Friday, October 5, 2012

Daddy's Little Man in Training

Sweet Dude Friend is 20 months now...Time to plan his bday party!  (hee hee)


He cracks me up these days....(except for when he uses his ear piercing scream for happy and angry)
He's big into saying cheese.....

This face crack you up or what?


I can't keep up with him these days...he's all over the place!

Very into his trucks and balls...and anything that has wheels....You know some (insert ppl) would say that I am conditioning him to do these 'boy' things...but it's crazy funny how in a living room full of girl toys (and hello we have tons) he goes straight for the sticks to make lasers and shoot things...or straight for the cars and drive them on imaginary roads.  I love my boys!

I can't wait for him to start collecting things in his pockets....or wearing overalls and get all muddy like.

He's turned into a huge daddy's boys since Cole has come home to stay.  He has to do everything like his dad...reminds me of that song by Rodney Atkins

He's learned to open our back gate...not a good thing....Now we are locked down over here!
He will eat just about anything...well tries everything at least once....esp if his daddy is eating it. 
Needed a cowboy hat like his daddy.....needed boots like daddy....gets his lawn mower and mows with daddy.  The other day hubs got out some nose spray and put it down....later I saw Reid go over and grab it and tilt his little head back and mimic daddy!  

He's also sporting a temper...screams loud enough for the town over to hear.  And when he's angry at me he shouts for DAAADAAA.  As if to get ME in trouble.


If daddy goes on an errand...guess who  his sidekick is?  Reid!
If daddy snores while napping...Reid will lay down next to him and snore too
If daddy has to take out the trash...Reid has to help carry it...with sound effects too...uuuuuhhhh (you know the 'this is soooo heavy' uuuuuuh sounds)
If daddy gets a drink of gaterade...Reid will go to fridge and get a bottle out too to drink
If daddy has coffee....Reid wants some too...(daddy makes his a choccie milk)

I am completely in with him...and can't wait to see him best buds with Cole one day.


Jumping Jack said...

I LOVE this post! Reid is such a handsome little man and sounds JUST LIKE Jack. Jack has to do everything Randy does and there is a FIT to be thrown if he even thinks Daddy's going somewhere without him!

I can't wait to start collecting things from the dryer either! I'm going to start a box w/ a note for each thing I find. I found the first things last night - acorns he picked up on our way to the park. Little boys are the best!

Megan said...

He is so absolutely adorable!! Love his cheese face!

Jonas Smith said...

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