Monday, October 8, 2012

You Remember Taylor at Undomestic Momma??

You remember my sweet friend Taylor don't you?

Well nope...she didn't drop off the face of the Earth....She's been busy opening a dream of hers since she was a little girl.

You wouldn't be surprised to know she opened a Boutique would you?

It's truly amazing and has her NAME WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. (literally)


The store is called LizzyKay Marketplace.  Taylor's good friend named Ashley and herself have used their middle names and created an adorable place.

From CLOTHING to furniture to jewelry to home goods, to children's apparel/bows to well you name it I'm sure they have it.

What's even better?  Taylor herself is designing some of the clothes you can get a Taylor Original...I am...check this strapless chevron print dress out....(I've got  mine ordered) Hello Cutie Taylor.

(if you want one better hurry...they are selling out fast)

I couldn't be more thrilled for Taylor and just wanted to send y'all  her way to take a look at their things.


I'm pretty much doing all my Christmas shopping there because their prices are amazing.  Where a top I assumed would be $40 was only $19.   Target can't beat that price.  Better hurry and get their things...they are selling out as fast as they post them.  Just comment on a photo and they can send you a paypal invoice!  That simple!



Stop in at their Facebook page and Like their store....come on your support to Taylor...Tell her you dropped in from my blog and take a look around at all their things.

In fact...right now if we can get these boots "liked" to 500 ppl...then they are giving a pair away free!  Who doesn't love free boots?



They are still working on their Website (hey they just opened)  but keep checking back for when it is up and running!

Congrats TK...I couldn't be happier for you!

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Meagan said...

That's awesome! I'm glad she is doing well!

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