Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Up Wednesday...Lily-ism's Continued

one.  Menu Monday

My parents are in town for the week.  I based my meals on things I thought my daddy would like to eat...come to find out he's dropping my mom off b/c he has to travel around the state...BOO.  So I had to adjust the menu

I plan the menu based on things that will spoil those go in the front of the week.  You see I do my shopping on Saturday...I used to be Monday Mornings....while the big kids were in school....Then we had 3 more kids.  So I moved it to Sunday Mornings.  I hated that I've moved it to Saturday.  I truly hate this though b/c the kids see tons of food and think free for all.  THAT'S NEXT WEEKS FOOD PEOPLE STAY BACK  (haha)

Anywho.  Things that use bakery buns or certain chicken that I don't feel like freezing and rethawing days later go first

So My menu has been moved around and there is a gap on a day ....I'll figure it out later...(The recipes below can be found under my recipe tab)

Sunday:  (truly amazing sandwich) Grilled Chicken Torta w/Chipotle Crema
Monday:  Chicken Rollitini w/zucchini and Confetti Corn and Banana Pudding
Tuesday:  take under new dishwasher
Wednesday: chicken and dumplings
Thursday: fried ravioli
Friday:  Playoff Chili

two.  Lily

This child cracks me up.  For starters she is weird at pretend.  She really doesn't like to pretend, but does.  (make sense?)  She has to be 'real' and when you pretend to be a princess she scream no you're not you're a momma.  etc.  She will do pretend food....drinks...babies...barbies...but when it comes to dress up.  Nope she's just Lily in a costume.  haha

Remember the day I forgot her drink and she was smart enough to get a drink from the sink?  Well enter in another good parenting moment of when she got hungry....

I was busy doing dishes..or babies...or unloading groceries...(can't remember) but I was just about to get their lunches ready....she kept saying I'm hungry and I kept saying I know ...

Then she hands me a was a circle with smaller brown circles inside it  with "lily" words

and says..."This says I'm hungry and I want pizza"


The other day the playroom was a wreck...all the pillows were off and stacked in piles around the room.  I told Lily she needed to put the pillows back on the couch...

Lily:  "I didn't do that...I'm hiding stuff under there"
(ummm busted)

Lily:  "I can't pick up the toys...I'm not responsible ...someone else did it"

Lily:  "Reid's bowl is empty and the dog is the only one in the room.  I have deplucked that Moses is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY"  

My mom is visiting for the week and Lily has a new playmate ...Mee Mee wears glasses and occasionally will say "Hold on....let me get my glasses)

The other day Mee Mee asked where something was...Lily said

"Hold on let me get my glasses"  and ran off and put her pair of sunglasses on and helped look bhahaha  (love her)

three.  Citrus Lane

I finally heard about this monthly club for kids with goodies....I used a referral code and got $10 off my first box...My mother and Mother In Law were totally sweet enough to sign up for a box too so all 3 kids could receive a goodie box.

We waited patiently...(ok maybe only the kids since they had no idea these precious boxes were coming)

I had seen some of the goodies from previous months and I knew I was in store for some cute things.

This month's theme was Music!  (which drove hubs crazy)

 Yesterday I found the 3 boxes on our porch and nearly wept from excitement.... Look at the goodies we found....

Each box is age appropriate and according to the company they just added the new age bracket of 3-5yr old so Our First Month...Lily got a box too.

I even got some great goodies inside too...a fantastic organic lip balm and some toner.  The kids even got toothpaste and tooth gel for the smaller ones.  Lily actually begged to have her teeth brushed last night...THAT  NEVER HAPPENS

I can't wait for next month......

Want to get a box too?  Use this referral code to get $10 off your first box....shipping is always free


I think a few of you know I HATED MY DISHWASHER.  It was the thorn in my foot and side and bum....the rack at the bottom was missing all the wheels...which made it a pain to pull in and out.

The utensil basket had holes in the bottom which made the silverware fall through and a pain to pull out

The rack up top was half the size as the bottom which made putting stuff in a chore since hardly anything could fit.  Then wheels started falling off of it and then wouldn't pull out....hubs had to rig it with a screw so I could at least partially roll it out. 

It doesn't clean the dishes real well and I ended up having to scrub everything before I put it in ....Which made it a pain for me....

Top it off I had to do 3-4-5 loads a day!  I hated that thing

Enter my inlaws.

They see me every Wednesday struggling with the thing.

They have some friends who just moved to a fancy smancy house.  (talking 7 figures smancy)  The dishwasher would pop open when you started it and the old owner decided to buy a new one and put this one in her garage.  Well my inlaws friends moved in and my in laws asked if I could have the dishwasher sitting in the garage.
They said sure.  But that it was broken...I DIDN'T CARE

It pops open when you start close pops open again and you close it then it finishes with the cycle.  I can handle that  (here in a few months we will see about fixing it)


Did I mention this sucker is an awesome looking piece of machinery?  Puts my old one to shame.  Did I mention the top rack and bottom rack pull out like it's rolling on silk?  Did I mention it has all wheels?
Did I mention the top rack is the same size as the bottom and get this....the top rack can lower down if you need to put tall things in  (SWOON)

Here's a pic of the sweet girl! 

Thanks to my inlaws for thinking of me!  And yea to rich ppl who don't fix things and buy new ones!  (giggles)

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