Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A White Christmas....For Us Texans

Merry Christmas Y'all!

(my attempt at the adorable photo going around on Pinterest...only mine wouldn't stand side by side and Cole had pretty much had enough...If I had known they would all be held by the end I would have had #3 pick up Cole...but there's always next year)

We actually ended up having a White Christmas this year.  

The great thing about Texas...we get snow and it lasts a few days and then is brown slush left behind to drive you batty!  

Reid was born in a ice storm so he already had his it was Cole's turn.

He was not amused I might add!  So Cole and I stayed inside watching the kids from the warmth of the couch.

 (I like this photo b/c she lost her mitten and was really sad....that and mommy didn't have any waterproof ones and her hands were frozen!)

Last year at this time Hubs and I held a secret....we were expecting Cole and didn't tell the family until after our first sono December 28th.  We remember thinking..."wow at this time next year we will have a 4 month old"  ....and here we are holding our little 4 month old.  

We thought to freak the parents out we would wrap a sono picture and that could be their gift...but then I realized I didn't want to be responsible for any old people passing out (har har...and kidding on the old part parents)

Cole gave me a Christmas gift....he slept 10 hrs, ate and then slept another 3 hrs.  Hello sweetness.  That didn't last b/c he was back to his up and down 3 times a night by the next day!  But I'll take the 10 hrs for once!

So we had a 1st Christmas
1st 10 hours
1st snow 
1st Christmas as a family of 8

Hope your Christmas was a very merry's looking to 2013


Amber said...

The card is hilariously adorable! Poor lil' Cole!

Your kids look like they're having a blast in the snow! It was awesome getting some here in TX!

Stef said...

So jealous of the snow. And the 10 hours sleep. Your family is beautiful!!

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