences were different...and in the end as long as I was holding sweet baby didn't really matter how they got there.  As long as they do


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cole's Birth Story....Part 1

I thought I would break this up....1. so I don't bore you to death...and 2. (main reason) I don't have time to sit and write for as long as I want (grins)  someone has to hold this precious baby and kiss his face at all spare moments....and 3 my memory is coming and going about the whole I need a chance to collect my thoughts.

Sweet Cole's Birth Story

Monday was my due date ....8/6 and sweet midwife said I was about 2-3 cm dilated and 50%'s head had been really low for weeks and weeks....I thought I had this in the bag.  She said it could be in the next 48 hrs or so before we met him....

You see....FROM MY PREVIOUS births I go fast in the end....with baby #4 I went from a 4-10cm in under 30 mins....I got to the birth center at around 11:30am and had her by 1:11pm....

with #5...I got there at 4:30pm and had him by 5:58pm...I went 7-10 in under 25 the joke was I needed to come in quick b/c I was gonna go fast. 

Monday Day.....nothing really going on with Cole

But Monday Night around 9pm...woohoo la la la...I started having contractions.  I went to bed (as if) and pretty much paced the floors....the contractions were good and I knew all was well on track.  By 2 am I told hubs we needed to pack a bag or make a list....I didn't think we'd make it past 6am at the way things were going.....I started to think...."wow this is it"  and   "Am I ready for this.. can I do this a 6th time?"

I went back to bed and remember rubbing my belly thinking today was the day I would see sweet Cole.......

4am I fell asleep and woke at 5:50 and realized my contractions were no longer close together...they were maybe 2 a hr.

I called my midwife by 9am to let her know I had started labor around 9pm,  but my contractions had slowed and it would probably be a long day...

They called around lunchtime to check in and I was still just like every 20 mins...nothing worth singing about.  I was having just mild mild pains...nothing that you couldn't cook a meal through or vacuum a house through

I was feeling a bit discouraged b/c the contractions were mild...not enough for me to get all ready to head to the this point I was tired and unable to rest....(I did try, but Reid came looking for me screaming and then proceeded to jump on my sides...not good)

I knew it was going to be a long day because since Monday I had had only a few hours of sleep...I was worried to eat much b/c I don't like the idea of getting sick....I did keep my fluids up ...and drank juice to keep my blood sugar up.....

The day was dragging on......

The midwife called again at 4:30 to ask how things were?....I told her only every 15 or so...nothing strong....she said to come on in and get checked anyways since they were done for the day....I'd have the place to myself.

So off we loaded all the kids and my mom and off we went....

here is Lily outside the birth center at the cute little table by the side door...we spend many of hours looking at all the butterflies on the flowers before appts.  (notice her red sparkle "Dorothy" shoes)


Both of my midwives were there....(one delivered Lily and one delivered Reid)  They said that since I go so fast they would BOTH stick around and bring in my last baby with them together!

HELLO HAPPINESS....I can't even begin to tell you how much my heart soared at that moment....

Betty was the midwife on she went and checked me....I was about 5 cm and all looked good...

We came out and joked for a bit about how I better hurry home pack and get back...they didn't want a call I was birthing at home.  (see ....we ALL thought this was a no brainier delivery!)

I told them I needed to head home and feed the kids and put Reid to bed....(I still nurse him)

Sadly b/c I couldn't drive I got motion sickness on the way home and was feeling like poo...My contractions picked up and I calmed my head and stomach a bit ...

I went and bathed my 2 little ones ...trying to picture them as they were...thinking that this time tomorrow I would have a new baby with us in there....

My contractions were starting to pick up at this point...and let me tell you....Nursing Reid during contractions WASN'T AN EASY PLEASANT THING....I was sitting in the rocking chair....cradling him in my stomach would get rock tight....the pain would be more intense and he would look up at me with those blue eyes...I remember thinking this is it baby boy....pretty soon you'll not be my baby heart seemed pitter patter just a bit harder....

I am ready for this right???!!

Back down to finish packing...My meal after labor?  Apple Juice and a Peanut Butter's what I crave after I deliver.....
Then we kissed the kids and hubs and I left....

.....on way there we prayed together for a healthy safe labor and a healthy baby boy.  Of course I added my own extra...and please Lord let me not feel pain (insert goofy face)

We commented how it was different this time with Cole....with Reid the drive to the Birth  Center was during the ice storm we had back in 2011...all roads were shut down.....and were horribly icy and cars were overturned in the ditches...not a way to labor huh?  This time it was 7:30 pm...and HOT HOT HOT....

