Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Weekend Hubs Said Yes....


This weekend the cooler weather came in and that could mean only 1 thing for me...




Hubs isn't a fan...but he actually said sure.  I had to look around b/c it came so freely from his mouth.  I wanted to try out the farm near the house that seems to boast the best pumpkin patch and activities!  I was impressed....hubs said 'whatever'.  The older 2 boys were not interested in the thought of going....

The pumpkin patch had goats to feed ....hay ride....tiny train ride.....free hot dog with ticket...tons of photo opt pictures...pumpkin patches ....maze....basically kid fun.  


Reid loved the goats...kept calling them Doggies ...shouting "arf arf"


Here's the little ones on the barrel train...here is Reid happy


  Here is Reid screaming his head off....Here is daddy chasing the train guy down to stop it to get Reid off


What is it about boys and tractors?  We had to wait forever for all the little demons...I mean kids to get off of it so we could ride it too haha


He was cute trying to change gears...Daddy was a proud man


What happens when you give your camera to your hubs to take pictures while you tend to baby?  

He snaps photos like this and giggles the entire time you are uploading your photos on the computer to view...

The wind was blowing and it was super breezy.  Cole didn't like the wind much...nor the stroller ...nor really anything but being held. I forgot my wrap because I thought he'd love the riding around...but nope.  Ended up passing out on my shoulder.


I think Reid enjoyed it the most.  He was so excited to be there and his face was lit up with joy the entire time. 

He would scream and point and laugh and run off to look at everything...


Only problem with him was we kept reminding him "Pumpkins are not balls...quit throwing them" 



I actually got hubs to take some photos with me in them so the children will remember I do exist.   We moms are always behind the camera


Yes Lily was there....No you don't see her in many photos...she kept yelling she was busy and don't take her picture.  (drama queen)

Sunday I knew it was football all day, but I tried for one more family day.  He said yes.  Again I had to look around and make sure he was talking to me. He was.

Friends have been talking non stop about this  new park 10 mins from the house.  I was dying to go.  Again the older 2 boys stayed home...

I got us lost going there.  I checked the map before we went and obviously have horrible memory skills.  Thank goodness for iPhones with maps blinking a lil blue dot showing your location.  Thought  hubs would never let me live that down. 

Once we arrived I was in love.  I can't wait to go back.  Hubs even had fun. We went after nap time and strangely had the place to ourselves almost.  Hubs was like a little kid in a candy store.

Here's hubs having fun with me....look for his sidekick's head in photo


Hubs even played us some tunes on this really cool 4 sided xylophone.


The kids were running wild
3 4 5

Look at this giant swing...

Mini me got in on the fun


this toy was cool..it was like a giant sit and spin....but you stand.



Daddy even took a photo of me and Pole...(that's how Reid says it)


Yep no pictures of Lily....she couldn't be bothered...all photos of her were in a blur...

Here she is in motion with a huge grin....yes the park was that fun


The weather was incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!!!  Next time I bet the older 2 boys join us too!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

I was wondering if I had blogged one year ago today ...and by golly I did. 

I had a giggle b/c I remember that night....seems like ages ago...and then I even included a video of dude friend at the bottom...made me miss how tiny he was... Now I can watch sweet Pole (as Reid calls him) grow in his big brother's footsteps!

Friday, October 28, 2011

So That's Why They Say That.....(Reminder alert)

You know when they say as a helpful reminder to change the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors every daylight savings/time change...well listen to them.
Or you could be like us...awake after midnight chasing the beeping sound from room to room trying to figure out which battery is low before it wakes all the kids. (trust me when you are a parent to 5 kids...you don't want a domino effect of waking children)
A few weeks ago the carbon monoxide detectors were talking to each other at 4am. Hubs slept through it...I wanted it to shut up and not wake the kids up. But alas, I was the only one that couldn't sleep that night. (batteries low...when one is low they chirp back and forth)
So last night .....picture hubs and I running around in the dark listening to all the rooms upstairs and down trying to find the beeping. The dumb dog was freaked out by the beeping and ran upstairs...A HUGE MISTAKE. He got a scolding...(well basically when he encountered me in the hall he took off back downstairs like his life depended on it...don't mess with momma) We finally located the sound coming from oldest child's room.
Imagine waking up to a big man on a 6' ladder and a hot mess of a woman shining a flash light up on your ceiling. Oldest child woke....stared at us and rolled over back to sleep. Either he thought "my crazy parents are at it again" or had no clue we were there. (found out this morning that it was the latter)
I counted....we have 9 detectors to go around changing....
Heed my sleepless night....change the batteries in your beepers...You'll thank me later.
....to beat down those who hate boring kid videos here is a video of sweet dude and what he does daily with chairs/stools/high chairs in our house.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Foto Friday...My Favorite Accessory

