Friday, February 8, 2013

6 Months and The Awesomest


You're 6 months today and I'm shocked.  Yes Yes I say this every month, but seriously feels like yesterday daddy and I were dying laughing when we found out we were expecting you!  

You still are horrible at this...
You take maybe 45-1 hr naps twice a day (If I'm lucky)  
At night you go to bed around 7:45-8 and then you are unpredictable.
Some nights you wake at 10:30 or midnight...some nights 2 or 3.  You never can tell (Little Bear saying)
Then up again around 5 or 6 and you used to go right back to sleep until 8.  A few weeks ago you thought that was stupid and now just stay up.
Thank goodness you are cute...b/c the whole sleeping thing is an issue for mommy haha 

Well we found out you are highly HIGHLY, I mean highly allergic to oatmeal
You scared the death out of mommy and daddy...vomiting for 2 hrs straight...lethargic....slept for 3-4 hrs...eyes looked deep...I seriously don't want to go through that again...and then the weird poo for a week.  I am sooo sorry!  My heart broke for you and I was sobbing like a baby myself...
Because of the oatmeal incident...You REFUSE to eat anything other than breast milk.  You must think that I'm feeding you oatmeal again...Poor baby...hopefully this ends soon....I want you to eat foods and not need me every 2 hrs.

You love love love playing on the floor or bouncy seats
The other day I put you on the floor and went to the kitchen to cook dinner...I looked over on the floor to check on you and you weren't there...I panicked and then noticed you by the fireplace...Silly boy scared the life out of me....Mr Roly Poly
You love having your brothers and sisters make you laugh.  
Lily can jump up and down 
Jake can make funny noises
Reid throws balls
Grayson blows on your belly
Kate...mmm not sure haha
You love your sophie giraffe (like who doesn't)
You love chewing on balls
You love chewing on those crinkle sounding blocks
Ok see the pattern...YOU WILL CHEW ON ANYTHING
You love the bouncy seat....You will get to bouncing really high
Just bought you a walker so I can pull you from room to room now...Reid will push you down the hall ...not sure you like that just yet
The dog makes you giggle by just him walking by
You are silly and make me smile each minute of every day

You still hate for anyone to hold you but me.  Daddy did get to hold you for about 8 mins and you seemed to like it.  I was even standing in front of you and you didn't do that pained come and get me look.  Baby steps haha

You weigh 16.2 lbs...didn't gain any weight in a month....but maybe because you grew an inch.  You are 28" now!!!

You are the light of my life and each day I can't wait to hold your sweet wiggly body and kiss your sweet cheeks and inhale your scent!  Love you sweet boy!  

Happy Half Birthday


Southern Belle Mama said...

Happy half birthday Cole!! I seriously love how he and Reid look just alike! They are too stinkin' cute. :)

Also, if you have a "chewer" on your hands, get some chew beads. They are necklaces (or bracelets) for mom's to wear that are safe for baby to chew on. I have some in store for when little Sam gets to that stage.

Katie said...

What a sweetie!! So scary about the oatmeal :(

Jenn Adams said...

Love love love this idea! Sadly my baby girl is 8 months but I'm going to finish the rest of the year with this! So cute!

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