Monday, October 1, 2012

Lily's Pirate Party....AAARGH

Why is it you plan the party...and for weeks before you organize and make decorations....write lists and then the big day comes you get zero pictures and the ones you get are blurry?

Ohhhh I have a newborn.  Shesh!  I had him in my arms half the time b/c he screams if he realizes he's not in mommy's arms

Did I take a photo of Lily in her pirate costume?  Nope...relying on others hoping they got a picture.   Reid refused to put his on...#failmommyhappypartyinhermindimage

Did I take photos of the  kids digging for treasure or walking the plank?  Nope...Cole was screaming and needed a feeding...#failmommyhappypartyinhermindimage

Did the pictures I did take turn out?  Nope...I was holding a wiggling baby in my arms and hate the flash setting...#anyphotographershaveanysuggestionsforanothersettingw/oflash?

with that being said?!!!

Lily had a Pirate Party for her 4th birthday.

She adored her costume and my MIL bought some glitzy eye patches for girl raised it so she could see the whole time.

We sent invites in a bottle  (oriental trading company)
and told everyone to dress in pirate wear if they had any....


Pirate Punch (pink lemonade)
water bottles (with labels)
Dead Man's Fingers (smokies in bbq)
Pirate Gold and Polly Crackers (cheese cubes)
Pirate Jewels (fruit tray)
Catch of the Day (goldfish)
Buried Treasure (pudding cups w/crushed oreos and choc gold coins)
and of course my yummy cupcakes (see recipe tab for white fantastic cupcakes)

Booty Table:

Had little take out cartons filled with choc gold coins...ring pops...rings...topped with a foam sword


Digging for treasure in the sand
Walking the plank...(had a board inches off the ground for them to walk on)

2 1 11 10  

7 6 5



(of course I forgot to take a pic of the plank)

We did the digging for treasure and walking the plank at the end of the party....  That way all the kids got sandy and didn't get it in the house or on the food...

I gave each child a paper lunch sack (rolled the top down a bit) and let them put their 'loot'  inside.  If I had been smart I would have decorated those bags too

Hubs said the kids ran for the pot and were digging away....Lily was more concerned with all the gold coins scattered on the ground.  (Love her)


I loved Lily's idea for the I'm on to planning Reid's 2nd and Cole's 1st...Yes...always takes that long to plan with my houseful of kids! 


LeAnna said...

Everything turned out super cute, girl!

Neely said...

I hope you pin this stuff :)

Dianna said...

So cute!! Great job! I don't know how you did it with a newborn along with 5 more kiddos. I am bad about taking pictures at parties so I had a friend take care of that for me! She did great and it was a lot less stress on me. I hope so friends and family caught more pics for you.

Sam said...

Your parties, as always, are SO GREAT! Have you ever thought of going into business? You are so awesome at it!

And love lily's duck face.. work it, girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is way too cute in that pirate outfit! Looks like everything turned out perfect :D Such an awesome party!

Kristen said...

So cute!!

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