Monday, February 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday...

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

one.  Nuts for Coconuts

We've been using coconut oil to cook with for close to a year now...Our pedi recommends it for skin too...
Reid has horrible horrible dry skin on his feet...I keep a tiny jar of coconut oil by the changing table and smear some on at diaper changes....Seriously his feet look horrible in the summer...he's allergic to grass and he's constantly barefoot in the helps

The kids got colds a few weeks ago and so I grabbed my Eucalyptus oil and made my own Vicks rub (Thanks Pinterest)

Want to eat more of it?  Use it instead of butter...Smear it on your toast....or add to your spinach smoothies!  I read that instead of 4tbs of butter when making your rice krispy treats use 4tbs of coconut oil!I must try this.

two.  My Men

If you have a little boy you know what I'm talking about.....seeing your boys together makes your heart swell.  Reid wants to do EVERYTHING his daddy does

This weekend hubs was leveling the thing I saw...?  Reid climbed up on top of him and was helping shine the light.  He even got his "tools" out and was hammering away with his daddy!  Love them!

three.  Citrus Lane

 It's one of those monthly clubs that send goodies in the mail according to your child's age.  0-5 yrs!!

We signed up last month and got our first box for February!  I am hooked and can't wait for March's shipment.  Free shipping...can't beat that!  Want $10 off your first box?  Use this code...

This month we got music instruments...the kids bang daily!  (hubs leaves the room) ..but cole loves the noise

Each box had a book in it too.  From what I read each month has a book.  Which is great for us since my kids LOVE read stories.  Sign up and tell me what you think!!

four.  Menu Monday

It's that only means to sharpen your pencil's and get your grocery lists made

Monday: Taco Wraps (making taco meat and using lettuce instead of shells)
Tuesday: Bunless Burgers w/avocado mash
Wednesday: Chicken Ranch Chicken (Pioneer Woman recipe)
Thursday: Stuffed Meatloaf and Garlic Green Beans (mashed potatoes for the kids)
Friday:  Flank Steak w/ Soy-mustard Sauce 
(here is the stuffed meatloaf recipe)

I do our shopping on Saturday to get it out of the way.  I made it super early this time and felt like I had the store to myself.  (well sort of anyways) 
Cole decided to be a stinker....(note to self...BRING WRAP TO WEAR HIM)  He usually takes a nap in the carrier, but this time he started hollering the minute I stepped foot in the door.  I carried him the entire trip and my arms were aching....

five. Wasn't me

Don't you just love the "not me" phase?  It starts early and hangs around a long time ...

When Kate was in 1st grade she had a playmate over.  They were in oldest son's room (which was a no no) and the friend took a marker and colored on the natural wood loft bed we had built for him.  Up the entire length of the railing where you climb up. She wrote her name and I ♥ Mom.  I mean it's great and all she loves her mom...but a marker on the bed... 4 steps in fact.  I was livid.  No amount of scrubbing came off.  We hadn't planned on painting the loft bed..he wanted a natural look....and it was a full size needless to say it was a huge section of the bed.  The little girl said she didn't do it.  Odd b/c Kate didn't know how to spell the girls name...and it wasn't kate's handwriting...mmmmmmm!!
Oldest child was equally livid bc he had child's writing on his new bed! forward to present day.  

I was vacuuming the stairs and turned the vacuum off to hear giggling in the guestroom....lately they strip all the sheets and pillows off...(annoying really....esp when there are sheets...2 quilts...pillow topper and about 10 pillows)
I hear scratching sounds and try to process what the noise could be......
That would be drawing with a marker on the wall sound....
(look closely above the's hard to tell b/c the wall color is so person it's quite the's huge!)


Lily says  "wasn't me."

She wrote her name on the wall...Reid can't write so someone is in trouble for lying! I mean he is too, but she is doubly for lying to her mommy!

It's hard to tell...but there is green lines and in red Lily wrote her name and was starting to draw a fairy to the side of it.

Hubs says now we have that headboard I always wanted!  Not!


Carol Fleisher said...

You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your meal plan. I really need to start meal planning. Have a great week! :)

Jennifer said...

I started using the coconut oil on a spot of ring worm that my daughter got from her soccer socks. Works much better than over the counter medicine!

And here is my menu from the week. You have to try the grapes. It was my first time making them and we were licking the bowl clean. We didn't add the extra brown sugar or walnuts in it:

Neely said...

I think writing on the wall is just something we all have to get our of our systems hahaha

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i am stuck on the homemade vicks. how brilliant. thanks for helping a mama out!

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