Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lily-ism's: "the Cops are Coming"

They are building a house across the street from us (finally)  We have walked it a million times now.  Lily pretends that it's our house and we will be moving soon.  I have to agree with her...I remember that plan when we decided to had a walk-in pantry...(deep sigh) 

Sometimes after lunch we all head to the front porch and watch the workers building the house.  The other day Lily shouted  (seriously shouted/yelled)

"Hey, when are y'all going to be finished building my house?"  

On another day I have no idea what possessed her but she yelled

"Hey watch out, the cops are coming"  

I was totally humiliated.
Where on earth did she get that?
Lily was talking back the other night in the kitchen to her daddy

Daddy:  "Lily are you back talking me"
Lily:  "No I'm front talking you"

of course I had to run and hide my face b/c I nearly busted out laughing at them.  Daddy did good holding his stern face....and Lily not having a clue what she said held her angry I just couldn't hold it in


shopping at Wallyworld over in the frozen section

Lily:  "Mommy you crack me out"


while driving in the car the other day

Lily:  "Mommy why do I have to have 4 brothers...I asked for sisters only"


Lily:  "Mommy, Reid just looks like he needs a spanking...I'm gonna do it for you"


Ok I want to know how all kids ages 4 and over know potty jokes are gross and make people laugh?  What is it about that age.  She thinks anything about saying poo poo and tee tee is funny.  We hear constant Knock Knock jokes about the potty....or having Tea Parties and we are eating poop.  Seriously it never have a kid this age potty jokes are all the rage!


Lily:  "Mom, it's time to trade Reid in for a new one...this one is rotten"


She is still HORRIBLE at make believe.

Sometimes when she walks into a room I'll say "hello princess Lily"
Where in turn she cries and pouts..."I'm just LILY"

Playing pretend is no fun with have to actually be dolls and other creatures around you can be pretend sometimes....but not you...You can only be you.  


Lily is still into "writing" you letters when she's angry.
Yesterday while in the shower she wrote me an angry note. 

It said

Mommy, I'm not happy with you......I said I wanted to go outside"


The other day I went to put Cole down for a nap ...Lily stays downstairs and usually plays on the computer....This time she got my phone.  

I assume my mother txt me while I was miss thang got my phone and responded.  Their messages went on forever.  Lily was snapping photos of herself .....the tv.....and toys around the room.  How on earth do 4 yr olds already know how to do that.

I asked my mother later why on earth she responded with words to Lily....she obviously can't read yet and had no clue what she was saying!  bhahahaha

Love her!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Newbies in the Kitchen

My birthday came early....(it's April 11th...but who's counting)

16 days early that is....

I mean every girl needs a shiny, new,  gorgeous, state of the art

double oven...

Deep sigh...ain't she a beauty?

After hubs hooked her up, I ran to Wally World for some premade cookies to see how she cooked.  
I got 5 pans out and loaded them up....put one pan in the top oven and 4 down in the lower oven....set the timer and waited

All the kids were sitting on the counters joining in in the fun 
(you'd think we've never seen an oven before)

My old oven cooked at 25' higher or more at could only cook 1 thing at a time and then you had to start checking your food about 10 mins before required time...annoying...

So bam ...timer goes off and we all look and nope still not cooked...
Set timer for another 2 mins...
Same thing....still not cooked

I begin to panic and will the oven 'DON'T YOU DARE FAIL ME...OR I WILL HURT YOU'

I look at the side of the oven and realize the door is ajar and the heat is escaping and I bet that is why they aren't cooking

I'm so upset to think I will have to call the repairman  (hubs bought me a 5 yr warranty though)

Hubs walks over...pushes the door and it won't stay...then he looks inside....and sees my pans long ways PUSHING ON THE DOOR MAKING IT NOT CLOSE PROPERLY

We all busted out laughing...of course except for hubs...he smacked himself in the head and said "That's my girl"

Well now I know I can't fit 4 baking sheets in the bottom.....I realized 1 in the top and 2 in the bottom is perfect combo for baking cookies

Thankfully NOTHING was wrong with my sweet new baby!

Hubs also surprised me with a few Le Creuset pans I have been drooling over. 
(did I mention I'm making a pot roast in one tonight?)

I feel like a princess with my jewels...

I used a few pans last night to cook dinner.....then I saw grease splattering all over the place during cooking

I nearly threw in the towel and ran to get take out.  I didn't want my new stove to get dirty so soon.

Took me longer to clean the entire thing than actually making dinner after it was all said and done.

What did I fix?

The Pioneer Woman's Pepperoni Pizza Burgers....Verdict?  Not bad...will make again!!!!

(photo is Ree's not mine...)

