Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reading to Your Babies..Here Are A Few of My Favorites

I've been reading books to my babies for 16 yrs now.  
I saved books that I read to the older 3 and now I'm reading to the younger 3.  I have some memorized and loved them now as I did all those years ago. 

Taking time during the day ....and before bed helps create a great day and night ritual.  My kids love to stop what they are doing and head to our reading corner.  I created a spot by the book has tons of blankets and cushy cushions to sit and  read on

Here are a few of my all time favorite reads..

Of course Goodnight Moon  
Hello, finding the mouse on each page is more fun than the story

What Will You Wear Jesse Bear
 Not sure what it is about this little guy, but we love jesse bear books.  My kids love giggling at the ants in pants part!


I Love you Stinky Face
I've created voices for this book.  It's quite interesting to hear me read (giggles)  Adore this book

Ah, sweet Alice.  "Reading is the magic key to take you where you want to be"   Great books with stories from the bible that your kids will enjoy and understand....

Any  I Spy Book

Totally adore these...when they are too little to 'actually' find the objects just have fun looking at all the things and have them point you out things they find.  As they get older they can actually 'spy' things

ALL OF THE CRITTER BOOKS...and I mean all...I've collected them for 16 yrs.  I think I might just have every one of them.  Some are held together by multiple pieces of tape thanks to little ones who think tearing is reading.  All time fav's...Just a Nap....Just a Rainy Day...Just Go to Bed...and this one!!!  I mean who doesn't love Mercer Mayer!?!

When Gray was first born over 16 yrs ago I joined a baby book of the month club.  I was a new mom and didn't have many to my collection.  One of my favorites was this soft Pooh Book...(Gray's nursery theme was classic Winnie the Pooh so this was special) 

 I can't believe Pooh has actually made it w/o being ripped out after 16 yrs!

What are some of your favorite reads with your children?  

Monday, February 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday...

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

one.  Nuts for Coconuts

We've been using coconut oil to cook with for close to a year now...Our pedi recommends it for skin too...
Reid has horrible horrible dry skin on his feet...I keep a tiny jar of coconut oil by the changing table and smear some on at diaper changes....Seriously his feet look horrible in the summer...he's allergic to grass and he's constantly barefoot in the helps

The kids got colds a few weeks ago and so I grabbed my Eucalyptus oil and made my own Vicks rub (Thanks Pinterest)

Want to eat more of it?  Use it instead of butter...Smear it on your toast....or add to your spinach smoothies!  I read that instead of 4tbs of butter when making your rice krispy treats use 4tbs of coconut oil!I must try this.

two.  My Men

If you have a little boy you know what I'm talking about.....seeing your boys together makes your heart swell.  Reid wants to do EVERYTHING his daddy does

This weekend hubs was leveling the thing I saw...?  Reid climbed up on top of him and was helping shine the light.  He even got his "tools" out and was hammering away with his daddy!  Love them!

three.  Citrus Lane

 It's one of those monthly clubs that send goodies in the mail according to your child's age.  0-5 yrs!!

We signed up last month and got our first box for February!  I am hooked and can't wait for March's shipment.  Free shipping...can't beat that!  Want $10 off your first box?  Use this code...

This month we got music instruments...the kids bang daily!  (hubs leaves the room) ..but cole loves the noise

Each box had a book in it too.  From what I read each month has a book.  Which is great for us since my kids LOVE read stories.  Sign up and tell me what you think!!

four.  Menu Monday

It's that only means to sharpen your pencil's and get your grocery lists made

Monday: Taco Wraps (making taco meat and using lettuce instead of shells)
Tuesday: Bunless Burgers w/avocado mash
Wednesday: Chicken Ranch Chicken (Pioneer Woman recipe)
Thursday: Stuffed Meatloaf and Garlic Green Beans (mashed potatoes for the kids)
Friday:  Flank Steak w/ Soy-mustard Sauce 
(here is the stuffed meatloaf recipe)

I do our shopping on Saturday to get it out of the way.  I made it super early this time and felt like I had the store to myself.  (well sort of anyways) 
Cole decided to be a stinker....(note to self...BRING WRAP TO WEAR HIM)  He usually takes a nap in the carrier, but this time he started hollering the minute I stepped foot in the door.  I carried him the entire trip and my arms were aching....

five. Wasn't me

Don't you just love the "not me" phase?  It starts early and hangs around a long time ...

