Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A month back Misikko contacted me and asked if I would do a review for a HANAair Hair Dryer....You don't have to ask me twice...esp since mine had just died. 


Hello Mother of 6 and needing to dry my hair in record time.

I was skeptical of how another hair dryer could actually be better than my cheapy ones I purchase (3 times a year mind you) 

From what I read this Professional Hair Dryer has a price tag...

The box arrived and I have to admit it was like opening an expensive present.  The box alone was gorgeous.  Not only did they send me a hair dryer...but some extra goodies...eyelash curler...hair brush...teddy bear...nail files...soaps...

As for the hair dryer?
I've been using it for 2 weeks now and ladies....I'M IN LOVE...My mother was here visiting for the week and was trying to take it home with her.  Nope...I have to admit this does everything I need but with BOOM


~Temp settings hot/cool
~Speed settings high/low
~has lent trade cover that comes off to clean (my cheap ones don't)
~Cool button locks down to stay on if need be
~SUPER long cord ..love this since I walk around while drying tending to babies
~THE MOTOR ON THIS THING is AMAZING (does it have a jet engine in it?)
 ~I have to dry my whole hair straight...takes me 14+ mins 
with this dryer?  9 minutes.  
Now if you are a mom...you understand time...and those 5 mins matter.  


~a tad heavy....but once using I didn't notice...I guess b/c it dried my hair so quick...and after all.. I have muscles from carrying babies around (grins)
~Buttons are under your hand and I hit them when I first used it.  Since using it's not a problem...I hold my hand differently...not an issue anymore. 

I am giving my honest review here...and I highly recommend!  Don't let the price scare you....I purchase a few dryers a year...which adds up...so this is worth every penny!

Go visit HANAair  to get yours ...


Brandi said...

I bougth one this past spring. It was awesome at first but then it started smelling like something was burning and making this screetching sound...sad!!! Anyway, I hope u have better luck with yours!

Unknown said...

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