The ride there was a quiet and peaceful....and when we arrived the mood there was the same....PEACEFUL

Here's a view of the front of the birthing house...


Knowing my 2 favorite women would help us bring little Cole into the world made all the difference in my mood.....Here is was 8pm and dusk was setting.....and the house (the birth center is in an old historic home) was quiet and dimly lit.

I walked into the room where sweet boy would be born....and smiled thinking my sweet Lily and Reid were born in that same bed....

here's a view of the birthing room....See the Red Arrow?  That is where I stood at the side of the bed laboring for 8 hrs straight...that pole became my friend too (grins)


Betty checked me after we got all settled with our stuff in the room and I was a 7.....Wow we all thought....this baby is gonna come and we'll all be home by 11pm

So off I stood at my place at the side of the bed to labor.  I would rub my tummy during a contraction and then visit with the girls between.....(the reason I stand and sway...I've found this is MY  most comfortable position...I've tried the birthing ball...laying down...squatting...walking....and rocking chair.....but I've found standing and swaying and leaning on the bed works best for me) 

 My  back started hurting....I told them I was laboring in front and back...and we tried some pressure on my back...which helped a little bit...

I realized the room was too quiet so hubs found a really cool app on my phone of rain...that played the whole time we were really really helped me through the contractions....(it's like at home...I can't sleep w/o some white noise)

At 9pm Betty checked me again....(deep sigh) was only a 7 still...

Back at it by the bed.....checked me again at 10pm.....still a 7....

Ok by now I'm feeling really discouraged.....I'm not progressing and my contractions are definitely  getting stronger though.  With each contraction I would rub my belly and talk to Cole coaxing him to keep moving down and out....

At this point we made a decision...we needed my contractions way stronger.  As bad as that is to hear when you are already laboring pretty good...I know from past experience they are NOT to the level they need to be.  So we decided to break my water.....and try some evening primrose oil to help thin things...

Back at my place by the bed...and the contractions picked up....I'm now in the 'moaning' stage...when each wave would hit I would rub my belly and make my "back in the throat mmmmmm" me it really does help.  I can tell by my MMMMM sounds when I am at my highest level of pain....(still not there)   

11pm checked me again...this time an 8.  Ok let's keep laboring folks....but I'm starting to tire.....Hubs is pushing the fluids on me, but I know the pains hurt, but STILL aren't where they need to be.  Which makes me want to cry.  

I remember glancing back at hubs with this look of....."are you kidding me...?  what is taking so long?  I am getting so tired...."  He came over to rub my back for me....

I mostly remember staring at that dern clock in front of me....the mins were ticking thing I knew 20 mins ...30 mins....40 mins were passing yet again....and I'm laboring good, but still not where I should be.  

IT'S NOW midnight...we watch the clock ring in a new day....Wednesday August 8.  We joked what a great day....8/8....Lovely I'm thinking....just let's get it going...

Betty checks me again at midnight....still an 8..... I want to cry.  It's so hard to get on the bed to be checked in all the pain I'm in..... and then to hear her say....I'm sorry not yet.  

 I've had about 2 hrs of sleep since Monday at 9pm....I am starting to wonder how much longer and if I can do this....

My contractions are now picking up and getting closer and stronger.....I can't believe I'm not progressing....we go at it another hr.  I wish I could describe the goes from a manageable pain to s

She checks me at 1am....I'm still an 8...I'm hurting bad....

We try another route....she goes ahead to start an IV port (nothing in it yet) and then we try pushing a bit to see what happens...with Reid when I did this I shot to a 10....with we try helps encourage active causes the body to release the hormone oxytocin, which can cause stronger contractions.  

Honestly this was a pain...the contractions got SOOO I'm in my active Moaning Phase...I want to cry and cheer b/c finally I'm making progress.....I know that if I can do this for 20 or so mins I can have this baby....I remember throwing the pump down with each contraction b/c I needed both hands to hold and rub my belly....I'm hurting...I'm tired...and I'm begging Cole to come...

I remember putting my chin to my chest really getting into the contraction trying to relax my body....

