Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Creepy: Conversation between Hubs and Wife

Last night hubs and I were sitting on the couch after all demons...I mean small ppl were asleep.

We were commenting on how it's just absolute total CHAOS while all 6 kids are awake.  The demands are non stop and there really needs to be 4 of us instead of 2 of us to deal with everything.  I told him to imagine if we had 6 babies at once instead of 1 at a time....He looked a little pale.  (grins)

So there we are sitting on the couch...and I tell him about how sweet Reid was last night while going to bed.  

I have been the only one to put him down at night....I still nurse Reid ...hello I've been nursing 4 yrs straight...first Lily and then Lily during preg with Reid...and then Lily and Reid....and then Reid....and then Reid and preg w/Cole and now Reid and Cole.....Nursing tanks are my best friend....

but I am getting off task...

So I was telling him  how we walk in Reid's room and we say goodnight to all his babies in his bed....but tonight was different ...after he said goodnight to them he said...."Dada....Jake....sissy....Momo (the dog ha) Mama...and stopped...I said "but what about Lily..."  he shook his head no...."but what about Cole"  ...he shook his head no  "but what about Grayson"...he shook his head no....hahahaha....Silly boy!  Then I tried to get him to say other words (I love his sweet voice) but he just stared at me blank.....

Why oh why do our sweet kids say things when we aren't asking them...but don't when we ask?  (well at least mine do)

I told hubs how Reid gives me this mouth smacking sound like he's eating food and that's his cue for we walk over to his crib and say Nite Nite and out I walk....he will get Kenneth his giraffe and snuggle and then talk to himself until he's asleep.

So I told hubs all this....and that one day by the time he's 2 I'd like to wean him and we start reading books instead of nurse him as the routine.

And then I followed it up with  "And that's what we do every you know in case I die"

(hubs gives blank stare and look of "are you serious")

Hubs:  "Ok that's just creepy"

Me:  "Well I need you to know things in case I die....I mean not that I'm going to b/c I'm here until we are in our 90's so I can  make your life fun"

Hubs:  "Again...that's just creepy"

I might be creepy but haven't you ever thought about those things....who would care for your kids?  Not that I don't love my family, but I can't imagine anyone caring for my children as their own as I know?  I think it's easy to say...but your babies are your babies...and I want to be here for the long haul to see them do just about everything in life...even see their kids have kids!  

So Creepy I am....

On to a less creepy about a sweet giggling 2 month old baby?


I know....makes you want more huh!!!

He turned 2 months on Monday....had his 2 m check up and he looked good.  He's going down for bed by 8:30 every night and sleeping close to 7 hrs until first feeding...then back down pretty fast and up again 3 hrs later...and then back down for another 3 or 4 hrs...then starts his day around 9:30 or 10....Cole is up pretty much for hrs and hrs now.  (grins) 
Just recently is he letting me put him down for a few quick naps in his crib....I'm sure as the months go on he will convert those to a few hr naps.  Before it was sleeping in my arms and no where else. 
He's a really happy long as I'm holding him.  Not really a fan of anyone else doing that.  Which makes my life a bit hard at times.  He will literally scream his head off...I take him...stops just like that.  Crazy baby!
Not a fan of riding in the car ...yet.
Likes to be worn...only if about to fall asleep...Would rather be on your shoulder looking around.

Holding head up more...but not not rolling over

Is still rashy...I gave up everything in my diet almost and then he was still rashy.  His sweet dr told me to get back on dairy...that by getting off of all breads, pasta, fruits, sugar, and dairy I am actually depleting my milk supply and making mine and his skin dry.  Makes sense....What you eat on the inside shines on the outside.  Which is fine by me...I MISS's been crazy hard, but I've dropped 9 lbs in 10 days!!!

One day I'll have to document my day in photos from start to finish....It will make you exhausted by the 2nd hr.  

Right now...?  All big kids out the door for school....#4 and #5 are sitting in their chairs watching Little Bear and eating breakfast...Cole is asleep and I'm sitting for once!  Life is good!


Caroline said...

It's not creepy, it's real. I do it all of the time (maybe that's creepy) and Fred gets so annoyed. Men.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is creepy, I just hate talking about it because it makes me sad to think about that. But, I definitely need to get things in a row for just in case.

LeAnna said...

Yeah, we've had those morbid talks, too. Have you tried eating some coconut oil? It's great for breast milk and the skin! Unless it's part of the nut no-no's....

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