Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parent of the Year Award to...

Well not me....

So yesterday I was in the garage painting during the 2 babies (ok Reid isn't a baby but...) 

I've got this tree project I'm doing and let's face it...with all the kids and household duties I only have so often to tackle things....

I told Lily I would be in the garage and she could come visit with me...she would....and then go back in the house to play games...and then back to visit.  I would also pop my head in and listen for the babies to wake from their nap.

I popped my head in and heard Cole screaming (looked at clock and it's only been 45 mins of a 2 hr nap)

I see Lily sitting on the couch with a smile on her face

I head upstairs and find Cole on his back (he's a belly sleeper) screaming...I pick him up and come downstairs.  

What does any mother do?

I asked Lily if she went into Cole's room...she said yes.
I asked her if she flipped him on his back ....she said yes. 

I scolded her for going into his room without asking.  She knows better than to go upstairs when the boys or baby is sleeping.

I got a very irritated Cole calmed down....and asked her again why she wanted to go in his room and turn him over.

She said she didn't.  


But you just said you did.  

I didn't go in his room mommy.

Now I'm disappointed she lied to me.

So I made her sit out for lying.  

I sat and pondered her answers....when she said she went into his room she was smiling...and when she told me she didn't she seemed so serious.  I was sooo confused.

I told hubs later that Lily lied to me and I was bothered by her trying to cover since she was in trouble.

He had a talking with her too.

Later that night I went to put Cole in for an evening nap.

Sure enough I hear him screaming again and I go in there and what do I find?

He's flipped on his back again.


Lily wasn't even upstairs...no one was.


Cole is now rolling and I blamed my 4 yr old for lying.

Deep sigh. 

Needless to say I had a lot of Mommy is sooo sorry.  You were telling Mommy the truth.  Can I have a hug? etc...

It's bothered me all night and day

Moral...Sometimes your kids do tell the truth even when it doesn't seem like it.



I have yet to see him roll....He only seems to do it when in his crib. 

Last night I stood over his crib for 20 mins waiting for him to roll.

I'd leave the room and he would do it.

Crazy kid

1 comment:

Caroline said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Anyone would have done the same thing! Yay for L not lying and yay for C turning into a big boy! xoxoxox

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