Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weddings and Babies...and Crazy Austin

1 month



Time flies when you are having fun.

I adore looking at how much he changed in just a few short months.

It's crazy really! 

This past weekend my little sister got married and I drove Cole and my oldest child to Austin for the wedding.  It was at this gorgeous place called Barr Mansion.

All would be well right since Cole is the happiest baby on the planet right? 

Well the car ride wasn't too bad.  We left at his first morning nap.  He slept about 1 hr and was up for about 30 mins...then he got fussy.
Gray got into the back with him and held him off until we got to Waco.  We stopped for grub and fed sweet Pole. 
Back on the road to Austin....

 at our favorite Robertson's for Jerky.

photo 1-1

If you haven't stopped her between Waco and Austin you are must...and bring your $  This jerky is pricey, but well worth it.  

I posted this photo on instagram and had a bloggy friend say she just passed on her way back home to SA....Sorry to have missed you Kerbi!!!!

Fed sweet Pole again and prayed he'd make it the rest of the trip.

Wouldn't you know it?  A wreck on 35 once we were in Austin...traffic backed up and Cole started crying....ugh.

This is again the reason I am not a fan of Austin (sorry those who love it)  I still don't get why the freeway splits and then joins again...that upper and lower part?  Screws me up every time.  Because no matter which one I choose it's the slow one or one with the wreck.  

Thanks for oldest child's new iphone 5....yes he has one not me...we used the turn by turn directions and got to our hotel with ease.  Hello Downtown Omni.  I felt like a princess!

Always a nice surprise to find your room paid for when you check in...and this was a doozy of a room too!  (thanks dad)  We had a treadmill in the cool is that...if I was a runner haha

photo 2-1

Poor Cole didn't get good naps and we had rush and get ready to head to the wedding....He was not amused.  But hey I thought...he's a great baby...he'll just sleep on my arm.

Arrived at Barr Mansion...This place was gorgeous...


The glass building in the back is where the wedding and reception were held

As soon as we got there Cole started screaming...hello points to girl with screaming baby....
We walked around and bounced and was starting soon so off I ran to nurse him...he wouldn't quit screaming.  He was so tired. 

I was nearly in tears myself b/c I was about to miss my sister's wedding...I didn't want to watch it from the outside ...

He is screaming and screaming and here I stick him on the boob (with no cover...eeek) and rush in from the side and grab my chair to watch.  He was quiet during the vows...and then started wailing...I rushed back outside and watched the rest through the windows.  (deep sigh)

Then he proceeded to scream for 2 more hrs.  I was embarrassed b/c he NEVER CRIES THAT MUCH.  I was seeing family that I haven't seen in ages and I'm explaining he never cries really.  (as if they believed me at this point)

People kept glancing towards me....I was sweating....(might have been the heat waiting outside mingling while they were changing from wedding to reception)

Once inside for reception...he kept screaming.  Finally at 9pm he passed out briefly on my shoulder...

Here he is passed out during a photo op with my cuz

photo 4-1

The band started and he woke....that is about the time we had to bail  (deep sigh)

My sister looked gorgeous and the wedding was perfect and romantic

3612_10151267266213559_1251719662_n - Copy

Congrats Kevin and Rachel

photo 3-1

I was dreading the drive home the next day, but he did really well.  The trick is to leave at naptime and stop every few hrs (or less sometimes) to nurse him and bounce him in the trunk (haha)

This was my first time away from Lily and Reid....I think they did great with daddy.  He couldn't get Reid down for nap or bedtime....and ended up letting him sleep on the they made it a huge party...All 3 slept on the couches in the living room.  Thanks daddy for being the fun one!

Happy 4 months Cole...can't wait for many more with you!  


Anonymous said...

I love the monthly photos you took! That is such a cute idea :D
Sorry you had to leave the wedding early, the pictures are gorgeous though!

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