Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Child Birth Doesn't Hurt...

Out of my 6 kids only 1 was with drugs.....That would be child #1.  

I had a horrible experience with the Stadol (sp) and Epidural.  So I knew I would have to do natural with any future babies.  Hence my love of midwives...I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

As for child birth....I think it hurt, but I can't honestly remember the pain.  

Weird huh?  It's like it's my body's way blocking the hurt so I will keep having babies.  (it worked)

Funny though, when labor hits IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME...and I swear to hubs I will never do it again.

Parenting is like that too.

I will tell stories lately of how wonderful child #1 and #2 were.  How they were the easiest babies and the sweetest babies/toddlers ever.  

You see I'm going through the sibling fights with Lily and Reid right now.  Reid THROWS EVERYTHING.  Seriously he picks it up and throws it.  The child has a killer arm!  I tell hubs everyday we need to get him in baseball quick!  

But it hurts...and things break...and the more I stop it  or remove objects from his hands...(and let's face it, I can't clean the entire house of all objects)...he doesn't just throw toys....he throws anything he sees
He throws it at doors, walls, windows, over fences in the back yard...over balconies.....he loves to throw....

And he's proud of himself too.  

He truly thinks he's doing a great thing..."Look momma...I frow far"

When we read books and he sees something he says "Momma I frow"  

It's when he "frows" at his siblings or parents and it nails you that the issues really start!

Lily will scream and hit him back...which makes him hit her...which has her hit him....bam...fights and screaming occur

I swear that the older kids never did this...I feel I'm in new territory here.


I kept written journals for the boys (sorry Kate momma got busy and no journal for you)

I found one of those journals the other night was #2's  and it  talked about his sleeping habits.  Here I thought he slept like a champ....nope.  

I wrote "you are a horrible sleeper" 

I also thought #1 was an angel. 


I wrote something along these lines  "Grayson you are 2.5 yrs old and  extremely defiant.  You try and hit me and yell "No Mommy No"

I was shocked to say the least.  Here for years I was thinking that he never once did those things and now I read in my own words He told me no and tried to hit me????

Oh how little we forget.  (16 yrs doesn't seem that long ago)

Later on in other journals I wrote when the older 2 were ages 4 and 2 they would fight and hit each other constantly.  

These 2....look like sweet angels...surely they never fought and hit each other


Here I thought  they were dream toddlers  (I'm sure they were)

The good news?

I have been through this before and survived.
(so did the kids)

So for now I will deal with the chaos and noise and fighting...

I'll wipe the tears

Kiss the boo boo's

Hug the hurts

Punish with Love the little ones breaking rules

And know that here in another 10 years I will have forgotten the bad and only remember the good!

Life is like we get old the bad is gone and replaces with happy times  (or one can dream)

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Laid Back Sal said...

The terrible twos have hit our house, I'm so glad to know they will be something long forgotten someday!!!!

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