Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Joys of Husbands

Mine Rocks...

No, No really.  

And I'm not sucking up...I already got my Christmas Gift....(points to new ReidProof...I mean LifeProof phone case)

My hubs took over on Tuesday and became me for a few hours.  

Vertigo knocked me to my knees after I woke Tuesday morning.  I first thought I had the flu coming on until I started swaying and hugging the toilet.  I'm blessed my hubby works from home...he took over the two small kids...I nursed Cole and thankfully he took a long morning nap (which he never does) and I passed out along side him too!

I woke to find the house cleaned...laundry done and kids changed and fed.  

Hello Husband Fairy!

By day two I felt like I had been day three I am back to my old crazy self! 

I think back to a few of our first dates.  Hubs and I went 2-steppin and he was spinning me around the floor.  Boom I knew I needed to go home...but was embarrassed to say "Hey I know we are just getting to know each other...but I've got vertigo and I think I'm gonna hurl...can you take me home"

Instead I said nothing...and said "take me home please"  I was silent the whole way (which is SOOO NOT ME)...and I'm sure he thought I was another whack job of a date.  haha

He wouldn't let me out of the car until I told him what went wrong....and I told him.  He was quite relived and then confused on why on earth I didn't JUST tell him....

Oh because it's so crazy weird and I thought I could handle it.

From then on I took a Dramamine before we went dancing...and then he married me and got to experience a full blown day of fun with me.  

I'm sure I'm a sight in zombie death mode.....
Last attack I had was when Reid was 4 months...and  Cole is 4 months old...I'm setting a pattern here!

I'm blessed to have a man take total control and help me when I need it most.  I'm also blessed to have a compulsive neat freak of a husband who likes organizing!  Makes waking up from lala land so much better!!!

On a brighter note...check out 2 of my 5 favorite men....


Krissy said...

Sounds like you have an amazing husband to help you out when you were out of commission! :) Love that phone case too!

Krissy @ Mommy Miscellaneous

Morningtower said...

I used to suffer from major vertigo and all of that wonderful stuff, as well. Then someone told me that it could be caused by Aspertame, and so I quit drinking Diet Coke, and, Voila! It was gone, and has never reared it's ugly head again. Which is so nice, because it really stinks to wake up to your bedroom spinning, when you haven't even had a drop to drink! ;)

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