When Kate was in 1st grade she had a playmate over.  They were in oldest son's room (which was a no no) and the friend took a marker and colored on the natural wood loft bed we had built for him.  Up the entire length of the railing where you climb up. She wrote her name and I ♥ Mom.  I mean it's great and all she loves her mom...but a marker on the bed... 4 steps in fact.  I was livid.  No amount of scrubbing came off.  We hadn't planned on painting the loft bed..he wanted a natural look....and it was a full size needless to say it was a huge section of the bed.  The little girl said she didn't do it.  Odd b/c Kate didn't know how to spell the girls name...and it wasn't kate's handwriting...mmmmmmm!!
Oldest child was equally livid bc he had child's writing on his new bed! forward to present day.  

I was vacuuming the stairs and turned the vacuum off to hear giggling in the guestroom....lately they strip all the sheets and pillows off...(annoying really....esp when there are sheets...2 quilts...pillow topper and about 10 pillows)
I hear scratching sounds and try to process what the noise could be......
That would be drawing with a marker on the wall sound....
(look closely above the's hard to tell b/c the wall color is so person it's quite the's huge!)


Lily says  "wasn't me."

She wrote her name on the wall...Reid can't write so someone is in trouble for lying! I mean he is too, but she is doubly for lying to her mommy!

It's hard to tell...but there is green lines and in red Lily wrote her name and was starting to draw a fairy to the side of it.

Hubs says now we have that headboard I always wanted!  Not!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pregnancy and The Mommy Body

OK so my mom is in town for the week.....and she had her camera ...she doesn't ever delete photos from her memory card on her camera...nor does she remember to download them.  (the sucker is full)

She always wants to come over and see her photos and I don't let her...haha I don't want to load years of photos on my computer of her photos....


We were looking at photos of her's on her camera and I saw a pic of me with the big kids.....

I had that awwwww "I wonder who I'm pregnant with" moment

Only when I noticed the date I realized it would be another 2 weeks before I found I was pregnant with Cole.  (enter sad face)

Deep sigh...I looked 7 months pregnant.  And the worst part?  I was about 8lbs less in that photo than I am today.

So that totally decides it...Pictures don't lie and my mirror and brain do

I'm totally going to work on this....(points to baby gut)

People always say don't be so hard on yourself you have 6 kids.  But what does that even mean?  Because I have 6 kids I can let myself look pregnant when I'm not?  

I have a closet full of clothes that are calling my name....and if I can get into my pre-pregnancy size I will have a brand new wardrobe.  (past 4 yrs of having kids is over)

Hubs and I are starting Monday...(I have a middle of the week issue with jump starting has to be the start of a month or week)

Yes I'm bringing Hubs in this with me too....cutting out all sweets, sugars, fruits, and breads...sticking with leafy things and meats for a few weeks....then we will slowly go into a low glycemic regime.  After I had #3 I did this and dropped 25 lbs and kept it off until I got preg with #4, 5, and 6.  It seems years ago though...and back then I could actually head to the gym for hrs alone.  I don't have that luxury today.

If I'm brave enough I'll do a before photo.  I'm always so inspired by all the other momma's out there that share struggles and joys!  

Since I can't leave the house to go work out...I'll stick with lunges in the hall and push ups with the kids on the floor (grins)  I mean we do what we gotta do

Stay tuned....I might have a bloggy rant soon of all the things "I cook but can't eat i'm so miserable everyone hates me why can't i eat that like everyone else and have it not go to my hips this is so hard i miss cookies" Post

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Up Wednesday...Lily-ism's Continued

one.  Menu Monday

My parents are in town for the week.  I based my meals on things I thought my daddy would like to eat...come to find out he's dropping my mom off b/c he has to travel around the state...BOO.  So I had to adjust the menu

I plan the menu based on things that will spoil those go in the front of the week.  You see I do my shopping on Saturday...I used to be Monday Mornings....while the big kids were in school....Then we had 3 more kids.  So I moved it to Sunday Mornings.  I hated that I've moved it to Saturday.  I truly hate this though b/c the kids see tons of food and think free for all.  THAT'S NEXT WEEKS FOOD PEOPLE STAY BACK  (haha)