I got a cute ruffled tank the other day from Hazel and Olive.....you should go get one at the price of $16 and free shipping who can pass up?  Taylor started a new fashion company and has really neat online auction on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Facebook.  Go like her page and tell her Hi. 

Anywho...I felt like a real mom and dressed  up yesterday...I threw on some black leggings, gray ruffle tank, black cardigan, and my favorite leopard ballet flats.....and then I realized I've got another permanent fixture on me these days....

Sweet Cole....I love seeing his little feet dangling off me daily.


In addition  to sweet Cole, I've been wearing my new necklace I won from The Rusted Chain.  I've always wanted a necklace that showed off all my kids...but hello 6 kids doesn't fit well on a necklace....BUT that is until I realized I could do their initials on tiny charms!  Volia!


I think it turned out rather cute!

This week I not only made those wooden blocks (see previous blog posts), but I stamped some jewelry for a slumber party Mini Me has this weekend....


and I got to finally bake some of my sugar cookies for the kids and In Laws for Wednesday.





The kids get thrilled...I wish I could make them more often, but it takes a few days...and well I've got a handful of kids running around.  I had forgotten how much I love baking these.....The kids are already asking for me to make more next month!

And finally sweet baby boy!  I can't believe how fast he is growing....12 weeks now (I think haha)  He is my first child who can put himself to sleep at nap/night time.  Which makes my life easier b/c usually someone is demanding my attention and I don't have the luxury of rocking Cole to sleep ...(points to Reid)  It's weird to just lay him down and he roots around until he passes out.  But I feel blessed.

I love these expressions....



He's always happy (unless ready for bed or hungry) and always babbling.  He can talk my ear off and I adore it!  His voice is like angels singing  ...esp compared to when you listen to Reid scream at the top of lungs demanding stuff....I think he can call dogs from counties over.

Cole is such a blessing...it's like God knew who needed to complete our family...Cole is a dream

Even better....?  He is ready for bed by 7:30...and Reid too...Cole usually does not wake until around 1 or 2 for a feeding!  So I can actually put my feet up these days...Life has finally gotten back on track and I've loving 6 kids!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Sweet Ride...

Remember the other day when I talked about Mamas and Papas coming to the US and to Lone Star Baby here in Frisco? Here

Well I was lucky enough to be asked by Mamas and Papas to try out their Sola Stroller and tell y'all what I thought about it.  Giving my honest southern gal opinion here.....


I AM IN LOVE.  I truly can't say enough about this stroller...Every person I meet or comes over I whip out my stroller so show them and make them push.

As a Momma of 6 I have tried tons of strollers out there...either they were too big to maneuver ...too bulky...seat wasn't big enough...didn't recline fully...to odd for hubs to push...hard to push in tight spaces...not easy to open etc....the list could go on....

This stroller did it all for me...and it looks sleek to boot.  Here are some of the features I liked....

As soon as I got it out of the box it was nearly put together....All I had to do was snap the wheels into place....and it was  literally a snap!  Took me minutes and we were ready to roll.


Folded down with super ease and I was able to pop it open... even while holding a baby in my arms...

Another great thing about this stroller is that it can face 2 ways with the seat on...




The seat was so easy to flip a preschooler can do it...and my Sweet Lily did.....

Another great thing about this stroller....the handle can adjust with just pushing buttons for a shorter person or fun size as we like to call them ...

