Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turd Expert..Hubby to the Rescue

I'll save you the gory pictures that won't go along with this post...

By writing this I'm grossed out all over again.....so stop reading if you have weak stomach


We have all done it....(if you're parents of children that is)

Potty Training

I thought it would be so easy.  I mean the 1st three were a breeze.  3rd birthdays rolled around...they woke up and were pee pee and poopy and night time trained.  It was that easy.  I mean sure there were a few accidents....kids play and forget to tinkle....but basically I didn't rush things and it just happened. 

Enter in child #4

She really liked the potty at age 2.  But it was more a fun toy so I held off....I tried again at 2.5....still fun toy....so I thought ok by 3rd birthday.  

But she fought me.  She would hold her bladder for more than 24hrs.  I remember telling hubs this is insane...she's so stubborn.  I was ready to let her be in a diaper forever just so she would pee.  I would  bathe her a few times a day hoping the warm water would force her to pee.  (I'm hoping she did...)

She had me in tears b/c of this.....

Poop...totally another thing with her.  The diaper girl side of her would poo everyday like clock work in the evening.  So during potty training time I would run her in there in the evenings...but nothing.

Days and days and days (sometimes 4 or more) would go by and still  nothing.

We tried giving her foods to help....or more liquid  to combat her constipation...we've tried anything but laxatives and stool softeners (we've read bad things about them these days) but she still fought it

Fast forward 1.5 yrs later....I can't believe all the mess she put us through....


She still battles constipation from time to time.  We do our best to keep her hydrated etc....but she has days where she runs in there multiple times trying her best....but she just can't

When she does they are rock hard and the size of a baseball.

Yesterday she finally passed another huge one!  Poor girl...

Flushed...everything seemed fine

Then later we tried to flush and it clogged...so we plunged and plunged and plunged

Hubs poured some draino down and then came to tell me not to use the guest bath for a while. 

Then we realized some toys were missing from the bath tub.  

Lovely....Reid must have flushed some...we tried to remember how many toys were missing...

Later we tried to flush the toilet and still was jammed.  

Hubs decided instead of eating lunch he would take the toilet apart and find the clog

Minutes later he hollered for me to come in the bathroom...sitting on the tub was the toilet...he had it on it's side so we could see the bottom....

Hubs:  "what do you see"

Me:  "what am I looking at?"

Hubs:  "at the bottom of the toilet there is the hole that goes into the ground.....what do you see"


Hubs:  "yep"  and he proceeds to stick his hand in and pull out the biggest poo ball I've ever seen

Poor girl pooped so big that it wouldn't fit down the hole in the floor..........

I was more impressed with my hubs....he did it without flinching.....he DUG right in and pulled it out.

(sorry I can't help laughing)

The things he does for our family....I surely would have left it sitting in there and  just bought a new toilet!  

Oh the day in the life of parenting!  It's a dirty job but someone (points to hubs) has to do it

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends Smeekends: Grass...It's What's for Dinner

Not sure about you but one minute it's Thursday and the next minute it is Monday of the following week....

Time flies and I am not sure I am accomplishing all I need to.  (note:  I did get tons of laundry done AND put away...bam)

Yes, I did this to my boy.  Needless to say oldest child and hubs were not amused.
I think he's precious in this photo....and he will probably never see this until he gets a bride and I show her how adorable he was.  Mommy's need to have precious memories...for they are only your baby once.

I told oldest child.....You will only wish I put ears and a tail on you after you see your first Christmas photo (giggles)

Menu Monday

Monday:  Mexican Lasagna (under recipe tab)  I noted to make adjustments and I will tonight
Tuesday:  Honey Baked Spiral and all the fixings
Wednesday:  Ham and Bean Soup and cornbread (using leftover ham and hamhock for this to save $)
Thursday: Skirt Steak  and Avocado Mash
Friday: Bolognese Sauce

Basically this week will consist of things that I already had on hand or things I can reuse.  I had everything for the Monday night on hand except for the enchilada sauce and green onions

Tuesday I bought everything....but plan on using leftovers and beans from pantry for Wednesday dinner with the inlaws...already have the stuff for cornbread...and another Coconut Cream Pie for dessert to use up leftover coconut!
Thursday...had tons of skirt steak in freezer....already had tortillas too...only had to buy avocados
Friday...only had to buy some crushed tomatoes.
Tried to get out under $150 for the week but had to buy some diapers for Cole...Spent $165.  Now you look at that and think wow...that was horrible...but the kids pack lunches and I am feeding 8 ppl.
(I have to say I am pleased since my bill usually is close to $400 a week!)

