Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pregnancy and The Mommy Body

OK so my mom is in town for the week.....and she had her camera ...she doesn't ever delete photos from her memory card on her camera...nor does she remember to download them.  (the sucker is full)

She always wants to come over and see her photos and I don't let her...haha I don't want to load years of photos on my computer of her photos....


We were looking at photos of her's on her camera and I saw a pic of me with the big kids.....

I had that awwwww "I wonder who I'm pregnant with" moment

Only when I noticed the date I realized it would be another 2 weeks before I found I was pregnant with Cole.  (enter sad face)

Deep sigh...I looked 7 months pregnant.  And the worst part?  I was about 8lbs less in that photo than I am today.

So that totally decides it...Pictures don't lie and my mirror and brain do

I'm totally going to work on this....(points to baby gut)

People always say don't be so hard on yourself you have 6 kids.  But what does that even mean?  Because I have 6 kids I can let myself look pregnant when I'm not?  

I have a closet full of clothes that are calling my name....and if I can get into my pre-pregnancy size I will have a brand new wardrobe.  (past 4 yrs of having kids is over)

Hubs and I are starting Monday...(I have a middle of the week issue with jump starting has to be the start of a month or week)

Yes I'm bringing Hubs in this with me too....cutting out all sweets, sugars, fruits, and breads...sticking with leafy things and meats for a few weeks....then we will slowly go into a low glycemic regime.  After I had #3 I did this and dropped 25 lbs and kept it off until I got preg with #4, 5, and 6.  It seems years ago though...and back then I could actually head to the gym for hrs alone.  I don't have that luxury today.

If I'm brave enough I'll do a before photo.  I'm always so inspired by all the other momma's out there that share struggles and joys!  

Since I can't leave the house to go work out...I'll stick with lunges in the hall and push ups with the kids on the floor (grins)  I mean we do what we gotta do

Stay tuned....I might have a bloggy rant soon of all the things "I cook but can't eat i'm so miserable everyone hates me why can't i eat that like everyone else and have it not go to my hips this is so hard i miss cookies" Post


Expat Girl said...

Good luck!!! You can do it!

A Lil Story said...

Omyword- we must have the same brain today! I am typing a post that says almost this exact same thing!! Hudson is about to be 6 months and I am sooooo over the post-baby body. I have taken a few "before" pics, but might be too vain to post them- ha! At least you will not be alone in your misery for the next few months ;) I'll be your cheerleader- We can do it!!

Jenn Adams said...

Good luck on your new journey! Can't wait to keep following! You can do it!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Girlfriend! Read my post tomorrow!! For sure! I just stared Advocare, it's incredible.

And I agree, six kids is SUCH a blessing, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. It's hard what they do to our bodies, but so, so worth it. You are an amazing momma!

Jumping Jack said...

You are too funny! YOU CAN DO IT!

Arlene Kalmbach said...

I'm with you! I'm a year past delivering twins and no change in weight so on January 1st I started a challange. I'll blog about it sometime soon but pretty sure I won't be brave enough for "before" pics :) Cheers,

Jessi said...

You can do it! You can always stop by my blog for tips on how we did/do it too. Plus if you've done it before, you can do it again! I workout mostly at home. Every once in a while I can go to a zumba class but usually only once a week but not every week. You just have to make it work and not let any excuses get in the way. I have faith in you! It's been 2 years since I lost my weight now and I am so glad that I never looked back! It took an Easter video and about 4 different people asking me if I was pregnant within a week of each other to make me realize that I had gained weight, so I understand!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Prayers for you L~you are rght on...and thinking just like me. I don't have 6 kids, and my youngest is 13...what's my excuse?? Just continuing to stuff my face and not excercise this winter!
You have inspired me...I'm going to change my eating habits!!
I don't know if I can do a before pic...I'm so disgusted. Maybe I should for motivation! lol

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