Thursday, November 15, 2012

Instagram Insanity and Something for Sale

I ♥ Instagram.....If you are on...drop me your name...I'd love to follow!

Here's what we've been up to the past few days...

1.  Cookie Heaven

I got this bad boy....or girl in the mail on Tuesday....I'm in loveeeee.


I wish this had come a few years sooner....Bridget is who I used to learn about decorating cookies...I would search her blogs and read and read to she made it simple...I just flip the pages.  I'm old fashioned...I love me a good paperback book.

2.  Another Pinterest Craft

I've been busting out the block crafts is another one for Christmas....


I'm about to make some Christmas Trees ...stay tuned!!

3.  Sweet Pole

Old smiley has another 1st going on....first this....


Love him and all his giggles

4.  Lily My Little Gamer


Yesterday we did a few puzzle and lacing activities....She saw the M and shouts "M is for Mario"
This child eat sleeps and breathes Paper Mario.  I HATE video least she is in a house a boys that love it.  They crack me up

5.  Speaking of Lily

My MIL buys the small kids Christmas clothes every first of November.  She heads to this craft fair and comes home with the greatest things....she scored a handful of ruffled leggings....I wish they came in my size


6.  Mommy Wear

That dress came in from Hazel and Olive called the Soccer Mom....I was worried about the horizontal stripes...well never fear....I loved it!


Finally felt like a real mom yesterday!!!

7.  Get Your Motor Running

One of the outfits my MIL came back with were some Harley Davidson sets for the boys...Cole was a cutie in his....


8.  Sweets for my Sweet

Birthday boy wanted White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies....and yummy...I'd had about a million


9. Speaking of Sweets 

I also made him 2 cookie cakes....My kids love them and they are so easy to make.  I cheat y'all...I buy that Betty Crocker package choc chip cookie mix and then draw a circle on a piece of parchment...spread dough....bake!  Then I buy ready made Betty Crocker choc/van icing...put icing in my decorating bags with tips and

BOOM......decorate.    No more going to the mall for those pricey ones.


Now yesterday was an epic fail.  I tried to make a J and on the other one I wanted to make a Hedgehog.  His nickname is Hedgie....anywho....I can't turned out looking like  a turtle.  They loved it anyways...At least they think I'm cool...



Did you see these letters floating around Pinterest ages back...and I mentioned I wanted them.  Did I mention I ordered them in April...did I also mention she took forever to the point of me being FURIOUS and I got them in SEPTEMBER?  Well needless to say I am selling them.  Still in box never used.  She took too long and now we aren't using them.....I am trying to get my money back (she refused to refund my money when she said 10 weeks for my order) 

If you or someone you know that might be interested....$200 (includes shipping)  just send me a message!!!  Spread the word!!!


Caroline said...

You have got it going on! xoxo

Karie Holman said...

Love the strip dress for sure! Is it from a website called soccer mom? I am on instagram - kjholman4! Love it! What is your name on the there

Heather said...

I love those ruffled leggings!

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