Monday, September 24, 2012

Miscellany Monday...Sweet Baby Cole

been ages since i linked up with carissa....

one.  sweetness


i bet you were wondering where your photos are of this sweet boy have gone to?!

i've been so busy i haven't had a chance to update about him.

his rash is a 100% better!!

he's a dream baby...i couldn't have asked for anything better....(esp with being #6 and possibly last angel baby in our house)

i've refrained from all forms of nuts and it has seemed to have worked....he did get his horribly ugly dry patch of skin between his eyes on his nose and part forehead....(see pic)  but he's still the cutest baby ever!

Eats like a dream  (is a puker like his sibs)

and sleeps like a dream...

usually crashes by 9ish every evening...and so does mommy!  i told hubs one day I will be up with him until 10:30...just give me until december to catch up on sleep....that and hopefully C will sleep longer at night.

still waking about 2-3 times a night...but goes right back down.

is happy and smiles at just about everyone.

i'm in total ♥


two.  arrrr thar she blows

lily's 4th birthday is this wednesday.....WHERE HAS TIME GONE?
she changed her mind a million times on the party...we settled on a Princess Pirate.  (sadly i didn't do the whole pink and black theme was easier to find the red/black/white stuff.....just don't tell her)

i am in the process of busting out cleaning the house and painting some walls the kids have nicked with toys.

that's the great thing about parties at your have to fix stuff that you had been meaning to get around to but didn't.  i love the look of clean.

i've been making a list of ideas for this party for about a month now....been searching Pinterest for more ideas....time to put them all together...

i went with the message in a bottle invites from oriental trading company...i know ...too lazy to make my own...i'm into this "order and it comes to the house" kind of life.

now off to make decorations...stay tuned for pics....i love love love party planning....just a bit harder when i have a newbie on my hip

three.  meaningful i?

remember i told you i was suckered in?  well i got my stuff...and loved it the first the 2nd week i noticed i had a some red patches...almost like i got some sun on my face.  now i don't consider myself the type to have sensitive skin but i had some pink...didn't hurt...or itch..i just looked pink on my cheeks and forehead....
also the eye cream to prevent puffiness and dark circles?  i think it lighten up that area...looked almost white...i didn't really have dark circles (not that i noticed) but if i did i don't now.  that stuff worked.
i called and cancelled my future orders...i read they didn't actually cancel them and ppl had issues....but so far on my order page it says cancelled...hubs said to continue using the rest of my products and see what happens...if nothing then i should reorder my stuff....i really did like it.  (still use my oil of olay foaming face wash...i will never give that stuff up)

i did use again and no red patches....i really like the way my skin was looking....fresh washed almost.

i don't wear make up on a daily basis....never really have...unless walking out the door...and then it's powder...blush and i curl my lashes...i save the mascara for meeting the mom's or dates with hubs...(laughs)  anywho...i try to keep the young fresh thing going....(laughs again)  i like the motto...less is best..

i always feel like a painted clown when i wear too much makeup... hopefully my daughter's will see my example and not want to be clowns either. 

four.  atkins is my new friend (soon)

saw a pic of myself.  wasn't on the scales...realized i've got a long road ahead.
figure i will make a plan....and get back on the atkins worked summer before last and i lost 12 lbs on it in a 12 day i've got 30 to lose.

you will be beaten down by my 'lifestyle' food change when it happens.....

i've been researching meals and snacks for hubs and myself....yes...he is going on it with me...
my lil sis is getting married in december....we both need to look our party in a barn wedding best!

(not starting until after lily's party...b/c you know i'll be eating my cookies and cupcakes)

five. pinterst projects

i am painting walls....pantry doors and finishing my 'PB ruler'...i've got all 3 going at once and party decorations....hubs said i need to pick one project and finish it....he said i'm like that chick on the Hallmark Movie "The Elevator Girl"  (did you see that?  soooo cute)  her friend accused her of never finishing anything....(raises hand)  i start stuff and then don't finish...i mean sometimes i do (like months later)

i wanted to paint the pantry door an accent color before the party...i picked BLACK.  now if you know my hubs he won't let me paint stuff (unless it's the original wall color and i'm doing touch ups)
he actually said yes.....i'm going to run with that YES while i's rare.

my inspiration was this....

I love the color she chose....but i'm going black....hubs might die if he saw that color in our kitchen

So there you go...that's what i've been up to lately...

i've been so busy i haven't had a chance to breathe.....6 kids is taking me a bit to adjust!


Bloggerina said...

i love that you say you're taking a bit to adjust to 6 kids but you're painting and planning parties and doing pinterest projects and cleaning...awesome! love this blog always and forever:)

Caroline said...

I love that you have 999,999 things going on and you're still the best mom ever!

Dana said...

You are supermom!!! Oh my goodness!!! Painting and planning parties!! And lil man is just so adorable!! His smile melts my heart!! He looks so much like Reid!

mountain mama said...

wow...he's a cutie! is it just me or does he look like reid?!

congrats supermama! :)

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