Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Her Passed Down Dress

When I found out Lily was a girl ...I was in shock...I guess I assumed I'd only have little boys....Seriously to this day I giggle I have 2 girls.  Crazy I know considering the fact that Mini Me is 11 and Lily is 4...but....daughters?  Me?

  You play babies as a child and I always had baby girls...they were fun to dress up...put bows in their hair...and making up all your little girl names  (which btw mine were always named Alexis)

When I had the 2 boys first...I assumed #3 would be a boy too....

Finding out I was having a girl put me in a dizzy!!
After having Kate I couldn't find big enough bows or more pink stuff...I might have overdone things at times.
At one point I was big into Hanky dresses..Kate had a ton of them....tank dress with hankies sewn on for a skirt....overalls with hankies...Tops with is a picture of Lily in a pair of Kate's overalls....


I know ...I guess I'm the only one that loves the whole hanky thing...but who cares.....I adored them.

But there is that one dress 


It used to be Kate's....and I saved it too. 

I saved a boxful of her clothes from when she was little.  I had no idea if I would ever have anymore babies...let alone another little girl...but I saved them anyways.

Along comes Lily .....

Now she is in love with this pink hanky dress.
  She calls it her Cookie Crumb dress (it looks like an apron for baking cookies she said)

She wears it almost every day.  At first I was annoyed...she has a closet full of clothes and yet chooses this dress no matter the weather.  

Then it struck me...My baby girl is going to grow up and will not be able to fit in this one day just like her sister...and it will sit in the closet as a reminder my girls are growing. 

With each day that goes by they get a little older...and a little more grown up looking...

I want to freeze Miss Lillian where she for now I'll let her wear her Cookie Crumb dress as often as she likes....

She'll be growing up like her big sister...


Wasn't it just yesterday Kate was Lily's age...full of why's and pretending her baby dolls were real babies....wanting to help me in the kitchen baking cookies...helping me fold the laundry?
Saying "I'm gonna be a nice mommy just like you"
Now it's how does my hair look, how do my nails look, can I borrow your shirt? (ok she doesn't ask she just takes)..I'm not ready for them to grow up anymore....

As for the dress....

I just might keep it for my granddaughters

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