Monday, March 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

one.  hurry hurry

if you want to try Citrus Lane they are sold out for March....sign up now for April....(shipments arrive late month)  Here's a code for $10 your first month

We loved our boxes last month....Cole loves his rainstick and i'm excited to see what this months box holds...

two.  wink wink

hubs was crazy funny yesterday.  every time i looked at him he would wink.  this went on all day.  i would purposely look at him to see if he would.  by then end of the day i was in hysterics!  

three.  i love food

week 1 of my drop 20 lbs and i'm down 5.  i'm hungry.  it's only b/c i want everything i know i shouldn't have.  sunday nights in our house is pizza's the 'mom has cooked all week and pizza lets her rest from the kitchen' meal...and thank you to little ceasar's who have cheap za to feed my large family.  hubs bought some flank steak for us too....i really wanted to take a piece of pizza when no one was one will know....but i i didn't!  i could picture the taste on my tongue.  one more week of die hard and then hubs and i can slowly add a cheat meal or 2 a month so we don't go insane one day!  baby steps people

four.  menu monday

since hubs and i can't partake in most of the foods for the week...we just simplify the meal for i won't have mashed potatoes on wed nite etc....

the entire meals for the week are from Pillsbury.  you can go online and search the recipes (of if you follow me on pinterest i pinned them under foody)

monday:  southwestern chicken scaloppine
tuesday:  white chicken chili w/beef taquitos
wednesday: chicken fried steak w/garlic cream gravy, mash pot, green beans and flourless choc cake 
thursday: layered mac and cheese
friday: pepperoni hand pies

dessert, i felt like since it was missing the flour and had other things in it hubs and i can eat then why can't we have a tiny slice?  we're going for's worth a shot...i hope it turns out good

five.  sleep

on the weekends the babies seem think the weekday sleep in doesn't apply too.  weekends they wake at 6:30  whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  

on weekdays i have to wake with the big kids....which means i can't sleep in....and what do the babies do?  sleep until 7:45 or 8  by babies im talking reid and cole.  
all weekend by 6:30 or before....
now what?  it's 7:45 and reid is still asleep.  
one day i will know what it's like to wake up on my own for once

six.  st patty's day

we are super excited around on pinterest for a full day of lucky fun 

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