I wish I could find more ways to save....

Our weekend was quite relaxing....

We did a Kiwi Crate project all weekend...(more on that coming Wednesday)

and played outdoors in this fantastic weather.

Oldest child went to the Music and Arts Festival in town....I would have loved to have gone...but ....there's always a but isn't there?

Cole has been a crawling fool lately and likes to watch #4 and 5 play outside with the door open.  He stops when he comes to the screen....it's probably only a matter of time before he realizes he CAN go through it too! 

I can now find him into everything.....the dog food is not safe once again.  Why do all crawling babies make a bee line for the water and food?

Took him into the grass for the first time..he ate a few sprigs...I'm guessing it's ok...I mean lettuce is good for you!!!

Open Up Cole....I spy grass in there!

Miss Thang needed in on the pictures.  This weekend she was quite demanding...so I called her Your Highness...which brought tears...the girl can NOT pretend to save her life.  Jeepers Lily...  Even when she is a princess or super hero...she's Lily....

Another incident yesterday?

set the scene:

Lily is at table doing a Kiwi Crate Craft
Reid is running around the house leaping from the couch like a super critter
Cole is crawling around like a bug trying to pull up on things

Lily: "Mom my stomach is calling....It says I need food....so that means you need to feed it...you're the mom"
Me: "yes your highness"
(me getting some nutella toast for miss highness and leap frog)

Cole wipes out and falls and cries.....

Lily: "Mom...you're not doing a very good job of watching your baby. You should sit with him at all times. You need to do a better job"

Deep Sigh....Thanks Lily.

No worse for the wear....gotta fall to learn to crawl!

#3 had to leap over the fence multiple times to retrieve balls that Reid seems to keep throwing over the fence...not just balls...but toys too....it's getting annoying.  I'm hoping this phase is over quick!

Oh to have her long legs and cat like reflexes when leaping!

Weekend ended without mishap...(thank goodness)

Child #2 (or extra as #3 calls him)...cleaned his room (insert angels singing)....

Oldest child crashed about 6pm since he was up all night Saturday night when he spent the night with friends....can you say exhausted?

Hubs and I watched Hallmark Movie Channel all weekend and I cried  for the millionth time while watching Elevator Girl and The Lost Valentine.  He makes fun of me b/c I will say "this is the stupidest movie ever"  then break down and cry and beg him not to turn the channel.  Love me good clean sappy movies!  Thanks Larry Levinson!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mothers of Boys

I love my girls....I love dainty and pink and twirls and rainbows and baby dolls....I love all things girls..

But I tell you there is something about my boys that just melt my heart.

Nothing I have done have made them the way they are....their sisters are all girly...my boys are all boys

My girls never store things in their pockets....

My boys have collections of things that you make you giggle.

My girls never slide on the carpet as if it was a ballgame

My boys slide as if they are sliding to home plate for the win

My boys will run in the mud with the dog

My girls will shout "mud mud mud"

My boys dirt will throw it in the air as if it's rain

My girls will shout "I'm dirty I'm dirty"

My boys will take sticks, golf clubs, wooden spoons, drum sticks you name it and it becomes swords.

My boys will take their hot wheels and drive them on my leg as a road

My boys will drive the plastic lawn mower as if it is the vacuum or a race car driver chasing the bad guys


What is it about bugs?  My boys will squat right next to a spider, roly poly, or worm and study it...even poke it

My girls run screaming from a room.

My boys spit ....they love to spit....and they love to spit whatever liquid they are drinking.  If it dribbles down their clothes?  Even better.

