Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello, My Name Is Laura and I'm Going Bald

Ok a temporary bald that is.

6th times a charm I always say....

It's that dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss Stage.  If you've been there raise your hand.

Reid was 9 months when I got pregnant with Cole.  I was hoping the hair loss would quit thanks to pregnancy hormones...but nope....I lose from the time the baby is 4m until they turn about 1 yr old. 

I'm not getting those little tiny bangs growing in the front of my head.  I remember after Lily someone telling me I cut my bangs too short.  Ummm who cuts their bangs an inch or shorter might I ask?

It comes out in globs.  Hubs calls the wad in the shower a Shower Monster. 

I swear it takes me longer to get all the hair off me in the shower than it does to actually take my shower.

The kids think I should start collecting and stuff a pillow.  That after 6 kids I could have probably stuffed a mattress.

By this summer I'll have small 'pop ups' as I call them.  You know where you look at the top of my head and see 2 inch hairs sticking up all over the place.

I can always spot a hair losing mom...I want to shout..."Hey I have those too"  but I don't want to be slapped...Besides..they don't know me...I'll talk to anyone anywhere anytime.  Just ask the lady in the bathroom stall next to me sometime...(hee hee)

I'm half tempted to cut my  hair off....or whack some bangs to help with the process...But after 6 babies and trying a few of those things in the past I've always regretted it.  So I will sit with mangy, long, balding hair and suffer along with the rest of you!

Right now I look like an unkept dog.  The patches of hair make me look like a mangy mongrel

Some say, "After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage." 

Well mine need to quit resting...been there done that....

I guess I'm 2 months into it...I'm in it for the long haul...it's the growing in stage I hate. 

I'm doing my part by not washing the locks down the drain...baddddd
and taking my vitamins making sure my b12, iron, biotin, and omega 3's are up to date.  (I'm a nursing mom so I'm on my game)

Funny...I found this blog post of mine from over 4 years ago after I had Lily...I think I noticed a few grays in that bunch...

I'm off for a box of dye...I figure my gray's have multiplied since 6 kids have not only wrecked my hair (or sanity) but my color too!

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Dianna said...

I remember reading that post! I have some crazy regrowth going on right in the middle of my forehead that will not behave! Very frustrating!

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