Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Newbie New Years

Pure sweetness huh?!

I didn't think of these "1st pictures" until we are lacking a Halloween photo....but I'm enjoying seeing how much he has changed!

While taking all his 50 photos to get the 1 shot....Reid came and laid down next to Cole...I got the sweetest picture of the 2 brothers!

Reid adores Cole and Cole just lights up whenever Reid is around.  I pray their love for each other continues as the days...months....years go by.

Right now Reid is in a crazy stage.  One minute he likes something...the next it can set him off in a holler!  Stand back...because this boy has lungs.  

Thankfully he is talking a lot more and we are able to understand a bit more what he is asking/saying.

I'm in the process of planning his 2nd birthday party.  

Going the camping theme route.  Hubs has finally quit asking why I do all this....
I told him I needed him to make some wooden tent stands....all he did was say..."Let me know when"'s given in to my craziness!  YES!

Speaking of the Hubs... caught a fever and or flu...the day before new years eve.  New Years Eve he was still feverish and feeling that evening I felt it coming...

Woke up New Years Day with fever and body aches and #4 did too.

I got zero chances to rest the entire day....I was feeling like I was hit by a truck wanted to cry, but yet had 3 small ones to care for...hubs was still slightly ill.  

#4 and I still have a fever, but at least I don't feel like a truck hit me...I just feel worn out.  I would kill for a chance to sit (typing this with #5 in my lap)

Here's hoping that isn't how the whole year will turn out....worn out!  

Happy 2013

I don't make resolutions....I'm making Goals

Goal #1 Get a Double Oven
My single oven has been sick for about 4 yrs now (points to self)  It heats 25 degrees higher at times...which is a pain to watch and control.  And I can only cook one pan at a time b/c if 2 are in there then the oven turns the heat up even higher.  You ever cooked for a family of 8 like that?  Takes me ages.  Don't even get me started when I'm baking cookies.   I live in the kitchen so only fitting I get a double oven.  I told hubs I want to move this oven to the garage so I can have 3.  Probably cost more to create a hook up then to buy a triple oven (do they make those?)
Not sure yet how to reach this goal.  I don't think the Price is Right is an option. 

Goal #2 Lose 20 lbs
I've since Lost my baby weight, but need to drop 15-20lbs and tone it to look like I did on my Wedding Day.  I know it's's the motivation part I need help with.  I would like for 45 mins to work's the getting someone to watch the kids that I have issues with.
Everyone says...Work out at naptime...When would I have all 3 down?  Lily doesn't nap.  And I use that time for one on one with her ...(that is if I can get Reid and Cole napping at same time)
They say work out after kids go down.  Obviously these ppl don't have a family of 8 with more dishes to put away to start last load before bed.  3 loads of laundry to fold.  House to straighten up before bed just so it can get crazy the next day.  Make a list of what needs to be done to prepare for the next day.  And a husband to pay attention to...b/c, well that's what we good wives do!

I wish all of that burned calories and made me look sleek!  (grins)


Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

I totally feel you on Goal #2!

I try to work out after my son goes down, but then dinner takes longer to prepare and it just drags out the whole night.

Granted, I only have one baby, but I also work full time so we have a lot on our plate!

If being an awesome wife burned calories, I'd be in great shape =)

Heather said...

I totally understand your dilemma on #2. My twins actually nap but there's so much to get done in those 2 hours. Who has time to work out?? Not to mention getting a shower so not to offend the husband. :)

Dana said...

Your boys are just precious!!! Love the photos!!

Hope you are feeling better now!!

Finding time to workout can be challenging. It's usually early mornings for me before the kids get up. Luckily the twins nap at the same time 95% of the time and sometimes that works for me. Hopefully you can find something that works for you!!!

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