Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday....It Is Monday Right?

lowercase letters

one. is it monday yet?

i'm totally losing what day it is...they all mesh since i'm getting about this much (points to nothing) sleep these days.  i totally forgot how  little sleep a body can survive on.  yesterday i did cry for nothing.  oldest child asked if i was ok....i think he thought i was having a break down.  i guess i sort of was....called a sleep deprived down....
last night cole went to bed at 10:15 (it's usually 11pm) ...i slid between the covers myself and was out like a light...he was then up at 2:15 (woohoo) only to stay up for 2.5 hrs.  reid woke at his usual 6:30.  did i mention i was tired?  cole will stay wide awake from 7pm-11pm eating, pooping, puking, eating pooping, and puking before passing out for the 3 hr stretch.  so when he went down early i thought i was lucky. 

here's me being goofy with sleepy head this morning...and yes i pretty much look like this 24 hrs out of the day.....jealous i know!  (grins)  its pure new mommy look


two.  i had some visitors (ok not me cole)

neely and miss ashley came by for a bit of a visit.  they came bearing gifts for the booties and a necklace for mom (me)  it says "my hands are almost as full as my heart"


sweet ashley even brought big sister kate a necklace of her own...(she's still in heaven btw)  did i mention how much fun it is having a friend who works from an awesome company?  .....the vintage pearl

three.   pure sweetness

yes you will probably be hit with a ton of photos a week of the sweet squishiness of newborn ♥

lily has to hold him daily....reid has to come in 5,000 times a day to kiss cole's sweet head...i think it has permanent wetness on it from all the slobbery kisses


today she asked me

lily: "how long can cole stay with us?"
me:  "forever ....he's ours to keep in our family"
lily:  "good because i never want him to leave"

 (sweetness...i know)

four.  cooking

poor kids....i've been on strike for a's either been fend for yourself...or here's some pizza.  I DID COOK LAST WEEK ONCE...i made the Pioneer Woman's  Chicken Spaghetti and it was a major hit!  it went over so well that i'm making it again this week....

it was super easy cooking other than the spaghetti involved...and the prep was minimal....just chop bell pepper and onion...other than that open up cans of stuff...stir...pour in dish and bake.  viola! 

i stumbled on it on pinterest and then in her first episode back on food network she made it...go now!

five.  school is cool

one week from today school is back in's also oldest child's 16th bday.  i feel like a failure this year b/c i haven't done store shopping for clothes or bday gifts.  i ordered a bunch of stuff last week via internet though for both.  mini me has been having fashion shows daily w/new outfits picking out her first week wardrobe.  (she's starting middle school you know!!!!  big time)

as for school supplies....i have a list ready for hubs to take to the store.  i dread him going b/c he doesn't know what a pain it is shopping for all the different stuff.  i won't tell him until after he returns. 

i just don't venture out of the house with a newborn until close to 3 months.  so i've pretty much made hubs be my personal shopper.....he's getting really good at it too....i'm a germ-a-phobe when it comes to new babies.  i limit visits from ppl and you HAVE to wash your hands.   i just like them to get all the 'booby' milk they can and build up whatever antibodies i can pass to them those first few weeks...does that make me nuts?


Neely said...

So glad I got to see you and see little baby!

Dianna said...

That picture is too sweet! Cole will definitely be loved! I don't think there is any such this as overloved : )

jen said...

I love the Cole sandwich picture. There is nothing better for the family than a new baby. Here's to you getting some sleep.

LeAnna said...

Precious pictures!
Yes you are nuts, but not because of booby milk and germaphobia. Heeheehee. ;)
You know I love ya!
I've been wanting to make chicken spaghetti, because it does sound really good...but I have to get past the chicken part. Me and chicken aren't real close right now...
LOVE your necklace!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Funny picture of you two!!

Ashley said...

Aww, I'm so glad I got to see y'all this weekend! Glad you and Kate like the necklaces!

Cheyenne said...

I haven't popped into your blog for a bit, but I'm always so refreshed when I do.


Congratulations on your sweet addition, he looks like an absolute cutie pie. I'm so excited to hear all about your life right now----and egadzooks, nothing is rougher than pure sleep deprivation. It always makes me ROAR with laughter when people say, "oh, make sure you're getting lots of rest..." whaaaaaaa? How is this possible? You let me know, and I will be on that.

You take care of YOU and thank you, thank you for pointing me in the direction of the chicken spaghetti!!

Your kids are first class adorable!

Stef said...

Oh boy! You are amazing...let's just start with that. How do we make it through....ugh.
Your babies lovin' on your baby is the sweetest thang!
I will pray you get some sleep.

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