Here it is in a lowered position...This was a nice position...b/c yet again...Lily could even help me push the stroller around if I needed help.


Sun shades also seem to be a problem I ran into with other strollers....not with the Sola....the shade has almost  3 different positions.....this canopy all the way open was incredible....He was totally protected...and even had a mesh window in the back where I could see him and wave.


The foot rest was another problem on other strollers....The Sola foot rest had diff positions....In the photo I moved the seat cover aside so you can see the foot plate in the out position...(in the forward facing photo you can see I have totally retracted the foot rest for smaller tots)


The seat reclines to flat position which made it great for baby Cole....He's only 11 weeks and took a nap...and I was able to continue on my walk with the kids.

It has a little safety bar across the lap...it's removable for those that need it off in a jiffy.

Not ready for a stroller yet?  That's ok...The Sola comes with a few things sold separately....a bassinet, foot muff, and even a attachment for your infant carrier.  Your stroller comes with an awesome rain cover in the box....so yeah to free accessories. Check out what other things it has to offer...

This stroller pushes like a dream...the front wheels swivel which makes turns a breeze.  But if swivel isn't your thing...you can lock the front wheels from turning.

Did I mention light weight...overall it weighs 22 lbs.....and goes from child age birth to 50lbs.  The seat on this is wide enough for your 4 yr old....most strollers say birth to 40lbs and the seat is so narrow even your 2 yr old has issues with fit.  The Sola seat is super wide and comfy.

The seat has the 5pt harness and is super easy to strap in your little one.

Here check out all the things I've been excited about

I can't say enough great things about this stroller...

I think the only thing parents might have an issue with would be price tag...  But honestly as much money as I have spent on a million strollers trying to find the RIGHT one...I probably spent more money on the WRONG ones.  I could have saved tons if I had just tried the Mamas and Papas brand to begin with!

If you live near the Frisco area...stop in at Lone Star Baby and try out the Mamas and Papas Sola or any of their other strollers...I promise you won't be disappointed!

Just take a look at sweet Reid's face when I told him it was time to put the buggy away and come inside....He wasn't ready to get out and come in....

Don't mess with Reid and his Sola


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Pinterest Made Me Do Instead of Clean

Yesterday after all my complaining about how busy my days are...

#5 and #6 took a nap at the same time....#5 slept 2 hrs and #6 4hrs


So what does any good mommy do?  Laundry? Prep dinner? Clean house?

Nope she crafts.  (blame pinterest)

I have been wanting to do one of those block crafts for ages.  On Sunday I had hubs cut me some wood from the scrap pile.
Then realized I needed white paint...my sweet neighbor next door loaned me some...and since she loaned me some I decided to make her a wood block too (hence the B block) 


It didn't turn out perfect...but enough so that the imperfections didn't matter...

I got some blocks and sanded the edges and any rough parts


Then I painted just the fronts...(or wherever I wanted the letter to show through)


Then I used my favorite tool...my Cricut and cut out vinyl letters to stick to block...


Then painted entire blocks black...

I was hugely impatient between drying the paint and sticking letters...  I had no idea how long babies would sleep... that I stood over blocks with a magazine fanning them to dry.  Yes, I'm sure I was a sight. 

I had a feeling I'd be in the middle of painting and a baby would wake.  I mean when do I get a whole 1 or 2 or 4 hrs to do a project uninterrupted?


You can see after I peeled them up that they bleed a little


 ....but that gave  me another idea....I took some of my walnut stain and wiped it over the white and rubbed off quickly for an aged look.

Then I sanded the edges again for a worn appeal....I think they turned out cute.

More so that I quickly made myself one for my new pantry door I painted black a few weeks ago (pinterest made me)

This board was pretty thin....I took some  extra burlap and stapled it to the back of the board....

Then I used those 3m Velcro tabs for hanging light pictures and stuck it to my pantry...I didn't want the letter banging on the pantry door every time  a kid opened and closed it...and thought a nail in the door would get me in trouble...Those 3M velcro can hold up to 15lbs on the large tabs!  Volia


I think I'll make a handful for the ladies in my family for Christmas gifts this year!  It was a fun project and I think they will like them.

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