Monday, February 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday: Good Parenting When...

1. Menu Monday

I've been making meals from Pinterest lately.  I've been dying to try the Balsamic Beef for a while now...Figured my family loves Beef au jus sandwiches...let's change up the liquid it's cooking in for a change!  I'll keep you posted on how it turned out!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

2. Little Man is 2

We ended up not having a bday party for  Family couldn't come and the kids were busy...Pointless to have his bday a month later when EVERYONE could get on the ball...I am saving all the stuff I ordered and starting making for Cole's 1st birthday !  Now I have plenty of time to keep planning!

Little dude didn't seem to notice he was lacking a party...he got some cool gifts...Buzz Lightyear Costume...woody/buzz pj's and a really cool metal Tonka Truck.  This boy is into his trucks

Of course I had to make some birthday is complete w/o a cupcake cookie right?

I swear Reid went from a 20 word vocab to 2,000 word vocab over night.  He cracks us up daily with his new words.  His pronunciation

3.  Good Parenting....?

If you are like me you get busy and say the words  "In just a minute"  far too many times to count.
Lily asked me for something to drink...I was changing a poopy diaper and told her "In just a minute"  ...then I got busy...again she came to me...."Mom I'm thirsty...will you get me something to drink"  again I think I was busy and couldn't stop and said "In just a minute"  this went thing it was time for me to put Reid and Cole both down for naps...took me about 30 mins total.  Lily usually entertains herself with a preschool activity or snack that Reid isn't allowed when I put the younger ones down.....

I came down the stairs and Lily's mouth was she had something to drink inside it...BAM I remembered poor child was thirsty...

Me: "what's in your mouth sweetie"
Lily:  "Mommmmmmmy I was sooo thirsty I went into the bathroom and got a drink from the sink with my hands"  

Well at least she was smart enough to know where to go for water hahaha...deep sigh...I fail as a mommy!  And Yes I finally got her that drink.

4.  Sitting Pretty

Someone is trying to learn to sit.  We are down to about 5 secs before we face plant...
Sweet boy is about to be 6 months.  Is that crazy or what?  

He has started babbling up a storm with his dadadadadaddddaaaadddd's.  Here he was just jabbering away to me...

5.  My Twin

Ok this is my baby picture and then that is Cole...Is it just me or do we look alike? 

6.  Mini Me...

She got her hair whacked off for her birthday.  I really wanted her to keep her hair long (like her momma), but she reminded me it was only hair and would grow.  She's right I guess (grins)

I have to admit the haircut suits her personality 

7.  Garage Sale Scores

It's no secret I love a good deal...I've had my eye on this baby bath seat for a while now....but it's $24-35 depending on the website.  I found it for $5 on our fb garage sale site!  BAM


Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

"in just a minute" - you speak my language. :) It happens Mama and at least your little one is resourceful. ;) Don't be hard on yourself. Stopping by from Miscellany Monday!

Karen said...

Stopping by from the Miscellany Monday link up :) I totally understand the "in a just a minute" and I only have one little babe right now lol. Hope that your pinterest recipe turns out delicious!!

emily said...

Loving the haircut, it looks so good on her. and yes, cole is definitely your twin! that cookie looks so good too. found you via the link up, hope you have a great monday! x

Pride In Photos said...

Hello Laura...found you through Carissas blog. I just got back from Houston and your blog title grabbed my attention☺ Love it♥ Your son and daughter are very cute.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i think each of your kiddos look so much like you. i always get the "oh they look just like daddy" bit with mine. LOL!

i cannot believe your babies are as old as they are. crazy train!

your cookies always amaze me. so does your cooking. you are all kinds of talent, mama!

Anonymous said...

I am always saying "in just a minute" and my kids always roll their eyes at me because I forget.. whoops!
Aw her haircut looks so cute on her!
Garage sales are the best - I cannot wait until the weather gets better so I can go garage saling!!

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