I love my new toy!  I actually walk by it with a goofy grin on my face...I'm all giddy with happiness...I'm oozing excitement from the inside out!  

Happy Birthday to me!  (a few days early)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Child Birth Doesn't Hurt...

Out of my 6 kids only 1 was with drugs.....That would be child #1.  

I had a horrible experience with the Stadol (sp) and Epidural.  So I knew I would have to do natural with any future babies.  Hence my love of midwives...I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

As for child birth....I think it hurt, but I can't honestly remember the pain.  

Weird huh?  It's like it's my body's way blocking the hurt so I will keep having babies.  (it worked)

Funny though, when labor hits IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME...and I swear to hubs I will never do it again.

Parenting is like that too.

I will tell stories lately of how wonderful child #1 and #2 were.  How they were the easiest babies and the sweetest babies/toddlers ever.  

You see I'm going through the sibling fights with Lily and Reid right now.  Reid THROWS EVERYTHING.  Seriously he picks it up and throws it.  The child has a killer arm!  I tell hubs everyday we need to get him in baseball quick!  

But it hurts...and things break...and the more I stop it  or remove objects from his hands...(and let's face it, I can't clean the entire house of all objects)...he doesn't just throw toys....he throws anything he sees
He throws it at doors, walls, windows, over fences in the back yard...over balconies.....he loves to throw....

And he's proud of himself too.  

He truly thinks he's doing a great thing..."Look momma...I frow far"

When we read books and he sees something he says "Momma I frow"  

It's when he "frows" at his siblings or parents and it nails you that the issues really start!

Lily will scream and hit him back...which makes him hit her...which has her hit him....bam...fights and screaming occur

I swear that the older kids never did this...I feel I'm in new territory here.


I kept written journals for the boys (sorry Kate momma got busy and no journal for you)

I found one of those journals the other night was #2's  and it  talked about his sleeping habits.  Here I thought he slept like a champ....nope.  

I wrote "you are a horrible sleeper" 

I also thought #1 was an angel. 


I wrote something along these lines  "Grayson you are 2.5 yrs old and  extremely defiant.  You try and hit me and yell "No Mommy No"

I was shocked to say the least.  Here for years I was thinking that he never once did those things and now I read in my own words He told me no and tried to hit me????

Oh how little we forget.  (16 yrs doesn't seem that long ago)

Later on in other journals I wrote when the older 2 were ages 4 and 2 they would fight and hit each other constantly.  

These 2....look like sweet angels...surely they never fought and hit each other


Here I thought  they were dream toddlers  (I'm sure they were)

The good news?

I have been through this before and survived.
(so did the kids)

So for now I will deal with the chaos and noise and fighting...

I'll wipe the tears

Kiss the boo boo's

Hug the hurts

Punish with Love the little ones breaking rules

And know that here in another 10 years I will have forgotten the bad and only remember the good!

Life is like we get old the bad is gone and replaces with happy times  (or one can dream)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spoiler Alert....Citrus Lane

Our boxes came yesterday and I posted a picture of Cole with his goods on CL facebook page and boom...I got slammed with hate. Ok not entirely true, some women had my back!

I GUESS some people haven't received their boxes and didn't appreciate me posting a picture of what's inside.  (eek)  Oddly it doesn't post on CL wall but in their the ppl should not click on the photos daily during delivery week.  I made nice by deleting my photo though.  I try to keep the peace!


Whew...Needed to get that out of the way....I want to keep you happy!

Now on to sweet goodies!

I have talked about Citrus Lane before...(and no, CL didn't ask...doing this b/c I love them)

A personalized club for your kids....personalized by age and gender birth to age 5

You need to order by the 5th of each month ...but months have been selling fast.  (I just stay on automatic order)

Last month it was a music theme...we got some musical instruments and other cool things. (here's last month)

This month....Cloudb toys!

Lily's had a cloudb lavender scent (pouch inside) ladybug

She got some freeze dried Banana snacks

and this awesome paper doll set

what's great about it?  it's vinyl clothes and some are a scream! 
These have definitely come along way from our paper cut-out ones that tear and never stayed on!

These are my kind of Paper Dolls!