My girls?  So much of a drop of water hits their dresses or skirt they are in hysterics.  I think my girls change clothes 3 times a day.....my boys?  Would wear the same dirt covered, spit on, worm smeared shirt to sleep in if I let them.

Balls?  Any object can be a ball.  Just ask Reid.  

Trucks?  The cooler the better.  Reid can spot a truck miles away.  It's like the world stops and the truck is all he can see.  My girls could careless about a truck or fast car.

I love watching my little girls play babies....I get them.  I get the cuddle...swaddle....feed...burp side of the girls...

But my boys fascinate me.  I can sit for hours watching how their little minds work.  The adventure they can find in the smallest things.  My boys have taught me to stop and see not just the bottle of water...but the ray gun that shoots liquid lasers.  Or to not see the spoon isn't for eating cereal, but a huge shovel for digging a hole to hideout in.


My boys!  

My boys who are growing into little men....

Who want to hammer on things...and build things with their hands.  Who want to have tool bags and workshops just like dad

Who watch daddy hug and kiss me and run over and do the same thing


There's just something about my boys!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Citrus Lane...Spoilers! Now GO Get You Some

It's that time of month again where I can show you all the goodies we got from our Citrus Lane boxes

Lily's box

OOGAA silicone placemat
Melissa and Doug stamp set
Innobaby snack container 
Full size Bath Wash Honest Company

I was disappointed with her box...I thought it was a bit on the small side....but according to LILY?  IT'S MY FAVORITE BOX EVER.  
Goes to show you I know nothing.  The girl is seriously into those stamps.  Can you believe I never let her stamp before?  She must have spent a hr if not more stamping things.  Thankfully it washes off bodies with a wet wipe...she found the joy of stamping my hands and hers!

She got her snack box up and filled it with some cereal 

Reid's box Rocked

OOGAA silicone placemat
Innobaby Juice Box Holder
Melissa and Doug Paint with Water pad
Plum Organic Berry Pouch
Skip*Hop Monkey Bottle
Full Size Bath Wash Honest Company

He's into Curious George lately so he assumes that's a Curious George Sippy!  Yea for monkeys

Lily and Reid fought over the paint pad...and it only came with 1 paintbrush and I couldn't find a spare around the house. Mommy Fail

The juice box holder will come in handy. ....I have been wanting one of these...I hate when we get juice boxes b/c Reid always squeezes his.  He assumed it was a snack box and started filling his with snacks......ummmm there's a hole in the bottom buddy!

Sweet Cole's Box

OOGGAA silicone mat
Melissa and Doug Wooden Caterpillar Grasping toy
Innobaby Snack Container
Full Size Bath Wash Honest Company

Yes...I got 3 bath washes....but heck fire...I have 6 kids and 4 of them still love kid soap.  I probably go through more soap than you can believe.  I'm an Honest company lover already so this soap has already been put to use. (1 bottle has only 1/3 left)  The smell is yummy (sweet orange vanilla) and no harmful chemicals!

Want to try Honest Company Products for free?  You can choose a sample baby/home/body products or sample diaper bundle for free using this code

I'm over all another happy customer of Citrus Lane again this month 
All the kids were super duper Thrilled!

I got my neighbor hooked (the momma with 6 kids too)
We were both standing on our porches awaiting the mailman.  Crazy I know...but those yellow boxes make us happy! 

Want $10 off your first Citrus Lane box?  Use this link

  You can cancel anytime....so you've got nothing to lose!  Only thing to lose?  They sell out quick so I would sign up now before it's too late.  

To see reviews from previous months ....Citrus Lane Boxes

Monday, April 22, 2013

Raising Teens, Tweens, and Foody

one.  teens....boys

oldest spent the night with his buddies on saturday.....I get a phone call around 8:30am (I was confused on why so early ...those boys usually sleep until noon)  he asked if I could pick all 4 of them up ...bring them to our house....let all of them shower....feed them....and then they were off to friends.

so let me get this straight....all 4 boys need a shower and food?