Anywho.  Things that use bakery buns or certain chicken that I don't feel like freezing and rethawing days later go first

So My menu has been moved around and there is a gap on a day ....I'll figure it out later...(The recipes below can be found under my recipe tab)

Sunday:  (truly amazing sandwich) Grilled Chicken Torta w/Chipotle Crema
Monday:  Chicken Rollitini w/zucchini and Confetti Corn and Banana Pudding
Tuesday:  take under new dishwasher
Wednesday: chicken and dumplings
Thursday: fried ravioli
Friday:  Playoff Chili

two.  Lily

This child cracks me up.  For starters she is weird at pretend.  She really doesn't like to pretend, but does.  (make sense?)  She has to be 'real' and when you pretend to be a princess she scream no you're not you're a momma.  etc.  She will do pretend food....drinks...babies...barbies...but when it comes to dress up.  Nope she's just Lily in a costume.  haha

Remember the day I forgot her drink and she was smart enough to get a drink from the sink?  Well enter in another good parenting moment of when she got hungry....

I was busy doing dishes..or babies...or unloading groceries...(can't remember) but I was just about to get their lunches ready....she kept saying I'm hungry and I kept saying I know ...

Then she hands me a was a circle with smaller brown circles inside it  with "lily" words

and says..."This says I'm hungry and I want pizza"


The other day the playroom was a wreck...all the pillows were off and stacked in piles around the room.  I told Lily she needed to put the pillows back on the couch...

Lily:  "I didn't do that...I'm hiding stuff under there"
(ummm busted)

Lily:  "I can't pick up the toys...I'm not responsible ...someone else did it"

Lily:  "Reid's bowl is empty and the dog is the only one in the room.  I have deplucked that Moses is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY"  

My mom is visiting for the week and Lily has a new playmate ...Mee Mee wears glasses and occasionally will say "Hold on....let me get my glasses)

The other day Mee Mee asked where something was...Lily said

"Hold on let me get my glasses"  and ran off and put her pair of sunglasses on and helped look bhahaha  (love her)

three.  Citrus Lane

I finally heard about this monthly club for kids with goodies....I used a referral code and got $10 off my first box...My mother and Mother In Law were totally sweet enough to sign up for a box too so all 3 kids could receive a goodie box.

We waited patiently...(ok maybe only the kids since they had no idea these precious boxes were coming)

I had seen some of the goodies from previous months and I knew I was in store for some cute things.

This month's theme was Music!  (which drove hubs crazy)

 Yesterday I found the 3 boxes on our porch and nearly wept from excitement.... Look at the goodies we found....

Each box is age appropriate and according to the company they just added the new age bracket of 3-5yr old so Our First Month...Lily got a box too.

I even got some great goodies inside too...a fantastic organic lip balm and some toner.  The kids even got toothpaste and tooth gel for the smaller ones.  Lily actually begged to have her teeth brushed last night...THAT  NEVER HAPPENS

I can't wait for next month......

Want to get a box too?  Use this referral code to get $10 off your first box....shipping is always free


I think a few of you know I HATED MY DISHWASHER.  It was the thorn in my foot and side and bum....the rack at the bottom was missing all the wheels...which made it a pain to pull in and out.

The utensil basket had holes in the bottom which made the silverware fall through and a pain to pull out

The rack up top was half the size as the bottom which made putting stuff in a chore since hardly anything could fit.  Then wheels started falling off of it and then wouldn't pull out....hubs had to rig it with a screw so I could at least partially roll it out. 

It doesn't clean the dishes real well and I ended up having to scrub everything before I put it in ....Which made it a pain for me....

Top it off I had to do 3-4-5 loads a day!  I hated that thing

Enter my inlaws.

They see me every Wednesday struggling with the thing.

They have some friends who just moved to a fancy smancy house.  (talking 7 figures smancy)  The dishwasher would pop open when you started it and the old owner decided to buy a new one and put this one in her garage.  Well my inlaws friends moved in and my in laws asked if I could have the dishwasher sitting in the garage.
They said sure.  But that it was broken...I DIDN'T CARE

It pops open when you start close pops open again and you close it then it finishes with the cycle.  I can handle that  (here in a few months we will see about fixing it)


Did I mention this sucker is an awesome looking piece of machinery?  Puts my old one to shame.  Did I mention the top rack and bottom rack pull out like it's rolling on silk?  Did I mention it has all wheels?
Did I mention the top rack is the same size as the bottom and get this....the top rack can lower down if you need to put tall things in  (SWOON)

Here's a pic of the sweet girl! 

