Monday, December 17, 2012

I Should Be Cleaning....But I'm Thinking....

I'm a ball of happiness in this post....(sarcasm) 

I really should be cleaning...folding laundry ...organizing rooms...mopping.....wrapping gifts....I'd say taking a shower, but the baby is napping in my room...

So here I procrastinate wanting to vent about how crazy things are.

Seems only fitting we mommy's procrastinate.  I mean after all it's not like our Elf on the Shelf is gonna get off his duff and clean the house while I'm sleeping now is it?

I've tried begging him at night, but he just stares at me with that stupid crazy psycho grin on his face.  (it is creepy you know)

I am at a loss of where to put all the plastic bins of children's clothes....what do other large families do with your hand me downs?  I look like a hoarder.  

Which makes me hate laundry which has to be done on a daily basis.... I'm ok with the washing and's the putting away that gets me stuck
I think we need to wear our clothes a few days in a row...less cleaning for mommy.  

Unless your Lily...who thinks she needs to change her panties after every potty break.  I've explained to her that she can wear the same pair as long as they are clean.  She said she knows, but she likes a fresh pair each time...I mean after all Reid and Cole get a fresh diaper each time...(deep sigh)  

I really can't argue with her reasoning.

This weekend we decided to go to the mall for last minute gifts.  My husband hates the mall...hates crowds why I asked him to come with us was beyond me.  Have you seen the crowds at the mall right now?  He looked like his brain was about to explode.

I wanted to wear a non nursing top for once.  (been nursing for over 4 yrs straight...I want to look like a non nursing tank mother)  So I pumped a nice 4oz bottle and off we went.  Cole has never had a bottle....nor did any other the other kids, but's milk ....he'll eat right?

Little did I know that the bottle had a leak and poured in the diaper bag....not good
When I went to feed Cole the bottle, it poured all down the side of him...he was hugely fussy...and not to mention looked at me like I was crazy for feeding him cold milk. 

We had to leave the mall and head to car to feed him....thus ended our shopping since all kids 4 and under were melting down.  (more husband head exploding)

And again I realized why we don't go out as a family in the car.  IT'S A TIGHT FIT WITH 8 and 3 of those car seats.  

I need to get on the Price is Right to win a 15 passenger Van

Once home we rushed kids in bath and bed.  

All seemed well when it dawned on me I didn't order our Christmas cards yet.  

Hubs reminded me to forget's mid December point since they won't arrive until New Years Eve....and we aren't spending the money on express shipping.

What is wrong with me?  I usually have the photos made by November in time for December 1st.  

Did I mention I only took the picture yesterday?  

Big L on my head.

I'm falling apart I think....

I feel like my days and night run into each other and I don't have a clue one from the next.

Last Friday I thought it was the 13th...(it was the 14th) and missed my dear friend's birthday.  I hate that.  I never miss birthdays

Then on Saturday I thought it was Sunday and on Sunday went to wake the kids for school.

I need a vacation.....

Hubs came to me last night while I was picking up the million pairs of shoes in the house...he said he got me a Christmas present....a trip to Bora Bora and we were leaving first thing in the morning.  

I almost believed him....almost.

He did make me smile!  That smile made up for all the craziness of our days and nights.  

After this past week's shooting at the Elementary School it made me realize how precious our lives are.  

I also know these things have been happening for years....

Almost 30 years ago we had a shooting at our Elementary.  I was in 5th grade and someone crazy person (grown male) decided to drive to schools and shoot kids.  2 boys were raising the flag for the morning and a guy drove up with a gun....they took off running to tell teacher.  Little did  Josh know he got shot through the elbow.   Schools were on lock down....I remember being so afraid someone was still there going to shoot us going home.....
Josh got a call from Pres Reagan and we all thought that was cool.....(oh how fast our minds forget at that moment)

I hugged my babies a little tighter today when they went off to school...and I stopped to answer all of Lily's million questions (no matter how annoying)  I am sure that those parents of the children killed would love more days of endless questions from their babies if they had the chance!

Oops....I hear sweet for a feeding and huge hug


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wow...I felt like I just read something I just wrote! lol
Great minds think alike~
You are on the ball...I forgot cards too AND I haven't even taken the picture. AND I think I'll wait and do a New Year card. I want to do a letter, but that seems nearly impossible right now. We went as a family to the big town yesterday, yes there are only 4 of us...but I might as well of had a few more, it was a CHORE and I was exhausted when we got ages 15 and almost 13 my boys asked me a million times, "can we leave the mall yet?" "are we done yet" "will I get home in time to go hunting?"
I don't think I've ever been as behind as I am this year.
My daily quote to myself, a zillion times a day...
Be Joyful always, Pray Continually and give thanks in all circumstances...1Thess 5:16-18
I love your blog...I love the "real" stories you share!!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Geez, was that the LONGEST comment evah????

Amber said...

Girl, you do need a vacation. Or a margarita, or a bottle of wine. :) Something! ;)

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