I'm your girl!

i even baked a chocolate sheet cake.....bam!  born to be a mother!

two.  tweens

aww the lovely tween stage.  not old even for a true teenager....but still a sweet little girl...but who's body and age doesn't say 'play with paper dolls' anymore.

where they are stilling learning that sometimes mommy says things b/c it makes sense

tween's friend (who she spent the night with) learned the hard lesson of making sure you take your make up off at night.  her friend's eye swelled up and got infected.  bam.  sweet mini me's friend helped me teach the lesson of  WASH YOU FACE EVERY NIGHT really easy.  life lessons...it's hard being a girl huh?

how many times have i told her ...no matter how sick or tired you are you ALWAYS wash your face every night.

now i think she gets it

three.  copy cat

i told you back on my birthday i baked the olive garden's copy cat Lemon Cake ....
i've made it twice now.....did i mention that Wally World sells mascarpone cheese for half the price of the $$$ grocery stores?  yep.  so now you can cook like a pro with the good stuff

you MUST make this cake.

here's what you need and do


1 pkg of white cake mix
1 pkg of lemon cake mix
1/2 cup of sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
lemon zest (1-2 lemons)
lemon juice of 1 lemon
1 tub (8oz) mascarpone
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup whipping cream
4 tbs softened butter

I found using a Spring Form pan worked...but a 9-10" circle pan will work too.  Grease or butter your pan.  Prepare white cake mix using the box ingredients plus 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1 tsp vanilla to the mix.  Pour in pan and bake according to the box directions

For the filling....beat mascarpone cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice, and powdered sugar until creamy.  Whip your whipping cream in 2nd bowl until creamy.  Fold the 2 mixtures together and put into the fridge until firm (or until cake has cooled completely will work)

After cake cools...slice in half.
Spread 2/3 filling over bottom half....Top with 2nd cake

Spread a bit of filling over top and sides of cake  (doesn't need to cover...using this to have the topping stick)

To make topping...

Sprinkle some lemon cake mix over the butter and cut in....keep adding until mixture crumbles or until it's what you like.

Pat topping over cake and sides


You won't be disappointed!

four.  pallet love ♥

they were building a house across the street and they put some pallets to the curb for trash.  i made hubs run over there and get me a few.  (one persons trash is another person's pinterest project)

i know he thinks i'm insane....but i've got some great ideas ahead for him all my ideas

i adore this idea for a guestroom headboard

also love the herb/veggie garden idea

Source: goo.gl via Cowboy Boots on Pinterest

can't wait to get started...
five.  foody fun

i stumbled upon this recipe the other day...it had a few variations....(chile lime...yum)
but i made this one...
cheddar bacon tenders

along with a thick ranch dipping sauce....you know where you take the packet of ranch and mix it with sour cream! 

fantastic chicken tenders.  it says to use those bacon bits from a packet...but we made our own bacon!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friends Who Go the Distance

By distance I mean drive out to no man's land to see you!

I have a sweet friend who used to cut my hair all these years ago.  

We moved to our house now and the drive was far....but with only 3 kids at the time it was no problem.

Then I had Lily...and well...next came Reid...then Cole sprouted.....

Let's just say my hair never got cut again ....and I've missed her something terrible.

Not only did Maribel become (first) my hairdresser....but (2nd) one of my closest friends.

Girls night out consisted of a quick dinner and off to a movie!  (miss those days)

She got married and then had her sweet first baby boy!

She had a craving for Luby's mac n cheese with that him...I remember her txt how she ran from work to get some mac n cheese....I used to giggle...oh the things we pregnant women crave!

About a yr after that I got a txt that said she was craving Luby's mac n cheese.

I remember staring at the txt confused and then JUMPING UP AND DOWN SCREAMING

SO fast forward to today!  

Sweet Pretty Maribel held off clients until afternoon and is driving out to see me AND CUT MY HAIR tomorrow.

Hello?  How many friends will do that?  (maybe ones that get picture txt daily of horrible hair...or txt asking how to cut layers or bangs....and feel bad for them)

Can you say excitement written all over my face?  She is the only person in the world that can cut my hair and not make me cry. 

Yes, I'm one of those that would go for a trim and yet they didn't listen to you...you go home look in the mirror and cry asking yourself why you even wanted a haircut to begin with.

