Friday, February 1, 2013

730 Days Ago

2 years ago ice storm woke me up at 2am...along with contractions...

Read his birth story here....

and since we do a midwife you can come home hrs after having a is Lily meeting Reid for the first time here

Happy Birthday Duncan Reid

Time flies when you've got a Dude Friend in your life.  Sweet boy you keep us on our toes ..each day you learn a new word and activity.  By activity I mean run your mother and father to the point of exhaustion!  You have started screaming "Hush...." whenever you get mad at someone.  
Daddy can just say your name when you are in trouble and your bottom lip comes out and you run and hide.  Me?  I use my mean mommy....threats....time outs...spanking....nothing works like when your daddy is around.  

You love playing outside in the garage....and if you had your way all the toys would be brought inside.  Trust me you try...and cry and whine when we don't let you.

You love love love playing inside daddy's truck

You love dragging your chair over to the kitchen sink to 'wash' dishes.  Or make a water mess all over my floor

You love shouting "Pole Frow Up" when you see Cole spit up

You love wearing boots

You are terrific about nap and bedtime.  I will give you the #1 star for best child and sleep! (the older kids don't count)

You love love love your Old Dad.  The minute you see him you run for the door for him to take you on walks

You love Toy Story right now.  We watch 1, 2, and 3 more times than I can count.

You love playing catch

You love being outdoors

You love picking up rocks and collecting them outside

You love helping Mommy and Daddy carry things to the kitchen paper towels...toilet paper...creamer.  You are our little helper

You love drinking your 'toffee' in the mornings

You love waiting  until mommy is in the shower and then you go to everyone's room and throw everything and anything over the balcony to the floor below.  (I have since purchased many child proof door knobs to lock you out)

           You are the light of our lives!             


Ashley said...

Aww Happy Birthday Dude Friend! Such a cute little man :)

Jessi said...

He is so cute!! I want to squeeze him (in a non internet stranger friend way haha). I vow to take more pictures if I ever have another!

LeAnna said...

Awww, so sweet! I just love that picture of him sitting on the black chair. PRESH!

Dana said...

Is he really 2 already???!! He is sooo stinking cute!!! What a big boy! Happey 2nd birthday buddy!

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