Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review July-December 2013

In case you missed the first 6 months click here


This would be the month I am still in Zombie mode...oh you know where your baby still won't sleep through the night and is a horrible napper?
But look at this sweet face

I know precious right?

Daddy celebrated a birthday and we all went to Hibachi and Ice Cream to celebrate

My FIL had a birthday too and of course that was a no brainer for a treat...my cookies.  He is a lover of golf (and my cookies) so I made these

Cole turned 11 months this month and started standing on his own...thankfully I was around to capture that bad boy on film

Sweet boy...

Being in Texas and it being Summer....it was hot.  No need to describe how hot?  It's Texas...so I busted out the blender and we made these...a BUNCH

only need 3 things...
3 cups of strawberries, 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1/3 cup water.
Puree until some chunks of berries remain....pour half out....puree the rest until smooth.  Stir the 2 mixtures together...pour into molds

 And ended the month with this meal that should be made again and again.  We liked it that much



August is definitely a month I will not forget! 
For many reasons....

Like the fact that we had 2 birthdays...

Oldest child turned 17 and youngest turned 1

Oldest not only turned 17, but this was the month of his first and last first day of school.  Enter in the tears for Senior year

Time flies when your baby is growing up

Then youngest child turned 1

My favorite photo of all 6 at 1 yrs old

Or the time I Conquered my first ever mastitis with essential oils  (only took nursing 6 babies to get one) you can read about it here

Or the convo I have frequently with hubs

or how we spend our evenings before bed with little boys


The L word....dreaded Lice

the laundry piles in the garage...a family of 8 and Lice don't mix

read about it here

I was ready for that month to be over
But at least my Paula Deen magazine came in for the month and we had a week of fantastic meals at the end of the month


Awe yes ...sweet September when I was driving to pick up a child from a friends and saw these at the curb...trash...to be thrown away....

and they then became mine!

Hello free!  Made the Lice incident feel not so bad anymore!

September also brought on a month of fantastic foods...Must have been the change in season...Fall is my favorite time

We ate like Kings...(that must be where my extra hips came from)

from a soup that knocked my socks off to a dessert fit for us Kings

(it was the rum sauce that was a dream...make extra to pour over ice cream)

Or how about some

Miss Lily turned 5...we had a carnival party for her...oh to be 5 again!

And rounding the month out?  A little tooth extraction for #3's braces

bam those suckers are huge!  And nope...we just did a local at the gums...didn't need to be put under!!!


My most favorite month of the year!  Don't know if it's all the leaves changing...pumpkins or what, but I get giddy in October!

We had some great outdoor lazy afternoons before nap

I made a fantastic basil lasagna rolls with artichokes

Along with decadent treats.  It was so easy it hurts yet has the richness of a high dollar dessert

To our first homeschool science experiment with gummy bears
that Reid kept eating faster than we could use.  I'm surprised we ended up with 4

This would also be the month that Reid discovered he could get out of the crib.  Yes he's 2.5 and no he never thought about it before.  Life was good while it lasted

To Senior Homecoming

to the objects we find in our couches

October was a good...nondramatic month!


Hubs and I celebrated our 7 year non itch   Read about my post on the meaning of the 7yr Itch Here

We actually got to escape go on a date....
We I chose Outback Steakhouse.... I mean when is the last time you have been there?

This was a great month to share my essential oils....and homemade stuff and more testimonies

Also finally got a few of sweet #6 and his constant hand warmer.  His hand is here often....Bless his heart

Need a quick easy treat

Rounding the month out with our family at the house for a day of Thanksgiving


The month we look forward to every year and then when it comes we are sad to see it leave.  I'm truly not ready for 2014

We got an ice storm this month that had the kids out from Fri-Wed from school.  It was lovely

December brought back Elvis our elf...

and my first ever Jury Duty that I can gladly get exempt from thanks to having babies for 17yrs straight

to the sad moment the baby gate after 5 years came off the stairs...we felt weird for a week or so

Hand warmer photo AGAIN...told you he loved it there

My girly night out with my daughters for Christmas

The fingerprints in the window sill I can't bring myself to wipe away

To the child who doesn't want to leave his lovey in the wash

To my kids growing up too fast 

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy 2014

May this new year bring all the happiness and laughs and joys 2013 brought (except the Lice..I will do without)

1 year later.....

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