Reid got a Cloudb lavender scent lamb
fruit pouch (that Lily ate haha)
On the Road puzzle
and some jungle tattoos

Cole got some awesome things too!  He got a Cloudb Giraffe Lovey blanket (WE ARE GIRAFFE FREAKS) 
some cute chicken/rooster socks, some organic baby food, some weather protection skin cream, and some really awesome Wee Gallery flash cards!  He scored!
Each box also came with a $20 off coupon for me 
on Justfab

I know you want in on the action right?
It's $25 a month...but I have to add...those Cloudb toys retail at $21 so this pretty much paid for itself

Want $10 off your first box?  Use this code and sign up quick before April boxes sell out
Have more than 1 kid you want to buy for?  Use another email address and use the code too...get both boxes for $15 the first month!
Did I mention there is always free shipping?
Go on and try a month...cancel anytime!
I can't wait for April!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Lotta Firsts

one.  another 1st

yes..nothing but sweetness to this one (so far)

two.  sour patch kid

we all have one....first they're sour then they're sweet. 
take this guy for'd never guess he tried to sit on his little brother and made him cry...yelled at me that he wanted to "spank you" and threw a truck just mins before i took this picture!

three.  pots o gold

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

i may or may not have made these twice over the weekend *note: double sugar syrup mixture

four.  spring has sprung

now i need to make some of this....our weather is getting warmer...(mixed feelings there) and spring is just around the corner!

five.  copy cat goodness

hubs and i adore good salad dressing....maggiano's.....olive garden...ifratelli... to name a few.  i whipped up this last night and found a winner!  added some prosciutto and blue cheese too and our salad was complete.

six.  scales

well (insert evil laughter)  I had lost 9 lbs...but i'm back to only 7 lbs lost in 3 weeks...I was horribly bad last week (i ate brownies and chips and bread) and this weekend (i ate that st patty treat ..ok a lot...and italian food ..more, and cookies etc)  deep sigh...oh how i love good bad food!

today is another day right?!  so far so good  (granted it's only 9am)

seven.  meal 1st

i've got this on the menu for wednesday dinner with the in laws...looks so yummy...i'll keep you posted...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Losing The Baby...

3 years ago today we lost him or her. 

I went in for my 10 week check up on the 12th ...I remember my midwife telling me that my uterus felt normal...and asking me if I was sure my weeks were right.  

I remember thinking...."why is she asking that.....I'm 10 weeks along"

We couldn't find the heartbeat....she told me not to worry just yet....that it was still early yet to hear it....but deep down I knew something was wrong....

I had to wait the entire weekend before the ultrasound to confirm my fears...
I remember seeing the baby on the screen....whew....see I knew everyone was wrong.  Only problem was there wasn't a heartbeat...and instead of the baby being 10 weeks....he/she was only 6w 3d. 

The tech said she was so sorry....I don't really remember much after that....surely they were wrong...I had 4 easy pregnancies before this one...they just made a mistake....

I just wanted to go home.

For 10 weeks I have been dreaming and planning and getting ready for this baby.....In my mind we were already a family of 7.

Hubs left for work and Lily and I went home...I remember going into the bathroom sobbing/crying/yelling.  My heart was broken....I wanted my baby!

The pain in my heart seemed unbearable and I remember those telling me that had been through it it would get better.....How could that be?

But....they were right.  Time helps heal

Even though I wanted that sweet baby more than anything I knew if it didn't live something had to have been wrong.....and I wouldn't wanted him/her to have suffered here.  

A few months later we were pregnant with Reid.

I was a nervous wreck those first months....begging...willing him to stay....I needed an ultrasound at 7weeks to confirm he was still there and ok.  Here was my angel baby Reid!!!


He is the light of our lives......but that didn't make losing his sibling hurt any less.

And then came Cole....another sweet blessing making our family a perfect 8.  

Sometimes I want to say I have 7 children....(but I keep it to myself)  

Even though she or he didn't make it long, they were still apart of me and will always be my baby!

They were wanted before they were conceived and still thought of today!  

Here are the 2 crazy kids that followed our sweet loss!  Being 18 months apart I hope they stay best buds forever!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day in my Life By the Hour

While I can't show you every second of my are a few to keep you bored on your Thursday!

My days start somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30  (7:30 is rare)  I'm usually up by 7 to hang with the big kids before they leave for the bus...

Coffee starts my day....

and then off to settle Pole on the floor so mommy can get #4 and #5 fed, dressed and settled for the morning.

Hello Miss Thang

by 8am

laundry calls my name to be washed, dried, folded, and put somewhere

I have many of these (diaper changes a day too)

by 9 I'm ready to try and attempt a shower...never alone

#4 and #5 run the house while I take fast this point when I step out I hear screaming....I rush to the top of the stairs to see a mess in the gameroom

I'm not amused but know I need to be's nearing this one's nap...

I rush and get ready...clean the pillow mess...grab them a snack and settle this one in my arms for a nappy poo 10am

While he naps we have balloon time....and playing outside 10-11

All seems well....then of course meltdowns start

Sometimes before lunch Cole will wake and we start making lunches....


Today I think I might try solids again...let's try Carrots....we haven't tried those yet
I actually got about 5 bites in him and he only gagged twice!  We might be on to something....

More outside time....while mommy tries to eat 
cucumber, feta, bacon salad and some smashed cauliflower for me!