Thanks to my inlaws for thinking of me!  And yea to rich ppl who don't fix things and buy new ones!  (giggles)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello, My Name Is Laura and I'm Going Bald

Ok a temporary bald that is.

6th times a charm I always say....

It's that dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss Stage.  If you've been there raise your hand.

Reid was 9 months when I got pregnant with Cole.  I was hoping the hair loss would quit thanks to pregnancy hormones...but nope....I lose from the time the baby is 4m until they turn about 1 yr old. 

I'm not getting those little tiny bangs growing in the front of my head.  I remember after Lily someone telling me I cut my bangs too short.  Ummm who cuts their bangs an inch or shorter might I ask?

It comes out in globs.  Hubs calls the wad in the shower a Shower Monster. 

I swear it takes me longer to get all the hair off me in the shower than it does to actually take my shower.

The kids think I should start collecting and stuff a pillow.  That after 6 kids I could have probably stuffed a mattress.

By this summer I'll have small 'pop ups' as I call them.  You know where you look at the top of my head and see 2 inch hairs sticking up all over the place.

I can always spot a hair losing mom...I want to shout..."Hey I have those too"  but I don't want to be slapped...Besides..they don't know me...I'll talk to anyone anywhere anytime.  Just ask the lady in the bathroom stall next to me sometime...(hee hee)

I'm half tempted to cut my  hair off....or whack some bangs to help with the process...But after 6 babies and trying a few of those things in the past I've always regretted it.  So I will sit with mangy, long, balding hair and suffer along with the rest of you!

Right now I look like an unkept dog.  The patches of hair make me look like a mangy mongrel

Some say, "After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage." 

Well mine need to quit resting...been there done that....

I guess I'm 2 months into it...I'm in it for the long's the growing in stage I hate. 

I'm doing my part by not washing the locks down the drain...baddddd
and taking my vitamins making sure my b12, iron, biotin, and omega 3's are up to date.  (I'm a nursing mom so I'm on my game)

Funny...I found this blog post of mine from over 4 years ago after I had Lily...I think I noticed a few grays in that bunch...

I'm off for a box of dye...I figure my gray's have multiplied since 6 kids have not only wrecked my hair (or sanity) but my color too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

T'har She Blows

That title pretty much sums up how I feel

I think I ate more chocolate and sweets yesterday than I did at Halloween...

Yesterday I made Chicken Tamale Casserole.  You really must make...I'm looking forward to leftovers today.  If you do's only 8pts.

What I Changed?? I tossed the shredded chicken with Taco Seasoning before adding...

For dessert...?  I made 12 mini apple pies and 12 mini cherry pies

I cheated really...I took pie crust and cut circles using a big mug we have....added cherry pie filling and some apple pie filling (used can cherry filling ...made an apple filling with fresh apples)
Then I used more crust and made hearts and lattice shapes for top!  These were a hit!!

Earlier this week I made Crock Pot Honey Chicken w/rice.

This recipe rocked!

What I changed?  About 45 mins before it was done cooking I added some cornstarch to thicken sauce.
Then we added sesame seeds and more red pepper flakes to our dishes
I would kill to have this again....but will wait a few weeks...don't want to burn my family out on this dish!

Tonight?  I'm giving a go at

I'm having hubs run to the corner ....this couple sells Fresh Hot Tamales every Friday....THEY ARE TO DIE FOR....

My parents are coming for the week next week....I've had food on the brain meal planning for them!  I'm excited too!  I guess this is why I've kept on 20 extra pounds after all my babies!  (grins)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

1st Valentine's Day...Sweets for My Sweets

Sweet boy has a fever in this picture...can you tell?  He's always such a trooper.  His sissy and brother had runny noses....and I guess being little his runny nose hit him harder.  

