Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Weekend Hubs Said Yes....


This weekend the cooler weather came in and that could mean only 1 thing for me...




Hubs isn't a fan...but he actually said sure.  I had to look around b/c it came so freely from his mouth.  I wanted to try out the farm near the house that seems to boast the best pumpkin patch and activities!  I was impressed....hubs said 'whatever'.  The older 2 boys were not interested in the thought of going....

The pumpkin patch had goats to feed ....hay ride....tiny train ride.....free hot dog with ticket...tons of photo opt pictures...pumpkin patches ....maze....basically kid fun.  


Reid loved the goats...kept calling them Doggies ...shouting "arf arf"


Here's the little ones on the barrel train...here is Reid happy


  Here is Reid screaming his head off....Here is daddy chasing the train guy down to stop it to get Reid off


What is it about boys and tractors?  We had to wait forever for all the little demons...I mean kids to get off of it so we could ride it too haha


He was cute trying to change gears...Daddy was a proud man


What happens when you give your camera to your hubs to take pictures while you tend to baby?  

He snaps photos like this and giggles the entire time you are uploading your photos on the computer to view...

The wind was blowing and it was super breezy.  Cole didn't like the wind much...nor the stroller ...nor really anything but being held. I forgot my wrap because I thought he'd love the riding around...but nope.  Ended up passing out on my shoulder.


I think Reid enjoyed it the most.  He was so excited to be there and his face was lit up with joy the entire time. 

He would scream and point and laugh and run off to look at everything...


Only problem with him was we kept reminding him "Pumpkins are not balls...quit throwing them" 



I actually got hubs to take some photos with me in them so the children will remember I do exist.   We moms are always behind the camera


Yes Lily was there....No you don't see her in many photos...she kept yelling she was busy and don't take her picture.  (drama queen)

Sunday I knew it was football all day, but I tried for one more family day.  He said yes.  Again I had to look around and make sure he was talking to me. He was.

Friends have been talking non stop about this  new park 10 mins from the house.  I was dying to go.  Again the older 2 boys stayed home...

I got us lost going there.  I checked the map before we went and obviously have horrible memory skills.  Thank goodness for iPhones with maps blinking a lil blue dot showing your location.  Thought  hubs would never let me live that down. 

Once we arrived I was in love.  I can't wait to go back.  Hubs even had fun. We went after nap time and strangely had the place to ourselves almost.  Hubs was like a little kid in a candy store.

Here's hubs having fun with me....look for his sidekick's head in photo


Hubs even played us some tunes on this really cool 4 sided xylophone.


The kids were running wild
3 4 5

Look at this giant swing...

Mini me got in on the fun


this toy was cool..it was like a giant sit and spin....but you stand.



Daddy even took a photo of me and Pole...(that's how Reid says it)


Yep no pictures of Lily....she couldn't be bothered...all photos of her were in a blur...

Here she is in motion with a huge grin....yes the park was that fun


The weather was incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!!!  Next time I bet the older 2 boys join us too!


Neely said...

Looks like such a great family day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! That is so great that the hubs agreed to go out and do all of that with you (:

Kimberly Graesser said...

Girl you've gotta tell me when you're headed over to Prosper/Celina! That's my neck of the woods ;)

Caroline said...

You are one sexy mamacita!

Dianna said...

Love the picture Hubs took of Reid! Ha! And maybe it is just me but those goats look HUGE in that picture! I am glad you all had a fun weekend! By the way you look great in your pictures!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

You DO exist! haha! Love the pictures, looks like such a fun time.

Did you ever get your package?

Meagan said...

You've read the mom is in the picture right? Life changing! Those big swings are handicap swings but all kids love them!

Heather said...

How fun! I have trouble getting my hubs to agree to family outings too. I love it when he says yes!
Also, that park looks amazing!

Ashley said...

How fun! These are great pictures!

mountain mama said...

i'm sure he's glad he said yes...looks like a lot of fall fun!

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