Friday, November 2, 2012

Foto Friday...Instagram Fun

I have a new addiction!


It's like twitter..but better b/c pictures are involved.  I'm a visual kind of girl...

And the fun thing is most of my bloggy friends are there....and then I meet new bloggy friends....and then it's like an extension of bloggy get on Instagram! (and then let me know your name)

Do you have a baby that spits up?

Well I do?  And it usually happens with a loud splat behind my back (and then all over the back of my clothes)....
yesterday Reid was sitting at my feet...and he almost got nailed!

A few night ago, we were getting ready for bed...and SPLAT....I yelled to get some paper towels.  Kate screamed "NOOO get the's a heart shaped puke splat"

She wasn't kidding....I guess sweet boy loves me and had to show it



Halloween came and always does...

Lily wanted to be we bought the sparkle shoes and got a basket with a tiny puppy....
she changed her mind

Lily wanted to be a princess
she changed her mind

Lily wanted to be a Pirate (like on her bday)
she changed her mind

This continued for days and hours (on Halloween)

We ended up being Tinker Bell....we have watched Tink's new DVD "secret of the wings" a billion times now.....I'm over it!


Sweet Cole was a Pumpkin and Reid was the only boy costume we had on hand...a Pirate from Lily's was too small, but he didn't mind.  He kept going around "Roaring" at ppl.

  I did go to Target yesterday and bought some boy costumes on sale. I am trying to fill up the play trunk with boy stuff.

I ended up getting 3 superhero vests with capes attached and matching masks.  I tried making him a super hero yesterday, but he's not ready yet.  He wouldn't run around the yard for me making his cape billow.  Hopefully he will in the next year.  I'm excited to have more super hero boys running 16 yr old and soon to be 14 yr old boys don't do much of that anymore for me (hee hee)

I made some Halloween Cupcakes to eat before going to Trick or Treat.  What good mommy doesn't sugar her kids up before getting more sugar?


I've said it before...these are the best cupcakes and icing ever....Look under my recipe tab for white cupcakes.

Lily had a blast going door to door...Reid was scared....we would walk him up to the door, but I think he was a little freaked out at the person coming at him....even with candy.  I guess he thought they were going to pick him he stayed in his stroller!  Just wait until next year!!

Yesterday while making the kids Critter Lunch....I caught Lily and Reid looking at the Toys R Us catalog.  Lily was helping Dude Friend make his Christmas List....My heart giggled!


For lunch I wanted to try that Pinterest inspired Octopus Hot Dogs... It worked...


They turned out really cute.

Then I got worried that they would be grossed out and not eat the hot dog...I mean I sure wasn't going to put a tentacle in my mouth....but they ate them like it was nothing....

Now I need to find more ways to make cute food for my kids to eat.

I have to take the same food they won't eat and make it into Peanut Butter Sandwiches...what kid doesn't like them?  Mine that's who...but put them in a Alien Spaceship shape...well that's a whole different sandwich huh?


Thanks to Pampered Chef little tool...I can make any sandwich into a Spaceship and fly it to them...and they eat!


While at Target yesterday (having fun like a kid in a candy store) Mini Me snapped some cute pics of her and Reid ...sweetness...I love my kids


Happy Friday Y'all....
You can find me and hubs sitting on the couch all weekend watching all the Christmas Hallmark Movies on the Hallmark Channel.  A new The Good Witch came on last night...we taped it and have a date to watch it tonight.  We have watched them all and look forward to each November!


Dianna said...

Love the kids looking at the toysrus book! The octopus freak me out! LOVE the pics of Mini Me and Reid!! He is too cute copying his sister's faces!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm on instagram! olderandwisor

Also, I never thought I'd enjoy a photo of splat, but that is awesome.

Lori said...

I'm on instagram! (lorieiko) Follow me so I can follow you and see your beautiful babes :)

LeAnna said...

I need to go to WM this afternoon and check out the costume sales. I know the kids would like a few for dress-up! I keep forgetting I have that sandwich press thing from PC, too. I should try it for the kids sometime, I bet they'd love that.

Katie said...

I love their plates! where did you get those!?

Amber said...

Hahahaha, heart shaped puke?! Hilarious!

LOVING how creative you are with the kiddos' food. So cute!

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Love the Halloween gear. I am obsessed with Instagram!

Ashley said...

I'm quite addicted to Instagram myself!!! Love seeing all of your photos on there!

Michaela Anne said...

Love Instagram! I'm on there as Michelob72

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