Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Newbies in the Kitchen

My birthday came early....(it's April 11th...but who's counting)

16 days early that is....

I mean every girl needs a shiny, new,  gorgeous, state of the art

double oven...

Deep sigh...ain't she a beauty?

After hubs hooked her up, I ran to Wally World for some premade cookies to see how she cooked.  
I got 5 pans out and loaded them up....put one pan in the top oven and 4 down in the lower oven....set the timer and waited

All the kids were sitting on the counters joining in in the fun 
(you'd think we've never seen an oven before)

My old oven cooked at 25' higher or more at times...you could only cook 1 thing at a time and then you had to start checking your food about 10 mins before required time...annoying...

So bam ...timer goes off and we all look and nope still not cooked...
Set timer for another 2 mins...
Same thing....still not cooked

I begin to panic and will the oven 'DON'T YOU DARE FAIL ME...OR I WILL HURT YOU'

I look at the side of the oven and realize the door is ajar and the heat is escaping and I bet that is why they aren't cooking

I'm so upset to think I will have to call the repairman  (hubs bought me a 5 yr warranty though)

Hubs walks over...pushes the door and it won't stay...then he looks inside....and sees my pans long ways PUSHING ON THE DOOR MAKING IT NOT CLOSE PROPERLY

We all busted out laughing...of course except for hubs...he smacked himself in the head and said "That's my girl"

Well now I know I can't fit 4 baking sheets in the bottom.....I realized 1 in the top and 2 in the bottom is perfect combo for baking cookies

Thankfully NOTHING was wrong with my sweet new baby!

Hubs also surprised me with a few Le Creuset pans I have been drooling over. 
(did I mention I'm making a pot roast in one tonight?)

I feel like a princess with my jewels...

I used a few pans last night to cook dinner.....then I saw grease splattering all over the place during cooking

I nearly threw in the towel and ran to get take out.  I didn't want my new stove to get dirty so soon.

Took me longer to clean the entire thing than actually making dinner after it was all said and done.

What did I fix?

The Pioneer Woman's Pepperoni Pizza Burgers....Verdict?  Not bad...will make again!!!!

(photo is Ree's not mine...)

I love my new toy!  I actually walk by it with a goofy grin on my face...I'm all giddy with happiness...I'm oozing excitement from the inside out!  

Happy Birthday to me!  (a few days early)

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LeAnna said...

Haha, I love you. For Christmas you need a few Wusthoff knives and you will be set. ;)

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