Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Duncan My Main Man

Dude Friend Turns 2 this Friday....my baby is growing up

If you haven't spent a day with this child you are missing out.

His day starts with a bang from the minute he wakes and doesn't end until his head hits the pillow at night.

For those that forgot....Reid's first name is Duncan.  My oldest child says I don't use it often enough  (there you go with the title son)

I blame most of Reid's quirks on hubs  (I mean who else can I blame?)

Reid wakes for the morning calling my name...I go to his room and I say in a crazy voice

"Whoooooo maaaaade thhhhhhisss  meeeeesssssss" 

He giggles and throws himself down in the crib and wiggles...

He likes to throw his blanket and stuffed animals on the floor for me....and likes for me to pretend I'm angry about it.  It's a fun game ...and then I toss all of the stuff back in his crib one at a time and he calls each 'friends' name as I chunk it back in.

Then I open his blinds and say "Nope, no snow"  (I used to say hello mr sun, but ever since the snow he likes to say the snow one)

Then I tell him to close his eyes and we turn on his closet light to pick out the clothes for the day

Then head downstairs

He shouts "TOFFEE"

Yes, child the coffee is brewing...which I have learned to set up on a timer and have it ready so when he wakes he can have a sip (again blame hubs)

Now before you freak it's 1/2 caff coffee (thanks folgers) and he gets 1/4 coffee and the rest milk with some van creamer (again blame hubs)

Dude needs to sit on the couch with a blanket covering his legs and all the way to up his chest...he likes his toffee to sit in his lap on the blanket and he shouts "Bear, Owl, Tat"  (that means turn on Little Bear now before I get loud and wake Cole up)

I turn on Little Bear and this gives me a few mins to grab my coffee (that is if Lily and Cole aren't up yet) before big kids come down and need help getting out the door.

Some mornings he won't sit on the couch and is connected to my hip...which makes things rather difficult when Cole is awake too

As soon as I can I have to dress him in his morning outfit.  Which lately he shouts for something with a Ball on it ...the child isn't high maintenance or anything (I blame his father)

The next words I usually hear are BUZZ WOODY ESSIE BUZZ WOODY ESSIE.  And so the Love of Toy Story has begun

We have to watch 1, 2, and 3 over and over.  And before you say ..."you let your kids watch tv?"  Yes, get over it.  I can not for the life of me keep Reid entertained while I feed and change Cole at times.  I'm sitting on a couch for 15-20 mins and asking Reid to sit and read a book with me works for ohhhh all of 2 mins

Then he hops up and realizes mommy is connected to a baby and a couch and he runs and destroys the house.  Buzz keeps him in the room with me at least

Once Lily is up she demands the same treatment.  She needs her clothes on for the day.  I am not sure where my kids got this...but they can not sit in their pj's after they wake.  They have to be fully dressed.  (which is great when you have places to go first thing in the morning)

Lily and Reid are a hoot together....they feed off of each others energy.  (again I want to blame hubs, but I don't think I can on this one)

They have really become cute together....

Lily has been playing dress up with him...sadly I need more boy costumes, but we're getting there.   A little birdy told me he's getting a buzz costume this Friday!!

Here they are playing super heroes.  He's shooting his laser like Buzz

There are some days Lily plays beauty salon with him.  I'll find him sitting on a plastic toy box with a towel draped on his shoulders.  Lily has the hair detangler spray and a brush making him beautiful.  (she says)  He just loves the attention from her.  

But watch out...this child has a temper.  His big thing is to scream at the top of his lungs 

"HUSH...STOP IT....DON'T TOUCH" and this is followed by a long spit raspberry sound.

I am grateful that this child sleeps...when it's naptime, no matter which time I pick...he comes willingly and waves to everyone ...we rock in his chair and he points to his crib....and off to dream land for a few hrs.

Same with bedtime...he can run wild until bedtime and I tell him it's time to go to sleep and he stops what he's doing and snuggles with me until he's in his bed.

This child has melted my heart 50 thousands ways.....Each day that passes with my boy is another day I'm blessed beyond belief 

Dude Friend has taught me patience and how to goof off at same time.  

He has taught me there are more things to life than cleaning his million messes up and to stop and smell the peanut butter on a spoon.  

He's reminded me of the small things in life...like how the berries on the bush are small balls or a rock is a precious gem or the waddle of a duck is the funniest thing in the world

How splashing bath water on the floor is ok...b/c guess what?  It dries

How pizza is meant to be eaten upside down and backwards....

How lawn mowers look like vacuums and it's ok to 'mow the rug' to help you out mommy

I love you little Dude Friend!  

I can't wait for Cole to get older and join in in their fun


Expat Girl said...

Such a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Aw he is so cute!
Happy almost birthday to him!!

Dianna said...

Happy Birthday Reid! Such a cutie and love the post!

jen said...

I didn't know the pizza rule--I'll have to try it upside down and backwards next time.

Stef said...

I love his day. Ah, to be young again and to only have to worry about playing and being waited upon...and to be loved by my mommy. Blessed is he!

Shannon said...

Seriously, the kids have grown! I can't get over it----they are so adorable. Can't believe Dude Friend, what?! Where did the months go?! All of your children are super presh and so lucky to have a home cookin', cookie decoratin', lots of lovin' momma like you! Hope you are well!

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