Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spoiler Alert....Citrus Lane

Our boxes came yesterday and I posted a picture of Cole with his goods on CL facebook page and boom...I got slammed with hate. Ok not entirely true, some women had my back!

I GUESS some people haven't received their boxes and didn't appreciate me posting a picture of what's inside.  (eek)  Oddly it doesn't post on CL wall but in their photos...so the ppl should not click on the photos daily during delivery week.  I made nice by deleting my photo though.  I try to keep the peace!


Whew...Needed to get that out of the way....I want to keep you happy!

Now on to sweet goodies!

I have talked about Citrus Lane before...(and no, CL didn't ask...doing this b/c I love them)

A personalized club for your kids....personalized by age and gender birth to age 5

You need to order by the 5th of each month ...but months have been selling fast.  (I just stay on automatic order)

Last month it was a music theme...we got some musical instruments and other cool things. (here's last month)

This month....Cloudb toys!

Lily's had a cloudb lavender scent (pouch inside) ladybug

She got some freeze dried Banana snacks

and this awesome paper doll set

what's great about it?  it's vinyl clothes and some are a scream! 
These have definitely come along way from our paper cut-out ones that tear and never stayed on!

These are my kind of Paper Dolls!

Reid got a Cloudb lavender scent lamb
fruit pouch (that Lily ate haha)
On the Road puzzle
and some jungle tattoos

Cole got some awesome things too!  He got a Cloudb Giraffe Lovey blanket (WE ARE GIRAFFE FREAKS) 
some cute chicken/rooster socks, some organic baby food, some weather protection skin cream, and some really awesome Wee Gallery flash cards!  He scored!
Each box also came with a $20 off coupon for me 
on Justfab

I know you want in on the action right?
It's $25 a month...but I have to add...those Cloudb toys retail at $21 so this pretty much paid for itself

Want $10 off your first box?  Use this code and sign up quick before April boxes sell out
Have more than 1 kid you want to buy for?  Use another email address and use the code too...get both boxes for $15 the first month!  

Did I mention there is always free shipping?
Go on and try a month...cancel anytime!
I can't wait for April!

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Amanda said...

I've never heard of Citrus Lane before but I just signed up for a box for my 3 year old!! He loves when I get boxes in the mail so he's going to drool over a box just for him!


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