Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm a Ninja

The other day hubs was watching tv and yelled at me to come there...I was on tv. 

Cool I thought....Hope they got my good side

It was a commercial for Tide.....Too bad I'm not that hot little red head...but her closet could have been mine. 

I wear black all the time...Like all the time...Like pretty much everything I own is black.  In fact hubs is making me pick 3 days of non black clothes out to wear b/c he is going to RIT Dye my clothes black again b/c of fading.  He said he's gonna soak them for 3 days and then I can have them back.

3 days of non black clothes.  Are you kidding me?  I don't have 3 days of non black clothes...not that I can wear in public that is.

You see in my mind....that is the only color that looks best on me.  Red makes me feel weird.  Purple just isn't my thang.....Now Gray...yes....I can do any shade of gray...esp Charcoal.  Any accent color and I start to feel weird.

But I am excited to think he could possibly get all my blacks black again....It might feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!  

I did pick up this little number the other day on Taylor's site on FB...(click the link)

Now I don't normally do horizontal stripes....but this looked adorable with leggings and a black cardi.  I can so be stylish and still wear black colors!

Don't forget she is having her auction for more adorable clothes tonight starting at 7pm.  Be there fast b/c her stuff gets snapped up quick!

And btw....I am really a Ninja!


Anonymous said...

That is really cute! I love the horizontal stripes (: I have specific colors I like to stick to because I know I look the best in them. But, I do love me some black!

Heather said...

That dress is super cute! My sister wore black all the time and stil does quite a bit but I finally convinced her to wear more colors and she looks so much better in color! I'm willing to bet you do too. ;)

Joanne said...

Hee! Most of my clothes are varying shades of black, grey, navy blue... Etc. now I do love purple and have been known to wear forest green, but overly bright colours or patterns make me feel like I stand out too much. I already feel that way with my hair!

In fact, right now I'm wearing black pants and a grey shirt... Glad to know there are others who appreciate the dark side as much as I do!

Caroline said...

You'd look good in some HOT pink!

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