Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day in my Life By the Hour

While I can't show you every second of my are a few to keep you bored on your Thursday!

My days start somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30  (7:30 is rare)  I'm usually up by 7 to hang with the big kids before they leave for the bus...

Coffee starts my day....

and then off to settle Pole on the floor so mommy can get #4 and #5 fed, dressed and settled for the morning.

Hello Miss Thang

by 8am

laundry calls my name to be washed, dried, folded, and put somewhere

I have many of these (diaper changes a day too)

by 9 I'm ready to try and attempt a shower...never alone

#4 and #5 run the house while I take fast this point when I step out I hear screaming....I rush to the top of the stairs to see a mess in the gameroom

I'm not amused but know I need to be's nearing this one's nap...

I rush and get ready...clean the pillow mess...grab them a snack and settle this one in my arms for a nappy poo 10am

While he naps we have balloon time....and playing outside 10-11

All seems well....then of course meltdowns start

Sometimes before lunch Cole will wake and we start making lunches....


Today I think I might try solids again...let's try Carrots....we haven't tried those yet
I actually got about 5 bites in him and he only gagged twice!  We might be on to something....

More outside time....while mommy tries to eat 
cucumber, feta, bacon salad and some smashed cauliflower for me!

It's nearing naptime and I find this one outside refusing to come in!  Silly boy...Mommy always wins!  (grins)

We head upstairs for some reading time and then night night time.....

I then rush back down and put Cole down for another nap himself...hoping to catch a few moments of peace for Miss Lily and Mommy to do crafts...


Thought we would do some Spring Bunny glue and cotton pictures....and potty breaks

After this my day gets crazy with dinner for family...the smaller kids get something different....I let them make some PB&J sandwiches to see if they would eat....thankfully they took a few bites...(dinner is never a favorite meal for them)

Clean up the messes.....load more with screaming kids and put cole down for last nap

and off for bathtime

Bedtime is 7:30 for Cole....8 for Reid and 8:20 for Lily....big kids need to be upstairs by 9-9:30....

Mommy and Daddy put their feet up now!  
I head to bed by start day all over again! 

             Now if I can just get  Cole sleeping through the night! 


jen said...

Love this. I especially love that you can look back and see what ate up all your time. Brad asks me what I did all day, and sometimes it all just jumbles together and I can't remember!

Dianna said...

Whew I am tired just reading this!

Laid Back Sal said...

The life of a stay at home momma!!! Keep up the great work :-)

Katie said...

Almost identical to my day in many ways, minus one baby!!!

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