Friday, August 3, 2012

How It Went Down....Empty Nest and Labor

Last night the In laws met us at the mall....

Plan was we would hand the kids over and hubs and I would run off for one last dinner...(I keep thinking the last one was the last dinner...and then so on and so on..)  

Then they after hubs and I were back...they would take Lily home with them to spend the night.  This would be her first time away from us EVER (I know she's almost 4...we don't like being away from our babies.....) My teenage nieces were in town too visiting so we thought they would be perfect to help with her first night away

Off to the  mall...made the drop off....and off to Pappadeaux's for a little hubby wifey dinner.  Dinner was great...we took our time ordering and sat there talking...did I mention we even got to order dessert?  Prailine Bread Pudding Souffle was dreamy good.

We would get the occasional photo of the kids having fun eating or playing in stores while at the mall....
thinking all was well right?

I was more worried about Reid than Lily b/c he hates to be far from my sight....but when his "old dad" is around he has fun.  

We get back to the mall to pick Reid up and drop off Lily's clothes....only Lily doesn't look happy fact she has that "I'm about to cry, but look at my smile" face going on.  She rushed towards me and grabbed on my legs and said "I've been looking for you everywhere"  

Soooo needless to say....she said she couldn't spend the night with GiGi and Old Dad just yet....b/c she had to go home.  And repeated this over and over.....and over

No worries....

Only the whole way home that's all she talked about.

By the time we got home she seemed ready for bed....and she was out like a light by 8pm.....

Around 12:30am....I awoke to talking.....Lily was talking about how she was looking for us at the mall....and how she didn't eat b/c she was waiting for us.....this went on until she finally passed out at 4am.  

I'm guessing it REALLY bothered her and no matter how much I reassured her it didn't help. 

Now around 2am I'm irritable  (hello I'm tired of talking about it)....and then I get a twinge.  

I thought....ohhhh boy....I think I just had a contraction.   15 mins later....I had another one.  This is how it starts with all of my labors.....this will go on every 15 mins for like 5 hrs and then they pick up.

Only I'm not getting any sleep b/c Lily is still talking about her "traumatic" experience

Finally she falls asleep and I do too...around 4:30.  I wake up at 5:30 and feel another cramp...head to the bathroom and then back to bed....only to be woken by Reid at 6:30....REALLY.....????  YOU NEVER WAKE UP AT THAT TIME ANYMORE

No more cramps at this point...only the fact that I had about 3 1/2 hrs of non consecutive sleep and potential for labor???? 

So here I stand....Tired.....head throbbing from lack of sleep....belly feels weird....I feel like I'm walking in a confused hazy state...which isn't good if labor does come tonight...Momma needs some rest.

So the moral of the story?  My little girl wasn't ready to leave the nest for a sleepover just yet.

Seriously broke my heart to hear her go on and on about missing us like that.

Side note?  Reid didn't even notice we were gone....He had the time of his life


Neely said...

Awwww Lily is having some separation anxiety

Amber said...

Poor Lily! So sweet of her though. Sounds like you'll have another baby soon ;)

Lori said...

eeeek is this it?! hope lily feels better now ... good luck mama!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Ohhh, Lily just wanted her mommy! Sweet girl!

I hope you get some quality rest before bebe arrives!

LeAnna said...

Ohhh, Lily! Q is the same way right now. He's been crying when my Mom comes to pick him up, and she said all he does it talk about how much he misses us. Must be an age thing.

Hope that baby is coming sooooon!

Casey said...

oh no, I am so sorry

Jumping Jack said...

Jack cries EVERY DAY when I drop him off at school... You'd think after 3 years he'd be used to it by now. He's also constantly looking for me and telling me that he couldn't find me. Silly kids!

Dang! I thought I was about to read that Sweet Baby C was here! Maybe tomorrow - that's my Memaw's birthday! Try to get some sleep!

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