Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lily-ism's: "the Cops are Coming"

They are building a house across the street from us (finally)  We have walked it a million times now.  Lily pretends that it's our house and we will be moving soon.  I have to agree with her...I remember that plan when we decided to had a walk-in pantry...(deep sigh) 

Sometimes after lunch we all head to the front porch and watch the workers building the house.  The other day Lily shouted  (seriously shouted/yelled)

"Hey, when are y'all going to be finished building my house?"  

On another day I have no idea what possessed her but she yelled

"Hey watch out, the cops are coming"  

I was totally humiliated.
Where on earth did she get that?
Lily was talking back the other night in the kitchen to her daddy

Daddy:  "Lily are you back talking me"
Lily:  "No I'm front talking you"

of course I had to run and hide my face b/c I nearly busted out laughing at them.  Daddy did good holding his stern face....and Lily not having a clue what she said held her angry I just couldn't hold it in


shopping at Wallyworld over in the frozen section

Lily:  "Mommy you crack me out"


while driving in the car the other day

Lily:  "Mommy why do I have to have 4 brothers...I asked for sisters only"


Lily:  "Mommy, Reid just looks like he needs a spanking...I'm gonna do it for you"


Ok I want to know how all kids ages 4 and over know potty jokes are gross and make people laugh?  What is it about that age.  She thinks anything about saying poo poo and tee tee is funny.  We hear constant Knock Knock jokes about the potty....or having Tea Parties and we are eating poop.  Seriously it never have a kid this age potty jokes are all the rage!


Lily:  "Mom, it's time to trade Reid in for a new one...this one is rotten"


She is still HORRIBLE at make believe.

Sometimes when she walks into a room I'll say "hello princess Lily"
Where in turn she cries and pouts..."I'm just LILY"

Playing pretend is no fun with have to actually be dolls and other creatures around you can be pretend sometimes....but not you...You can only be you.  


Lily is still into "writing" you letters when she's angry.
Yesterday while in the shower she wrote me an angry note. 

It said

Mommy, I'm not happy with you......I said I wanted to go outside"


The other day I went to put Cole down for a nap ...Lily stays downstairs and usually plays on the computer....This time she got my phone.  

I assume my mother txt me while I was miss thang got my phone and responded.  Their messages went on forever.  Lily was snapping photos of herself .....the tv.....and toys around the room.  How on earth do 4 yr olds already know how to do that.

I asked my mother later why on earth she responded with words to Lily....she obviously can't read yet and had no clue what she was saying!  bhahahaha

Love her!


Expat Girl said...

Haha she is hilarious! Madison is the same with pretend, we will say Hi Princess and she gets so mad saying noooooo I am Madison!

Michaela Anne said...

Sounds just like my Bella! I bet these two would be hilarious together!

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