It's nearing naptime and I find this one outside refusing to come in!  Silly boy...Mommy always wins!  (grins)

We head upstairs for some reading time and then night night time.....

I then rush back down and put Cole down for another nap himself...hoping to catch a few moments of peace for Miss Lily and Mommy to do crafts...


Thought we would do some Spring Bunny glue and cotton pictures....and potty breaks

After this my day gets crazy with dinner for family...the smaller kids get something different....I let them make some PB&J sandwiches to see if they would eat....thankfully they took a few bites...(dinner is never a favorite meal for them)

Clean up the messes.....load more with screaming kids and put cole down for last nap

and off for bathtime

Bedtime is 7:30 for Cole....8 for Reid and 8:20 for Lily....big kids need to be upstairs by 9-9:30....

Mommy and Daddy put their feet up now!  
I head to bed by start day all over again! 

             Now if I can just get  Cole sleeping through the night! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday.....Eating Out With Kids Edition...not!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

one. 8 down 15 to go

today is the start of week 3?  i've lost track...either that or week 2 ....point of story?  i'm down 8 lbs and have 15 to go to be where i was before getting pregnant with #4.  

hubs and i had an off weekend....i knew we was the only thing that kept me going for a few weeks.  we had mexican night on friday (mi cocina) and saturday we tried a new restaurant (hubs got take out) 
the food was outstanding...

two.  date dinner

if you have lots of kids going out 

1. doesn't happen... and 2. you don't dare take the kids.

how many times have you and your hubs gone out with the small ones...and thought it would be different that time?  one of you either stands the entire time bouncing a baby...or one is outside in the car with a fussy baby?  one is chasing a tot that refuses to sit...or one is trying to feed everyone else or stop one from throwing food?
by the end of the 15 min spent way too much money ...u didn't enjoy it.... u get it boxed to go and then look at each other while driving away asking "why did we do that?"

so hubs got us a dinner date take out.

the place wasn't too far from home....and the reviews looked's called Tru Fire boasted good mac in cheese (which i wish we got) and great pizza.  

we shared fire roasted artichokes BAM THOSE WERE AMAZING
and a salad...the croutons were fantastic...had a bit of a fire kick to them...which made the salad
and we shared a pizza called Latin Fire.  It was really really good.  it had avocado, diablo sauce, caramelized onions, 3 cheeses, huge pieces of steak, and a roasted jalapeno cream.  it could have been a bit spicier ....but we were over all pleased!  we would like the inlaws to come over and hubs and i rush off for a lunch one day....(and not talk about the kids)

three.  spring cleaner

it's spring break here...and that should mean cleaning...and i am i really am (ok gonna try)
i am a sucker for commercials and saw this one for this....

i just had to have...hubs said it was a waste of money...but i like the idea of it on the kids bathroom wipe up spills right then.....that way sinks and potty lids stay clean...what's the excuse when it's sitting by the sink?  
so i bought 2...(the blue) and i'm a fan!
now if i can get the kids on board

four.  target

i went to target and was looking at sippy cups  (pups as reid calls them)  am i the only one who's sippy cups bubble on the bottom due to multiple washes in the dishwasher (i like heat dry so i understand the cause!)  anywho

i'm on the sippy aisle and a lady was looking at baby food and asked a question...which got us to talking...and talking....and i adored her right then and knew we should be friends....she confided she had difficulty getting pregnant and was told she would never have any....they now have 2 (5m and 18m) and said they were miracle babies....asked me if God only gave 2 miracles?  and if i would pray for her to be blessed with more...i agreed right then and there!! 

the kids grew restless and we had to part...i wanted to exchange names and #'s but was afraid she would think i was nuts...(even though she started the conversation with me to begin with hee hee)

five.  cole

he might not sleep great...and might refuse solid foods...but the kid rocks!

6.  essential oils

it's no secret we don't vaccinate.....and we use a chiropractor.....we like herbs and natural forms of wellness when we can ....

so i'm jumping on the bandwagon of ESSENTIAL OILS 

i suffer from really bad vertigo and i hate taking pills...they make me sleepy and hard to function on a daily basis...

a month or so back i had another horrible attack...and its been weeks and can't shake the dizziness on a daily basis.  it's so hard to function with 6 kids and still be 'mommy' during the day.   all i want to do is lay down and take deep breaths ...but i can't.....

ive been drinking a drop of peppermint oil in a tiny bit of water when i start to feel dizzy...i then smell it (i put a drop under my, it doesn't feels warm and i like it)  i've also been using the oil in my temples for tension headaches and on the back of my neck....

ive now got some lavender oil ....i'm ready to buy some thieves oil....

tell me what you know of oils ...i'm ready to learn more!

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