Being 6th child usually means you get forgotten in the photo department....but honestly thanks to Pinterest I am rocking in the photo ideas haha

Cole is the only child to  not only have the 'monthly' photos, but a bunch of 1st photos  (ok I forgot halloween because the idea came to me at Thanksgiving)

Those are those cute quilted letters I had Kearsie make (see Monday's post)

Yesterday amid all the fevers and runny noses and fussy people (ok that last one might have been me)
I realized I didn't have Valentine's for my sweeties

So I did what any other mother does!  I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and then stayed up after the kids went to bed decorating.

And a Special one for my Honey!  

I guess you should know by now I love baking cookies?  

This was the first time I tried this recipe...hubs grabbed one hot from the oven last night and smeared it with Nutella...I had a nibble...ohhh man!

I got the recipe from Bridget over at Bake at 350.

It's actually her recipe from her cookbook...couldn't find it on her blog.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday...6 at 6

one.  6 at 6

I like taking the kids photos and comparing them as Cole's months go is a pic of the gang at 6 months

two.  menu monday

whatcha eating this week?  If you follow me on Pinterest then most of these were pinned or come from my blog recipe tab. 

Last week on my menu we had the Italian Chicken from Pinterest...we made it and WOWOWOWOW...IT KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF
Next time I will take a head of garlic and roast it in the oven first and break the cloves up and use those with the artichokes.  I will also use marinated artichokes next time...other than that BAM!

Here's my photo of our dish....

 recipe here

three.  ABC's

Now that miss Thang knows her ABC's...we are moving on to phonetics.  I saw Sasha over at Lemonade Makin Mama  talking about these and I knew Lily had to have them. 

These totally adorable quilted letters come from the sweet Kearsie over at Sounds Like Tomatoes
super sweet momma and talented too.  Her blog made me laugh so hard...I knew she was soooo gonna be my friend.  You should stop by and tell her hi!

four.  baby showers

One of the teachers from the kids old school asked if I could make some cookies for a baby shower she was throwing...any excuse to make cookies is ok by me...

I love baking and I love decorating cookies....I realized I need some sort of 10 shelf stacking unit thingy b/c my kitchen can't hold tons of cookies and STILL HAVE MY 6 KIDS NOT TOUCH them...

five.  my kids on kids

The other morning oldest child and I were chatting in the kitchen before he left for school.  I was busy changing diapers...filling sippy cups...dressing the messes....listening to whining babies b/c I can't move at lightening speed ...etc.    He've only been up for about 30 mins and you can't even get a break.   Yep...

Then the topic turned to grandkids....

oldest:     you know if each of us have 2 kids you'll have 12 grandkids
me:         and think if some of you have 4 or even 6 kids...I'll have a ton
oldest:    I don't think that is likely
me:        why not? i have 6 and i love it
oldest:   yeah, but I have a feeling you didn't know what you were doing


six.  my Lily flower

My 3 favorite flowers?  Gerber Daisies, Shasta Daisies, and Stargazer Lilies
Seems only appropriate one of my children would be named after a flower...Hubs wouldn't let me have a double flower child (hee hee)

Love my lil Lily Flower

Friday, February 8, 2013

6 Months and The Awesomest


You're 6 months today and I'm shocked.  Yes Yes I say this every month, but seriously feels like yesterday daddy and I were dying laughing when we found out we were expecting you!  

You still are horrible at this...
You take maybe 45-1 hr naps twice a day (If I'm lucky)  
At night you go to bed around 7:45-8 and then you are unpredictable.
Some nights you wake at 10:30 or midnight...some nights 2 or 3.  You never can tell (Little Bear saying)
Then up again around 5 or 6 and you used to go right back to sleep until 8.  A few weeks ago you thought that was stupid and now just stay up.
Thank goodness you are cute...b/c the whole sleeping thing is an issue for mommy haha 

Well we found out you are highly HIGHLY, I mean highly allergic to oatmeal
You scared the death out of mommy and daddy...vomiting for 2 hrs straight...lethargic....slept for 3-4 hrs...eyes looked deep...I seriously don't want to go through that again...and then the weird poo for a week.  I am sooo sorry!  My heart broke for you and I was sobbing like a baby myself...
Because of the oatmeal incident...You REFUSE to eat anything other than breast milk.  You must think that I'm feeding you oatmeal again...Poor baby...hopefully this ends soon....I want you to eat foods and not need me every 2 hrs.