I wanted to give her a special treat to take her to her family, so I am baking my new favorite cake for her.....I will tell you tomorrow (she reads my blog and I want it to be a surprise)

It's a cake you must must make!  My kids have said it's their new favorite cake and they want it for their Birthdays!

For lunch I was going to make us Muffaletta sandwiches....I saw an episode of Bobby Flay this week and got me all craving the sweet toasted meaty olive goodness.....I txt her and asked if she liked olives 
Her reply NO.

Well there went that idea....so instead I'm ordering Chinese!  (hello...orange chicken goodness!)

Can't wait for my dear friend to come over!  It's been years and I've missed her sweet face!!!!

Now if only she doesn't panic on the drive out here! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chaps My Hide..Why Be a Parent....

Sorry I get angry when I read the ABOUT ME...section on interviews with Celebs

I will be in love with a tv person or chef...then I read an interview with them and BOOM...I'm no longer a fan

I mean I guess I shouldn't really care...because it's not my life...it's theirs!  But when they put their words out there for all to read like it's nothing....it bugs me

Ok let me explain...

I was reading about article in a magazine.........

There is this actress Lauren somethingorother  She is on 2 shows I don't watch...Gilmore Girls and Parenthood  (the mom from Gilmore Girls)

Anywho....the article was asking about her childhood and present day etc...she said how she was raised by her father...her mother left for London when she was little to pursue her singing career


Ok her mom left her daughter to go to another country to try to be a singer?  

This is where I get hot under the collar.

The day you choose to become a parent you take on a responsibility.  Whether you choose that for 18 yrs or for the rest of your life....choices are now made and sacrifices too

I can't stand hearing Moms say "I don't know who I am anymore..."  or "I am my own person"  or  "I need to do (fill in the blank) so I don't lose myself?"

What are you talking about?  You are still you....just a bit better (know what I mean?)
You are still (insert name)...You just now have a responsibility along with you


I'm sorry that your sweet child now has to suffer and listen to your beat downs of how you can't do what you want anymore....

What I think bothered me even more about this article was  Lauren said about her mom  "Her impulse was to follow her dream, and it was an inspiration to me"


Impulse to follow her dream at the expense of her daughter?  She left the country and a little girl behind ...that longer had her mommy to kiss boo boo's or have sleepovers....or teach her to bake muffins....or braid her hair...or teach her about first crushes or paint nails together or or or  or the list could go on.....

Don't tell me Lauren didn't cry at times missing her mommy more than anything in the world.  Don't tell me that little Lauren didn't wonder why here mommy wasn't there.  

Tell it like it was Lauren....Tell people what growing up with a selfish mommy was really like.

She's just trying to  justify it in my mind about her mommy not being there.

My whole thing is ......

You want to leave your family to pursue your dreams then don't be a mommy or wife in the first place....(this is to the men too)

It's one thing to be a nurse or writer during the day and still come home to your family...The ones that have careers and yet are still there to see their babies grow and have a part of that.....

It's the ones that leave all together to BE THEIR OWN PERSON.

You are a person...you are still the same person you were the day before they were born....but in my opinion  you are a better version of yourself.  You have the most important job in the world now and some take it for granted.....

Another Celeb wrote just the opposite about her mom in an article...

Giada (who I truly loved watching cook)  told about her decision to not marry or have a family...(granted those plans changed obviously)  She said that her mother gave up her dream of being an actress to raise her 4 kids.  And she was told this pretty much daily basis while growing up.  Her mother instilled in them to not let anyone or anything hold them down....to be something because she couldn't.

It hurt my heart to read those words....

Here read a bit more of the interview about when asked about having kids and her work...

RB You had your daughter at 37. Was that part of an overall plan? GDL Todd and I talked about kids and decided we were okay not having them. But then Jade came along, and I was very afraid, and so was Todd. What would happen to this life we had created, where we'd just take off for Santa Barbara for the weekend? But we agreed to take it a day at a time. And I've continued my life exactly as it was. Jade knows her mother works and travels, and she travels with me.
RB What about when you have to travel for work without her? Is that hard? GDL Jade gets very attached to her nanny and Todd when I go away, and that can hurt. She's at the age where she'll say to me, "Go away, Mommy, I don't want you." Is it painful? Yes, very painful. But I tell myself she's making me pay for not being home and for missing moments that were important to her. I also try to remember that I should be thankful that she has people around who love her, and who she loves so much.

