Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Diggin & Luvin and Can't Live Without

Baby On the Brain....

Between lack of sleep and kissing Cole's face by the minute....I am all about Baby right now

I mean who wouldn't be with that precious face staring up at you all the time.  


He smells ohhh so good too.  What baby doesn't?  That's why they try to bottle the scent...b/c there isn't anything like it in the world!

Here's a head's up of things I have been using that I can't live without these days!

(back to these....)
1. The Honest Company...(Healing Balm)

I mentioned that I got a few products to try (again I signed up for free stuff and paid shipping)  
Inside were some great samples....I have decided for my first shipment I would like 


*Hand smells amazing
*Hand Sanitizer (I have them from home to car to diaper bag to kids back packs)
*Bubble Bath ....(b/c all little kids love to get lost in bubble)
*Fruit/Veggie wash  
*Healing Balm

Want to talk about the balm for a second
With new baby skin I find most things don't work  No matter how fast I change them....their skin is so soft and new it gets red and irritated.  
With Reid we tried everything....nothing worked and then I guess finally he outgrew it....but I hated to see how red and swollen his bum looked...

Now with Cole....he just started getting the red irritated bum.  I again am trying it all...even wiping with aloe lotion and applying pure aloe gel.....Coconut Oil didn't work either.

The Honest Healing Balm has all natural oils and chemical free.
Scent Free.....I keep it slathered on his bum and I've noticed that when he just has pee pee diapers it's starting to heal.  It's a really thick cream too and it sticks and stays in place...
You can even use on minor cuts & scrapes, dry skin, and razor burns

I sound like a infomercial, but I am really happy with this product....You can try the dipes/wipes and samples of 5 products for $5.95 shipping.

Some of you asked if the shipping was worth it...I thought so b/c I've now found some products I love.  I got 7 dipes and the other samples for the $5.95...I'd do it again.  Since I'm ordering the dipes and products each month I get free shipping!!!

Click the link here to sign up for free stuff......

Let me know what you think...

2.  Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Back in the day with Lily I thought using washable was the way to go....but they didn't hold in leaks and I ended up using like 3 at a time....they also didn't fit right in my nursing tanks or bras and I looked lopsided .....I tried other brands of disposable nursing pads...  These are by far the best around!  I have them in almost every room of the house...(and shhhhh don't tell,  but I store new ones in the couch cushions in case I'm sitting there and need one quick)

3.  Moby Wrap

I'm a sucker for wraps and slings.....When baby is little I love my moby.  Yes a bit weird to put on at first...but then you get the hang of it.  My babies fall asleep instantly.  I'm sure having my heart beat right there under their ear is a plus too....The material is soft and stretchy and I find it very comfortable to wear.  
When my babies get older I love my Dr Sears Balboa Sling...I wear my babies in the side hip position after they can sit up.  I wore Reid like this even when pregnant with Cole.  He loves being worn and made shopping faster if I couldn't find the 'double' shopping buggies at Target or Walmart.  Just put Reid in sling and pushed Lily in cart!

4.   Noise Maker

I am a freak for those things...I have one in every kids room and 2 in mine.  I can NOT sleep w/o a little background noise.  Total quiet bugs me.  I've noticed too that since I have a houseful of ppl who make a considerate amount of noise during the day...the babies sleep better with a bit of background noise during naps.  I have all the machines set to gentle rain.  What is it about rainstorms that are soothing?

During my labor with Cole I had hubs install this app..
the rainstorm sound was playing for hours straight for me.

What's great is even on the free version there are a ton of sounds to choose from...and you can play more than 1 sound at once.  Mix a few rains together.  (smiles)  

 5.  Amazon Mom Prime

I'm all about not leaving the house these days.  I think I mentioned I hate taking a newbie out in the public just yet.  I was at Walmart one time and overheard this mother telling a friend  how she had been called at school b/c her daughter had the tummy bug...and they were running errands now.  The said daughter was with her...I wanted to say "that's we all can share her tummy bug"  ...but I didn't.  I just keep that lady in mind when I think about venturing out with newbie.  

Anywho....SO lately I'm all about internet shopping  ....especially with Prime Free 2 day shipping.  Granted it costs about $79 for a year BUT I have been a member of this for a few years and with all the free shipping it has totally paid for itself.  Hello 2 day shipping!!!!...and for $3.99 I can get next day.  
I have been able to buy sheets, blankets, binky's, and waterproof mattress pad covers for 2 day shipping.
When it came to Christmas gifts...or birthday gifts...or last minute thank you gifts...or heck...just last week I ordered a book that oldest child forgot he needed for first day of school.....I got free shipping...and come to find out it came the next day!  It's been lovely.  
The deals on Amazon are sometimes hard to beat too.  

What are things you love right now?


Sam said...

I sooo love the incredible family resemblance your kids have! So darn cute!

LeAnna said...

Woohoo for baby wearing! So, I want to know which white noise machines you have for the kid's room? I've thought about getting one for when the new baby comes.
Lansinoh nursing pads really are the best! Some of the pads on the market are horribly itchy! And yes, Prime is totally worth the $80 - especially considering the free movies and such. Hubby buys a fair amount of supplies for work, so we make the company pay for it. Woop! And it's connected to our business credit card so when we earn points on the c.c it converts to Amazon cash...hello Christmas presents for nothing out of pocket!

Meagan said...

I swear everything is cheaper on amazon mom. Diapers definitely are and I heard you can get the breast pads on there too! I also heard lanolin (the stuff you put on your nipples when you first start nursing) is good for diaper rash.

Anna said...

He's just perfect!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Good mama minds think alike! I already have the moby and noise machine on hand from previous babies, Nick upgraded to Amazon Prime when I started ordering things for the nursery, and I forsee you other loves in my near future!

Seeing your little Cole makes me so excited for December and my little bit to arrive!

The Herd said...

you make me so smile...and want a wee one!!

We're all Muggles said...

Hey You! He is just too freaking sweet!!! Love it! This is Kimberly by the way... We started a family blog "WereallMuggles.blogspot"... anyway. YES!!! I had to comment because we use Honest diapers! Milo has the most sensitive skin ever and we've found that they really help. I hope you'll enjoy them. I've tried several different "organic" kinds and even considered moving to cloth but these are working pretty well.

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