You love love love playing on the floor or bouncy seats
The other day I put you on the floor and went to the kitchen to cook dinner...I looked over on the floor to check on you and you weren't there...I panicked and then noticed you by the fireplace...Silly boy scared the life out of me....Mr Roly Poly
You love having your brothers and sisters make you laugh.  
Lily can jump up and down 
Jake can make funny noises
Reid throws balls
Grayson blows on your belly
Kate...mmm not sure haha
You love your sophie giraffe (like who doesn't)
You love chewing on balls
You love chewing on those crinkle sounding blocks
Ok see the pattern...YOU WILL CHEW ON ANYTHING
You love the bouncy seat....You will get to bouncing really high
Just bought you a walker so I can pull you from room to room now...Reid will push you down the hall ...not sure you like that just yet
The dog makes you giggle by just him walking by
You are silly and make me smile each minute of every day

You still hate for anyone to hold you but me.  Daddy did get to hold you for about 8 mins and you seemed to like it.  I was even standing in front of you and you didn't do that pained come and get me look.  Baby steps haha

You weigh 16.2 lbs...didn't gain any weight in a month....but maybe because you grew an inch.  You are 28" now!!!

You are the light of my life and each day I can't wait to hold your sweet wiggly body and kiss your sweet cheeks and inhale your scent!  Love you sweet boy!  

Happy Half Birthday

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Think Your Kid Is Talented...??

I thought my kid was talented...see look....

And then I saw this kid....
The double binky isn't so cool anymore.  (haha)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday: Good Parenting When...

1. Menu Monday

I've been making meals from Pinterest lately.  I've been dying to try the Balsamic Beef for a while now...Figured my family loves Beef au jus sandwiches...let's change up the liquid it's cooking in for a change!  I'll keep you posted on how it turned out!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

2. Little Man is 2

We ended up not having a bday party for  Family couldn't come and the kids were busy...Pointless to have his bday a month later when EVERYONE could get on the ball...I am saving all the stuff I ordered and starting making for Cole's 1st birthday !  Now I have plenty of time to keep planning!

Little dude didn't seem to notice he was lacking a party...he got some cool gifts...Buzz Lightyear Costume...woody/buzz pj's and a really cool metal Tonka Truck.  This boy is into his trucks

Of course I had to make some birthday is complete w/o a cupcake cookie right?

I swear Reid went from a 20 word vocab to 2,000 word vocab over night.  He cracks us up daily with his new words.  His pronunciation

3.  Good Parenting....?

If you are like me you get busy and say the words  "In just a minute"  far too many times to count.
Lily asked me for something to drink...I was changing a poopy diaper and told her "In just a minute"  ...then I got busy...again she came to me...."Mom I'm thirsty...will you get me something to drink"  again I think I was busy and couldn't stop and said "In just a minute"  this went thing it was time for me to put Reid and Cole both down for naps...took me about 30 mins total.  Lily usually entertains herself with a preschool activity or snack that Reid isn't allowed when I put the younger ones down.....

I came down the stairs and Lily's mouth was she had something to drink inside it...BAM I remembered poor child was thirsty...

Me: "what's in your mouth sweetie"
Lily:  "Mommmmmmmy I was sooo thirsty I went into the bathroom and got a drink from the sink with my hands"  

Well at least she was smart enough to know where to go for water hahaha...deep sigh...I fail as a mommy!  And Yes I finally got her that drink.

4.  Sitting Pretty

Someone is trying to learn to sit.  We are down to about 5 secs before we face plant...
Sweet boy is about to be 6 months.  Is that crazy or what?  

He has started babbling up a storm with his dadadadadaddddaaaadddd's.  Here he was just jabbering away to me...

5.  My Twin

Ok this is my baby picture and then that is Cole...Is it just me or do we look alike? 

6.  Mini Me...

She got her hair whacked off for her birthday.  I really wanted her to keep her hair long (like her momma), but she reminded me it was only hair and would grow.  She's right I guess (grins)

I have to admit the haircut suits her personality 

7.  Garage Sale Scores

It's no secret I love a good deal...I've had my eye on this baby bath seat for a while now....but it's $24-35 depending on the website.  I found it for $5 on our fb garage sale site!  BAM

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