Monday, March 18, 2013

A Lotta Firsts

one.  another 1st

yes..nothing but sweetness to this one (so far)

two.  sour patch kid

we all have one....first they're sour then they're sweet. 
take this guy for'd never guess he tried to sit on his little brother and made him cry...yelled at me that he wanted to "spank you" and threw a truck just mins before i took this picture!

three.  pots o gold

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

i may or may not have made these twice over the weekend *note: double sugar syrup mixture

four.  spring has sprung

now i need to make some of this....our weather is getting warmer...(mixed feelings there) and spring is just around the corner!

five.  copy cat goodness

hubs and i adore good salad dressing....maggiano's.....olive garden...ifratelli... to name a few.  i whipped up this last night and found a winner!  added some prosciutto and blue cheese too and our salad was complete.

six.  scales

well (insert evil laughter)  I had lost 9 lbs...but i'm back to only 7 lbs lost in 3 weeks...I was horribly bad last week (i ate brownies and chips and bread) and this weekend (i ate that st patty treat ..ok a lot...and italian food ..more, and cookies etc)  deep sigh...oh how i love good bad food!

today is another day right?!  so far so good  (granted it's only 9am)

seven.  meal 1st

i've got this on the menu for wednesday dinner with the in laws...looks so yummy...i'll keep you posted...

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Laid Back Sal said...

Why for the "good" bad food have to be so damn good!!!

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