Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guess Who's in the States Now?


For all you Mama's that live in the Dallas area.....I'm sure you have heard of Lone Star Baby....(Frisco area off of Preston)
It's an awesome specialty baby store that has everything from baby to teens....

In fact a few years back I wanted to order one of those heat proof silver shiny car seat covers...(you know the things to NOT have your baby's seat hit 200' degrees in our Texas summer heat?)  Well they didn't have any and ordered one for me....The Customer Service there rocks....They can make anything happen.

If you go visit make sure you have plenty of time on your hands to look around.

BUT guess what?!  Mamas and Papas (blogger won't let me use the and symbol for their name) has arrived IN THE US and at Lone Star Baby....


Now while a few of us American's may not have heard of this friends over in the UK have and adore their things (hi Lisa) and I've heard great things...Mamas and Papas has hit the states and I couldn't be more excited. 

Since hearing that Mamas and Papas is here...I went to check out the goods  From high chairs to to bumbo like chairs to activity mats to this cool little stroller toy that I need to have for Cole


and then STROLLERS....(you can never have too many strollers)

If you have been reading any Gossip Magazines in the past you would have seen a handful of celeb's using Mamas and Papas Strollers

(here's Gwen pushing the Mylo)

gwen stefani mamas and papas

I'm anxious to try their strollers....what's your favorite?

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