I go at it like this for another hr....2am we check....STILL AN 8

Now I start to want to lose it...I remember telling Betty how tired I am.....and I'm starting to feel guilt b/c everyone there is falling asleep too....I want to tell everyone to sleep....I'm taking too long...It's all my fault everyone is here....the clock won't stop ticking the hours by...

Betty pulls hubs into the hallway and says that I'm not progressing like they'd like...i'm getting tired and if things don't change in a hr or so he needs to think about having me transferred.  Thankfully they don't tell me this....b/c knowing me I'd scream NOOOOO I am not going through all of this for nothing.....he tells them that as long as I'm fine and the baby is let us keep laboring...he KNOWS I don't want to step foot in the hospital...(he makes right decision for me)

I return to standing at the bed....pumping away....getting hit with wave after wave of pain.  throwing the pump down to grab my belly...and rub my belly...moaning loudly...begging sweet Cole to move down....

There is no way I haven't made progress...

It's 3 am and Betty asks if I want to be checked again.  Part of me screams Nooo and part is begging  Yes Please...

but...I'm still an 8
I want to scream and cry....but instead
I keep at it...and by this point I'm feeling delirious... I'm in major pain....rubbing my belly hard...refusing to give up....


Monday, August 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday --- New Baby Smell

Link up over at my best gal blog....Carissa at lowercase letters

one.....New Baby Smell

Who doesn't love the smell of a new house car....or NEW BABY?

Yes we are still alive....I feel grungy at times...and scatterbrained....and well over all like I'm living in some dream world....but....he makes it all worth it...

(birth story to come....gonna take me a bit to compile my thoughts about the whole ordeal....)

In case you missed the news...

Colden Rhett was born!!!

Wednesday August 8th
4:55 am

(they say) 8 lbs 6 oz....but a few hours later the boy weighed 8lbs who knows...(anywho)

19.5" long

and beautifully perfect 

He is a dream baby so far.  Sleeps great at night...and has some alert times during the day.  He DOES follow in his big brother Reid's footsteps...he has a non-stop fit from nothing soothes him AT ALL.  I thankfully blogged about Reid doing this.....and I wrote at 3 weeks he was still doing it must have gone on a month or so.....other than that I can't complain.

here some photos.....of day 1-4




(what is it about baby hands and ears and heads and cheeks and and and and)


two.  big kids

the older kids think he's's so neat to hear them say "he is sooo awesome"

Mini Me is enthralled by holding him 24/7 and commenting how tiny he is...they can just stare at him for hours on end like me.

Lily and Reid have been doing quite well too....Lily of course was a no brainer....she loves holding him and kissing him....take a look at this pretty much sums up her love for him


She said ...."Mommy his eyes are open....He loves me"

three.  Dude Friend

Now this is child I was a bit more worried about.  He has the youngest age gap of all my kids...there is 18 months almost to the day between them....the others have exactly 2 yrs 3 months....Reid definitely loves his momma...and is connected to me 24/7 at the hip.  Which you will still find him....I'm learning to hold 2 babies without dropping them.  At times it makes me a bit frustrated...but I'm adjusting and finding ways to 'include' Reid in every aspect...
You'll find him perched next to me laughing while I nurse'll find him perched on the counter next to me while I change baby's diaper...You'll find him perched anywhere you can while I have the baby.  
Oh did you remember the tummy bug?  Well Dude is still not 'regular' (if you know what I mean) 

The day after Cole's birth Reid woke up puking and diarrhea ...the vomiting stopped the next day but not the diaper issues...then the next day he puked again....and still dipe issues.  No vomiting yesterday...dipe issue got better....NOTHING today....
But man oh man as a mommy of a newbie I was in a panic....b/c not only did I need to rest (which I NEVER got...) Reid needed me and Cole needed me....yawn

but I did capture a precious moment between new brothers.
Reid likes to look at him sleeping in the bassinet downstairs....he makes the sweetest giggle when we sees "beebee"


four.  Me

Well I have yet to have the bed rest like suggested.  What mom of 6 gets to do that?  I laugh when I hear "you need to rest"  ohhhh trust me I know I know...and I did sit....but I would have loved a week off of ALL duties.   (insert sick kid)  Healing great though...(joys of natural drug free birth)  and my midwives have a special place in my heart forever....give me time to write Cole's Special Day.....I am one blessed Momma...

five.  My Mother

she is here for a few week down and this one to go.  She has been a MASSIVE help and what she doesn't know?  I'm not letting her go.  A girl needs her momma at times....and I NEED MINE

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