Again another mother that doesn't seem to attached to her child...."she's making me pay for missing moments important to her"  WELL THEN TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR WORK AND LET HER BE ATTACHED TO YOU AND NOT THE NANNY

Ok sorry....I just love being a wife and mother so much.

I was told one time that I was hurting my kids by staying home with them...that they would benefit by me working like her kids do.

I wanted to say "Honestly lady....You probably are the worst mother in the world so yes your kids welcome when you walk out the door"

Kids remember...Kids have feelings....Kids are only kids for a short while...and you leave lasting impressions on them.

Stop and be in the moment for just a little while....because before you know it your babies will have babies of their own one day and you missed out.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's My Turn!

I used to say it's my  (insert #) 21st birthday....

I don't know why I keep doing that each year.

My 21st really wasn't that exciting...maybe I'll change it to my 9th 30th birthday.

But then again my 30th wasn't really exciting either.

SO today is my 39th and I don't feel a day older than 24...how's that for positive mind over matter!

I am truly blessed....I've got a terrific hubby who puts up with all my craziness

I have 6 incredible (although lazy) kids!  hee hee

So my plans for the day?  I'm baking my cakes.  Yes, yes, before you think "why is she baking her own cakes?"

Well who else will?  Hubs works all day...big kids in school....and come on the little ones TRY to help.....I like the way my cakes taste when I bake them

(keep in mind the older ones can barely boil water!)

Every year I make a Strawberry Cake of some sort.

This year I am making a Strawberry Bundt I found on Pinterest...Look at her...

Purdy ain't she

Needless to say I baked her in my top little oven...and I went to check on her and she overflowed and ran all over my new double oven.  (figures it would happen ...and figures it would happen on my birthday)

I  also wanted to make Olive Garden's Lemon Cake.  It's probably one of my most favorite cakes ever.

I found that recipe on Pinterest too  ....I hope it turns out...I read mixed reviews!

Turning 39 in a house of 8 ppl requires 2 cakes...didn't you know that?

My inlaws are coming over tonight to babysit for us....I still haven't a clue where we are going to eat (my choice)  I'm thinking Mexican.  Not romantic...but...

This will be my first time in 8 months to leave Cole.  (shakes)

He truly hates to be away from me (or is it the other way around)

He cries when others hold him....even daddy....

But I'm determined to go out sans kids.  Cole makes it difficult to eat.  He grabs everything and anything on the table.  I figure what's the point in going out if I bring him.....so let's do it

I am hoping he takes a 4pm nap and then we will BOLT out the door for an early dinner.

I think if the grandparents put Cole in the stroller for a stroll with the kids he will enjoy it.  He loves being outdoors and in the stroller he can't see that I'm gone!  Wish him and me well!!!  

So far the little ones have had a billion fights...(I may or may not have yelled)

My cake overflowed in my new oven....
Note to self:  Do not bake a bundt cake in the top mini oven!  It not only hit the top and burned but it's all over the bottom

My house looks like a bomb exploded!  

Bright note?  My new nursing tanks came in the mail  (oh the little things that make us happy)

Check my new birthday present to myself out

Every mummy needs a little pink to brighten her day!  I figure I've been nursing for 4.5 yrs straight I deserved new tanks

These are fantastic...longer length...great material...fit perfect...has pink  and better yet?  Has pink bows on clasp...and can be worn regular or as a Racerback tank! 
You!Lingerie you make me feel pretty again.

Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm a Yeller...Parenting Flaw #56

I'm a yeller...That's it I said it...I admit it ....I've put the ugly mommy word out there for all to see.

I always hear people say "wow, 6 kids, you must have a lot of patience"

Every time I hear that I slowly cringe inside...because some days that is so not the truth

I would watch 19 kids and counting and see Mrs Duggar parent with such sweetness and with a calm manner.  She surely has tons of squabbles to break up a day...tons of messy children (I mean  surely)...dinner prep a pain when babies needing changing or fed or put for a nap.  I mean surely she has days where she breaks a few windows with her screams?

