Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Things You Re-Learn With Newbies

There are things you forget  until a newbie happens in your house again...

One.     Learning to cook one handed
Two.    Eating while nursing a baby
Three.  How one can survive on little sleep
Four.   Showers CAN take 4 mins or less
Five.   Typing with one hand

*I don't know how many meals (I even baked Oldest Child's bday cake yesterday) you can bake and cook 1 handed.  I have a multitude of slings and wraps...and boom...in goes baby and cook away.  Just keep baby away from flames please!

*I've also realized that sometimes you want to eat and newbie has that on his mind too.  So I usually nurse on my left and eat with my right hand.  Thankfully the family is used to seeing this in the evenings.  I will stand at the kitchen island ...place my food up on a canister of Clorox wipes and eat.  The wipes canister is tall enough to bring my food high up so I'm not bending over.  You do whatcha gotta do when you're hungry...it's that or you don't get a meal.

*I am a 8 hrs a night kind of girl.....IN A ROW THAT IS.
Without sleep I am no good...I need it...considering I am on the go from the moment I wake until my head hits the pillow at night.  I get short tempered ...and after a few days I feel over all crazy  (and if my hubs is reading this....yes yes I know you think I'm already crazy...you married it)
After a newbie....you get maybe 4 hrs a night and that's not consecutive ...by morning you might get your 2nd wind...and afternoon comes...you hit a lull...only to dream of sleep while still awake.  
By day 4 of this...you feel like you are in an episode of some Zombie Apocalypse show ...and you're the Zombie.  Trust me...you will survive....(might not feel like it, but you will)  I'm on day 20 and look at me...(points to self with dark circles, but a big smile too)

*You must shower.....really.  It makes that lack of sleep feel not so lacky when you are clean.  

I keep my routine of morning showers...feed baby so he has a full belly....throw something on the telly the other small kids actually like...throw a few snacks around house....put full baby in a bouncy chair directly in front of shower....close all doors smaller kids are not allowed in.....jump in shower with a sing songy voice so everyone knows you are losing it.....and shower as fast as you can.  keep in mind you don't need to wash your hair everyday ...pony tails are in right now.  But if it is a hair wash day.....shampoo your hair...while soap in... shave a leg....wash hair....and shave 1 arm pit...condition hair and soap body off while conditioner sits in.....shave other leg ....wash hair....shave other pit....soap body as fast as you can while still singing....
I promise in under 4 mins you can have it all done....and no one noticed you gone

*Typing with one hand is a trick and takes longer....so be patient.  this post?  I used 2  until I got to this line.....then Cole had enough and now I'm typing and nursing at same time....
I rock!  (or so I tell myself to make me feel better)


Ashley said...

You definitely rock!!!

Expat Girl said...

I love this post, you do rock! The shower bit made me giggle : ) I totally know that I am about to relive things I have totally forgotten about

Dianna said...

You totally rock!!

Caroline said...

You are SUPER MOM!

Meagan said...

Lol I'm too tired to figure out how you can shower and shave in 4 mins!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

ha! My LO is 8 months and I still do all of these!

Can't imagine doing all this with more than one little babe around.

You're awesome, mama!

Angie said...

you totally rock! showers always made me feel better, heck they still do. i can fight a bear after a nice quick shower!

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