Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday.....Eating Out With Kids Edition...not!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

one. 8 down 15 to go

today is the start of week 3?  i've lost track...either that or week 2 ....point of story?  i'm down 8 lbs and have 15 to go to be where i was before getting pregnant with #4.  

hubs and i had an off weekend....i knew we was the only thing that kept me going for a few weeks.  we had mexican night on friday (mi cocina) and saturday we tried a new restaurant (hubs got take out) 
the food was outstanding...

two.  date dinner

if you have lots of kids going out 

1. doesn't happen... and 2. you don't dare take the kids.

how many times have you and your hubs gone out with the small ones...and thought it would be different that time?  one of you either stands the entire time bouncing a baby...or one is outside in the car with a fussy baby?  one is chasing a tot that refuses to sit...or one is trying to feed everyone else or stop one from throwing food?
by the end of the 15 min spent way too much money ...u didn't enjoy it.... u get it boxed to go and then look at each other while driving away asking "why did we do that?"

so hubs got us a dinner date take out.

the place wasn't too far from home....and the reviews looked's called Tru Fire boasted good mac in cheese (which i wish we got) and great pizza.  

we shared fire roasted artichokes BAM THOSE WERE AMAZING
and a salad...the croutons were fantastic...had a bit of a fire kick to them...which made the salad
and we shared a pizza called Latin Fire.  It was really really good.  it had avocado, diablo sauce, caramelized onions, 3 cheeses, huge pieces of steak, and a roasted jalapeno cream.  it could have been a bit spicier ....but we were over all pleased!  we would like the inlaws to come over and hubs and i rush off for a lunch one day....(and not talk about the kids)

three.  spring cleaner

it's spring break here...and that should mean cleaning...and i am i really am (ok gonna try)
i am a sucker for commercials and saw this one for this....

i just had to have...hubs said it was a waste of money...but i like the idea of it on the kids bathroom wipe up spills right then.....that way sinks and potty lids stay clean...what's the excuse when it's sitting by the sink?  
so i bought 2...(the blue) and i'm a fan!
now if i can get the kids on board

four.  target

i went to target and was looking at sippy cups  (pups as reid calls them)  am i the only one who's sippy cups bubble on the bottom due to multiple washes in the dishwasher (i like heat dry so i understand the cause!)  anywho

i'm on the sippy aisle and a lady was looking at baby food and asked a question...which got us to talking...and talking....and i adored her right then and knew we should be friends....she confided she had difficulty getting pregnant and was told she would never have any....they now have 2 (5m and 18m) and said they were miracle babies....asked me if God only gave 2 miracles?  and if i would pray for her to be blessed with more...i agreed right then and there!! 

the kids grew restless and we had to part...i wanted to exchange names and #'s but was afraid she would think i was nuts...(even though she started the conversation with me to begin with hee hee)

five.  cole

he might not sleep great...and might refuse solid foods...but the kid rocks!

6.  essential oils

it's no secret we don't vaccinate.....and we use a chiropractor.....we like herbs and natural forms of wellness when we can ....

so i'm jumping on the bandwagon of ESSENTIAL OILS 

i suffer from really bad vertigo and i hate taking pills...they make me sleepy and hard to function on a daily basis...

a month or so back i had another horrible attack...and its been weeks and can't shake the dizziness on a daily basis.  it's so hard to function with 6 kids and still be 'mommy' during the day.   all i want to do is lay down and take deep breaths ...but i can't.....

ive been drinking a drop of peppermint oil in a tiny bit of water when i start to feel dizzy...i then smell it (i put a drop under my, it doesn't feels warm and i like it)  i've also been using the oil in my temples for tension headaches and on the back of my neck....

ive now got some lavender oil ....i'm ready to buy some thieves oil....

tell me what you know of oils ...i'm ready to learn more!

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The Herd said...

eucalyptus oil is awesome when you have a sore throat. It doesn't cure it but breathe it in and it is instantaneous. Your pain does come's not a forever cure, but it helps! I had the dizziness stuff for a couple of years...still creeps up. Email me at jnkbull @ know the rest...if you want to brainstorm! Who are you buying your oils from? I'd like to find some that are ok in water, like you have. I have only bought some at the store.

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