Friday, October 26, 2012

Foto Friday...My Favorite Accessory

I got a cute ruffled tank the other day from Hazel and should go get one at the price of $16 and free shipping who can pass up?  Taylor started a new fashion company and has really neat online auction on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Facebook.  Go like her page and tell her Hi. 

Anywho...I felt like a real mom and dressed  up yesterday...I threw on some black leggings, gray ruffle tank, black cardigan, and my favorite leopard ballet flats.....and then I realized I've got another permanent fixture on me these days....

Sweet Cole....I love seeing his little feet dangling off me daily.


In addition  to sweet Cole, I've been wearing my new necklace I won from The Rusted Chain.  I've always wanted a necklace that showed off all my kids...but hello 6 kids doesn't fit well on a necklace....BUT that is until I realized I could do their initials on tiny charms!  Volia!


I think it turned out rather cute!

This week I not only made those wooden blocks (see previous blog posts), but I stamped some jewelry for a slumber party Mini Me has this weekend....


and I got to finally bake some of my sugar cookies for the kids and In Laws for Wednesday.





The kids get thrilled...I wish I could make them more often, but it takes a few days...and well I've got a handful of kids running around.  I had forgotten how much I love baking these.....The kids are already asking for me to make more next month!

And finally sweet baby boy!  I can't believe how fast he is growing....12 weeks now (I think haha)  He is my first child who can put himself to sleep at nap/night time.  Which makes my life easier b/c usually someone is demanding my attention and I don't have the luxury of rocking Cole to sleep ...(points to Reid)  It's weird to just lay him down and he roots around until he passes out.  But I feel blessed.

I love these expressions....



He's always happy (unless ready for bed or hungry) and always babbling.  He can talk my ear off and I adore it!  His voice is like angels singing  ...esp compared to when you listen to Reid scream at the top of lungs demanding stuff....I think he can call dogs from counties over.

Cole is such a's like God knew who needed to complete our family...Cole is a dream

Even better....?  He is ready for bed by 7:30...and Reid too...Cole usually does not wake until around 1 or 2 for a feeding!  So I can actually put my feet up these days...Life has finally gotten back on track and I've loving 6 kids!  


Neely said...

I want some cookies!

Dianna said...

Those cookies look amazing! I hear they ship to Fort Worth amazingly : )

Cole is too cute and growing way too fast!

likeschocolate said...

He is adorable and those cookies amazing1

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