I see other moms blog posts of happy clean houses ...not a clutter to be seen.....perfectly dressed children...all playing like some BHG magazine ad....Surely those mom's have never yelled at those perfect kids.

I will chat with other moms in play group and they seem so sweet and kind...surely they've never raised their voice either. 

So what's wrong with me?

I don't want to yell...I don't want to be that mom that my kids remember her yelling. 

I will promise myself today will be better...today I will stop....I will close my eyes and think before I open my mouth.  Today will be the day that I will not LET what little issues the kids have effect me.  Today I will not stress over the fact that for the millionth time no one listened to me ....

But those days last for all of 5 secs

The kids ask me why I yell. 

I told them because that seems the only way anyone ever hears me...and for proof I'll show them.

For a few days I would ask the kids to do....(fill in the blank)  in my happy mommy voice.

It wouldn't get done.

A little while later I would again approach them and tell them what I needed done.

Again I was totally ignored. 

I would wait a hr or so later...and ask one more time...."Please do as I asked you to do"

Again totally ignored.  See no one seems to hear that mommy who uses her normal voice.  She's ignored....spit on (not literally)....basically I feel like a fool.   I feel like I'm not important and that who cares if I'm talking to them....I'm that annoyance yet again asking them to do things...deep sigh I mean come on HOW COULD I POSSIBLY ASK THEM TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!

Which makes me mad....In my mind I ask these children of very little.  They are not required to do many chores when they arrive home.  I don't have them scrubbing toilets...mopping floors....dusting fans or cleaning fridges before they can play on their electronic devices....or play outside with friends.

It's the typical...Please put your shoes in your basket and bags in your cubby.  It's been this way for 7 years...and 1 or 2 of them seem to have brain farts when they come home and forget this....

Snack wrappers, trash, juice containers opened, drink glasses everywhere....and then like a hurricane said child is no where to be seen to clean it up. 

I will see a bag spread all over the floor right where you walk and shoes spread from here to there.....

So I will remind them...please put your things away and clean up your mess.  I am ignored

I will say "Stop...look at me...and repeat what the rules are when we come home from school?"

They repeat....I tell them to stop what they are doing and do it.

Sometimes they do....sometimes they don't

This is why I get angry

I feel taken advantage of.  I bust my bum some days (some days I try)  to keep this house picked up...dishes unloaded in the dishwasher....house in order.  Dinner ready for everyone at 5:15....snacks ready for after school and then no  one does a thing to help me. 

So I yell.  I scream....and then all of the sudden they scurry like mice doing WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING. 

I hate it.

I hate raising my voice.  Some days I will txt my neighbor and ask if she heard me.  (you know the mom next door with 6 kids too?!!)  She will sometimes txt back the same thing haha  It's nice to know I'm not alone, but we hate it.

Mini Me every morning will have breakfast before school...it's simple...throw your trash away and put your plate  up....every morning I will see all her mess still sitting there...(Looks over to where she sits and her trash is away this morning, but her headphones and sketch pad are still sitting there)

Yes, Yes, Yes, I've heard the "take away privileges ..don't let them play with friends"  that doesn't really work.   It doesn't fix lazy.  It doesn't fix this 'ignore mom' 

I want to instill the value of taking care of their own things.....to look around and see a mess and pick it up...not walk over it.  I want them to see trash and put it in it's place EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T DO IT.

I hear the "I didn't do that" over and over.  It's like it's the excuse to help be lazy


I picked a week one time when the kids were smaller where I didn't tell them what to do ...nor did I do anything they needed.  After the first day they (meaning the 3 big kids) came to me and said they were sorry.  That lasted all about a week....

