Friday, December 28, 2012

Booby Babies...

It's no secret I'm a nurser.  Been nursing for 4.4 yrs straight now.

Am I tired of times....but I look at it like this...the day I quit is the day my baby days are gone...Thankfully sweet Cole is only 4 months so I have a few years still left.

Each baby has nursed differently...each had their THING.

I found this post I did of Lily back when she was a wee one

Here are a few nursing positions Lily gets herself into...

The Cuddler Position
This is the position where we are tummy to of her arms is behind my back rubbing it and the other is hanging on the neck of my shirt

The Laid Back Lady Position
This is where she is latched on but flat on her back....legs and arms out to all sides (looks like making snow angels) I like to call this her 'one too many milk shots the night before' look

The Kitty Position
Again we are tummy to tummy and both of her hands are grasping my breast kneading it like a little kitten getting mommy milk

The Body Warmer Position
This is another tummy to tummy position, but every leg and arm are tucked tightly under my arms or breast like she is trying to get warm

I love reading this again...makes me remember how sweet and tiny she was...

Reid...well he is a funny one....even to this day he still rolls his eyes in his head when he latches's like the best drink in the world and he's in total contentment.  He then grabs my nursing strap and pulls hard over and over...then tucks his little hand in my shirt on my shoulder...and there he leaves it....sweetness

Cole...still learning what 'his thing' is...right now he is in the pinching the fire out of the back of my arm.   I guess he is trying to knead with the arm that is under me and ends up getting tiny pinches in.  You should see the back of my arms...Looks like I've been hit with a thousand tiny BB bullets...(bruises)  Thank goodness it's not short sleeved weather!

Needless to say though...I love nursing...

I have mastered the art of standing while nursing and nursing while cooking....You do whatcha gotta do with a family of 8....Time sometimes doesn't stop b/c the baby is hungry!!!  Hey I should print a shirt with that motto on it! 


Mrs. S said...

You are super mom! I have really enjoyed nursing my little girl- she is almost 3 months and it has been great for our family!

Amber said...

You're such a good mama :)

Jessi said...

How many of your babies are still nursing? 3? That's amazing! I haven't breastfed in 5 years and I cannot tell you how much I long for another little baby to nurse! It's truly one of the most amazing bonding experiences of being a parent.

Rachel Derosier said...

My little guy is 6 months old. He started with the back of the arm kneading but has turned that into boob kneading and scratching my skin off anywhere he can reach. Ouch good thing I love him so much.

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