Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Watched Belly Never Births....


(first...thanks for all the sweet comments about my "Pop" photo from Monday's blog...Pinterest is grand.  Some of you were asking about the did I get it so perfect?  Well I cheated.  I knew I couldn't hold a bubble that long....hubs was taking the photos and his patience for photo taking is about like that of a 2 yr old driving in a car for 20 hrs...anywho.  I used a balloon.....brilliant huh?...back to my blog post......)

You know the saying...

A watched pot never boils?

Well I bet that holds true for a watched belly never births....b/c I've been watching mine and it's ain't birthing.

Ohhhh I know I TECHNICALLY have until my due date...(which is a next Monday)


I was really hoping that for once, just once sweet pea would surprise me and not make me go the whole 40. 

Doesn't look like that's happening.

The only thing that's happening? 

Me awaiting anxiously wondering when it's time.

I was so hoping for today....Reid was born back in that ice storm on Feb 1st 18m later during a heat wave on the 1st...well why not?

I feel locked up tighter than a lock with super glue and then locked again and then more super glue.

I'm in that miserable stage...

Acid reflux that burns your throat when you stand and you feel like you can shoot fire from your mouth....


Where sitting makes your back feel locked up and then you have to you stand only to have your back take forever to unlock so you can go pee.....only to take forever walking to the bathroom wondering if you will make it.  (did I mention hubs will pretend to race me there taunting me the whole waddle there?)

So you try to lie down to help with the acid reflux (works for me) ...Only it makes your back hurt and then you realize you need to pee (and you swore you just went)....Only to take forever trying to stand to try and make it to the bathroom.

So you try just standing around all day...which makes your feet swell...and it's not like you can just stand in one place....(hello...5 other kids around you)

So you try sitting again...only the babies head is so low you feel it smashing...and oh did I mention the bladder is smooshed somewhere there?  

So yes, I'm in the huge pregnant pop any day stage where you just will baby to come out come out NOW...

Sorry to complain....but I'm so ready!  

After the kids went to bed I was talking with the ever so hilarious hubs...
I was saying how I can't wait to see what sweet pea looks like....will he look like the other kids or totally different....His response?

He'll look like awesomeness.....(typical hubs response)

Yes...well whatever he looks like he'll be one squishy sweet can't keep my hands and lips off of him

Can't wait to meet you sweet boy!



LeAnna said...

Poor Mama, you are ready! Hope he comes on a good midwife day. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh you sound uncomfortable, I vaguely remember that feeling from when I was about to pop. Hope he comes on a good day, and soon :D

Bloggerina said...

"he'll look like awesomeness" Love it!!

Caroline said...

He'll be here before you know it!

jen said...

I've missed you, Laura! Hurry up! We want to meet him, too!

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