It's not only the big kids...it's also having toddlers who are dealing with emotions.  And Mommy needs to learn to handle hers to teach them to handle theirs

You know the toddler phase...they are just learning to talk...and have all these emotions and they explode trying to explain what they want.  
The small kids will want to help make their lunch with me.  They will both scoot their chairs over to the counter and help spread the food...etc.  Some days Reid will yell at Lily b/c she has his plate...or she will yell b/c she wanted the knife he has and not the  she has...where they will start to hit each other and scream...I'm trying to break it up....teling Lily it's ok...he has one and she has one...or Reid settle down this is your plate...that one is hers etc....it's like a cat fight and everyone is screaming and no one can hear mommy.  Some days I just walk away....they will stop and look at me....and have these looks like 'How dare you leave us in the middle of this'  
  I don't want to be a yelling mom. 

I don't want my kids to remember  "Wow my mom was a screamer" 

I don't want to feel my blood boil at the next time I am ignored.

I know I can't avoid every squabble fights the kids have....or avoid every mess ...but I would love to learn how to get angry

There you have it....I am a yeller! 

Patience?  HA Some days it's just not there!  Some days I let things roll off my back and go with the flow....

So far today I have done great!  (It's only 8:11 am haha) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

6 Kids is a Breeze

Or so we tell ourselves 8 months later


I can't say it's been easy...

I will say that even though he doesn't sleep all the way through the night (he does fall back to sleep REALLY FAST) 

and even though he hates naps and can be up for hrs and hrs and hrs and hrs

and even though he hates baby food...and most people food...(strictly boob here)

and even though he ONLY wants me to hold him and screams bloody murder like he's getting thousands of paper cuts when others hold him

and even though I can't put him down to do small tasks (oh say TAKE A SHOWER) w/o him having this look of being crushed by his best friend on his face...

IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS OF INCREDIBLE BLISS...I can't imagine life without you

Sweet Cole you are a joy of all joys

I have gotten you to eat 1 bite a day of ppl food.  You like eating bread crusts....dinner rolls....pizza crust....1 pea....1 bite mashed potatoes....2 bites of mashed ham....a few bites of mashed chicken....smashed carrots .....u turned your nose up at all fruits (apples, peaches, bananas, pears)  you hate avocados

You like drinking from a cup that I'm drinking from.....

You just started crawling and it's totally precious.  No matter how many babies have come before you ....watching you do something for the first time makes my heart swell with pride

You only really like a morning nap....afternoons naps are hit or miss...like maybe 1 a week....because you skip that afternoon nap you crash SOMETIMES around 4:30 for a late nap.

Bathtime is around 7 AND YOU LOVE LOVE THE WATER.  You grab whatever bath toy you can and eat it....You splash your little arms and kick your feet non stop while bathing.  You love having the water poured into your hands....You try to grab the water as it falls ....

Bedtime is around 7:30 and you nurse and then go straight to bed.  You have been staying asleep and waking around 3...some nights 6....and then back down until 7am!  I will give you credit...even though you still wake up you go right back down to sleep!

Each day is crazy busy with you!  You love watching Lily and Reid run around the room....I can see your little mind working...."I will join you one day friends...I will join you"  

I keep hoping your calm quiet demeanor means you will be a quiet one...But if I remember correctly I said that about Reid...and he is anything but quiet

You just started crawling last week... You crack me up....it's like you are crawling on hot coals...your little hands won't stay long on the ground and your knees look all shaky.  You would crawl 1 step forward and 2 crawls back...Took you forever to come crawl to me like that.  Now you go forward a bit more sturdy

You hate when I am away from you.  You scream so hard.  Makes it so hard when I'm trying to get dinner cooked.  Yesterday was the worst....Makes my heart hurt to hear you cry like that...but sometimes you need others to hold you so I can do things.  Dinner was a mess....I was trying to hurry so fast to hold you again....to soothe your crying.....

You make it difficult to hold these days...you twist and turn and grab and stretch at anything near you.  I will then put you down on the ground to play ...which in turn makes you scream bloody murder.  When I sit with you on the floor you try to climb and pull up on me...(pinching my skin as you go...remind me to tell you about all the bruises I have on the back of my arm)

Slow down sweet boy!  Time is flying by too fast!

As for raising 6 kids...Once you get past 4 ...it's really not any different...just a bigger grocery bill (grins)

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