Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday.....Birthdays to Babies

(just realized my last post was last Monday....I've been crazy busy)

lowercase letters

one.  honestly adorable

some how I stumbled upon the Honest Company....probably from some magazine....I noticed Jessica Alba started this company to create products chemical free....get this and diapers and wipes too.

For just $5.95 shipping I could get diapers/wipes and a baby/home essentials samples to try.
Crazy to say I was waiting each day by the door for my shipment and boom ...Fed Ex knocked and off I flew to open my stuff.

I was sooo excited.  For once you can get diapers in adorable prints....(yes  boys too)'s my stash!


We've been reading so much lately of all the chemicals they put in our baby diapers (really what's in that fluff?) and in their shampoos and lotions I start to freak out...(who me?)

I loved that I could get some samples before making any commitment.

Great thing?  Do nothing and they send you your personalized products each month...or cancel after 7 questions asked....They even send you reminders to cancel....who does that?

click the link below to get your free samples (plus shipping)  and nope ...wasn't compensated in any way for this.....just wanted to share a good thing 

two.  sweet 16


If you are a boy is it still your SWEET 16TH?

Well oldest child turns 16 today.
I can remember his birth like it was yesterday......I gotten into bed for the night.... and boom water broke.  7pm the next day I had a sweet new baby bundle...and that was just the beginning!

He's grown up into an amazing young I'm so proud of

Today marks his 16th birthday and his jr year in high school....Is there anyway I can stop time....I'm not ready for my baby to be in 11th grade.

(he told me he would smile if I took the "sweet 16" off my blog post)  .....naaaaah!


three.  6th grade rocks


Mini Me is officially a middle schooler...(or back in my days...A Jr High girl)

We had her Cub Day to walk her schedule and get lockers last Friday.  We (her) got a bit teary eyed trying out the whole combination thingy...but after 2 tries she had it nailed in the bag and was opening her locker like a champ.  She was (tad) excited to get a top locker too!  woohoo....I know she will do terrific today!

She has been trying on clothes combos for weeks now....modeling for the family.  Of course her brothers don't understand...they just wake up mins before the bus come and go....(boys!!!!)

Saturday we went shoe shopping....(been tough finding the 'right' ones)   The 2 pairs we found I think she is going to live in...she fell in ♥ and wanted to wear them home....awww remember those days?

I can't believe how much time flies!


four.   little bigs boy


We call Reid bigs boy....I assume I don't have to tell you who named him that....(points to Lily)  She would walk around and say "His name is Reid, but we call him Bigs Boy"

So sweet Coley (another name from Lily) has been dubbed ..."Littlest Bigs Boy"

Can you believe he is almost 3 weeks?  I can and can't

He is an exceptional baby....please remind me I said this when about 3-5 weeks he truly wakes up into a baby and has us running wild.

He usually hits the hay between 9 and 10 for a 3 hr stretch...Me?  I wave to the family and slip under the covers for my 3 hr stretch....after that he is anywhere from 1.5-2 hr stretches.  Some nights he goes down really fast....a few nights he's been up for 1-2 hrs just chilling....not crying.....just looking around.

He has the most incredible eyes....I can't wait to find out what color they either stay or change to....right now we are holding at blue....the edges are darker...the center is starting to lighten up.....

Had our midwife 2 week check up last week...he was almost 9 lbs....still smaller compared to his big bro Dude.  It's nice b/c Cole has been able to wear some clothes I had for Reid ...that he never got a chance to wear b/c he came out so big....(score one for me)

He is a fantastic eater....nursing has been really great so far....Granted it's been really easy b/c I am still nursing Reid....

He cries a bit...just in the evenings when I'm putting Reid down...I think he just misses his momma...

Loves bath time...Loves looking around....Loves being held....Loves naps...


I can honestly say tired as I am....He has been a rock star baby!

five.   meals for moms

A few of friends in the neighborhood have brought meals for us.  I don't care how much a new mom says "Ohh that's sweet, but no you don't have to"

DO IT...

It has been amazing for those few nights to NOT even think about cooking....

Wednesday night dinners w/In Laws?  They have brought food each time....awwww
I sort of feel guilty....but honestly I  am usually on my feet prepping and cooking for a few hrs in the morning and pretty much from 4-6 cooking and's been nice to rest.

So thanks to those that brought heart swelled!

six.   pressie

I got a package in the mail for Cole the other day from a long lost friend...I was so surprised to find it was a thirty one bag!  I've had a few friends that work for this company, but haven't had a chance to purchase anything...(hello new baby)

Check out this cutie....and guess what it was filled with?  Diapers!  haha love it!

who doesn't love a baby present in the mail?


Neely said...

OMG Kate looks so cute! Shes such a little fashionista!

Bloggerina said...

im ready to cry my eyes out from how grown up your kids look! I refuse to believe that my babies will one day look like that waaahhh!

Caroline said...

i'd bring you pei wei! only you.

averyswifeliz said...

Ahh...I remember my first day of 6th grade too and the locker really frustrated me too. My Mom wrote out instructions for me. I carried them for weeks just in case!

The new baby is adorable and thanks for reviewing the Honest Company. I've been contemplating ordering a sample for quite some time but wasn't sure.


Stephanie Suire said...

Your pictures of your 16 year old son (and his baby pic) made me teary! I have a 3 year old little boy and I LOVE that his is still my baby right now. His 6 yr old sister starts kindergarten this week so time is flying by. LOVE the pics of your baby boy too, super sweet!

LeAnna said...

Ahhh, 16! Time flies. Love the sweet pictures of your Cole baby. I have a 31 bag like that and it's AWESOME for a diaper bag.

And yes, taking meals to new Mama's is a MUST! I like to change it up from supper only and take muffins and breakfast items as well, those are equally as handy.

Southern Belle Mama said...

Mini Me is just precious! I bet she's going to love middle school. :)

Thanks for sharing about the Honest Company. I usually cloth diaper, but I'd love the samples!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh thanks so much for sharing that Honest Company site, that is so neat! I absolutely adore Jessica Alba.
Your pictures of your kids are absolutely adorable :D

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