Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reading to Your Babies..Here Are A Few of My Favorites

I've been reading books to my babies for 16 yrs now.  
I saved books that I read to the older 3 and now I'm reading to the younger 3.  I have some memorized and loved them now as I did all those years ago. 

Taking time during the day ....and before bed helps create a great day and night ritual.  My kids love to stop what they are doing and head to our reading corner.  I created a spot by the book has tons of blankets and cushy cushions to sit and  read on

Here are a few of my all time favorite reads..

Of course Goodnight Moon  
Hello, finding the mouse on each page is more fun than the story

What Will You Wear Jesse Bear
 Not sure what it is about this little guy, but we love jesse bear books.  My kids love giggling at the ants in pants part!


I Love you Stinky Face
I've created voices for this book.  It's quite interesting to hear me read (giggles)  Adore this book

Ah, sweet Alice.  "Reading is the magic key to take you where you want to be"   Great books with stories from the bible that your kids will enjoy and understand....

Any  I Spy Book

Totally adore these...when they are too little to 'actually' find the objects just have fun looking at all the things and have them point you out things they find.  As they get older they can actually 'spy' things

ALL OF THE CRITTER BOOKS...and I mean all...I've collected them for 16 yrs.  I think I might just have every one of them.  Some are held together by multiple pieces of tape thanks to little ones who think tearing is reading.  All time fav's...Just a Nap....Just a Rainy Day...Just Go to Bed...and this one!!!  I mean who doesn't love Mercer Mayer!?!

When Gray was first born over 16 yrs ago I joined a baby book of the month club.  I was a new mom and didn't have many to my collection.  One of my favorites was this soft Pooh Book...(Gray's nursery theme was classic Winnie the Pooh so this was special) 

 I can't believe Pooh has actually made it w/o being ripped out after 16 yrs!

What are some of your favorite reads with your children?  

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Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

We read "Go, Dog! Go!" (PD Eastmen's Book of Things That Go) every night to start us off. Usually followed by
"If You Give a Mouse a Cooke" by Laura Numeroff.

Sometimes we skip to the grand finale- Good Night Moon =)

I'm trying to add more to our collection but since he's only 1, he also thinks tearing pages is reading (yes, he has ripped apart those thick cardboard books, as well).

Love this list and will be looking for some of them to add to our shelves!

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