Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lily-ism's #259

Here's the latest...

Lily:  "Mom I know why the baby isn't coming out yet!"
Me:  "You do?  Wow...tell me ...."
Lily:  "Because there isn't a hole for him to come out" 
 (ohhhhhh Lily my dear if only you knew hahahahahaha)

Lily  "I'm going to marry a boy named Gavin and he draws houses....and I'm gonna be a Mommy just like you with big boobs too"  

Me:  "Hi Sweetie Pie...what do you want for breakfast?"
Lily:   "Don't call me Sweetie Pie...I'm more of a Cherry Pie"

Lily:  "Reid looks like Trouble.  You better do something about that before the baby comes"

Me:  "Lily you need to come pick up all your dolls before you start playing with something else"
Lily:  "I can't Mommy....They are busy at a very important party"
(uhhh nice try.....she developed laziness like her siblings)

Me:  "Lily want do want to do today?"
Lily:  "Hate!"
Me:  "You're gonna do Hate?  Why are you going to do that?"
Lily:  "Because I'm always Good...I want to be different today"

And for good measure....
Trouble likes to suck the ketchup containers dry.....Pucker up....Wanna a kiss?



Dianna said...

HILARIOUS! I love the big boobs part! And Reid looking like trouble! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Lily is too funny! That's so great that you were able to remember those :D

Cait said...

haha what an adorable girl! great pictures and super cute blog :)

Jumping Jack said...

LOL! Lily is so funny!

Reid = precious!

Anna said...

Utter hilarity!

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